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Some videos from my trip to PDX and Texas (Only fútbol).
Thorns. Red Stars. USWNT. And my eyes always on Pressy, I’m not sorry.

Remember when the younger SM Rookies and their dance teacher were in on a surprise cam for Jisung’s birthday, and when they all went in with the cake he was so shocked and hit with emotions at once that the child started crying? Then they were all like “Nah don’t cry have some cake” and hugged him and tried feeding him cake in a cup.
Another was Johnny’s birthday where they hid messages on sticky notes around the building, and I mean they had stuff on the ceiling and curtains and in recording booths + musicwith ten’s risqué message, with the last thing being video messages from his friends and family in Chicago. The videos made him cry and the members just came running with cake and messages an telling him to not cry like “look at all we wrote for you!” I love it.

tl;dr I love members hugging and comforting other members and also celebrating birthdays k thanks


As you cross the landscape of central North America, the City of Chicago seems to rise up out of nowhere - you’re surrounded by flat, recently glaciated plains and all of a sudden at the boundary between a river and a lake these enormous steel structures rise up into the sky. This video clip explores that urban landscape from the sky.

I’m a big fan of kindness. And if you cannot be kind, hide until you can be kind… If you’re kind to others, it becomes infectious and people can’t help themselves, so smile as much as you can at other people, look people in the eye.
—  Karen Olivo (x)
Timothy Remix

Sorry for the repost, Tumblr is being a huge ass.

So. Storytime.

Once upon a time I was in class, joking about how my head is a fuckin mess, and this one guy, who is very nice, but also very boring, looked me in the eye and really profoundly said to me, “We all have our demons, Sasia“

I’m not certain what my response was. Probably ‘…yeah‘. What I THOUGHT was ‘… ah yes. Demons. I, suppose I have some of those somewhere too.‘

My head was yelling ‘old McDonald had a farm AND IT EXPLODEDDD‘

The other day I refound a song and I realized, this would make for an excellent Brain Remix Song. So I began creating an audio representation of what my head is yelling at me when Brains do Things. And here it is. The Timothy Remix™

Featuring jingles from Bill Wurtz, the voice of @pipistrellus , otamatone cover of greensleeves, various audio bits from different vines as well as from KickthePJ videos, downtown chicago tornado sirens, a screeching barn owl, and more. Translation of the danish singing would be a slightly butchered pronouncation of ’it is all my fauuuuult‘.

The only thing missing is someone yelling very loudly that “WE’VE GOT SCURVY!!”, but I made do without.

Back to Work

As you likely know by now, I had a bereavement in the family earlier this week, and have been taking some time away from videos to get my head together. I had announced on Friday January 27th that I was taking a hiatus while I rushed to join my family before the passing, which has helped me cope with what has just happened. Since I got back home, I’ve mostly been taking things easy, and I was preparing to get back to work soon, since this is a very busy period for me.

What I will say is that the uploads may be a little intermittent, since events are still ongoing. I could put out loads of videos at once, or be away for over a week; I can’t be sure at this point, but I mention it just in case.

I think the first video I will likely have out is a Projector for The LEGO Batman Movie at some point in the next few days, since I wanted to review that and it’s likely going to be an easy one to get me back into things. I’ve also got to catch up on T2 Trainspotting, as well as reviews of A United Kingdom and Ballerina (AKA Leap!) that I didn’t manage to do before these sudden events unfolded. One that will probably be shelved for a while is a review of Mum’s List, a small British film that deals with the issue of bereavement and cancer, which you can understand why I don’t want to talk about that at this present moment.

I am going to do a Bad Movie Beatdown 2016 video, but it will not be a full “Review Of…” video like previous years and simply a “Best and Worst” video. This is partly because the longer retrospective takes a very long period to make that I simply don’t have at this moment with all my other projects and it’s just not realistic to start doing such a video in February (some of my patrons may recall that I didn’t post a single video in January 2016, which is because the “Review of 2015” video took so long to make). It will still be the same format, but without the looks at specific events in the year, and my apologies to anyone who is disappointed by this. I should have started writing it earlier, but work got on top of me somewhat.

Speaking of Bad Movie Beatdown, there is another episode in the can that still needs to be completed - namely, Leap Year, which has now taken an entire year to come to fruition (it was scripted last February). This episode was filmed in August 2016, but because of preparations for ALcon and my trip to Chicago in September, which led to me trying to catch up on my backlog (again, my work getting on top of me), I never got around to recording the voiceover narration. Now I’m in a somewhat awkward situation because the opening link has me reference that I’m recording the episode in an actual leap year (2016), which no longer makes sense unless I insert a title card there, or I reshoot the link to mention I will be releasing the episode in February. Either way, apologies for not getting this one out sooner, and if it seemed like I was little grouchy when people were asking me where episodes were, that was the reason.

On a related note, you may have noticed that there have been more episodes of Bad Movie Beatdown going up on YouTube these days. This has been deliberate: I’ve wanted to get more of the vintage videos back on my main YouTube channel where people will be able to see them. These videos do require re-editing, further than I did when I re-edited them for DailyMotion (which mostly tightened up the editing and removed some inappropriate jokes), which is necessary anyway because they need to comply with UK Fair Trading, which is different from US Fair Use (you’ll note that many of my videos now have captions listing film clips with their directors and owners, and this is why). I’ve been gradually drip-feeding them alongside my new content so there’s not big of a lull in content; I spent part of the week before the call to visit my family re-editing these old videos so I had a backlog of work to put up should something happen. The only episodes that I am currently not taking a chance on right now is anything held by Fox, who I have had struggles with on YouTube before, which is unfortunate because of how many of my most popular videos are films by them (I wanted to re-upload Alvin and the Chipmunks 2, for example, to coincide with the Nostalgia Critic episode, but it was globally blocked outright moments after it was uploaded).

Also intended to be out soon is another Patron-requested retrospective video, this time on The LEGO Movie. This is something I’ve been excited to cover, especially because you’ll get to see me talk about my days before That Guy with the Glasses and Channel Awesome, where I used to be part of the Brickfilming scene, so this one will be a little more personal. I was glad about the positive feedback to the one for Doctor Mordrid, and this format will likely be how I handle requests that don’t fit into the Bad Movie Beatdown mold. Speaking of which, I intend to do my first Patron-requested Beatdown video on Branded, that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time - if you’re the person who requested this and you’re reading this, please get back in touch, and I’m so sorry it’s taken this long to fulfill your wishes but I’ve not forgotten it.

There’s also some additional crossovers that you will see in the future. I recorded another review with Diamanda Hagan at ALcon that I had to resend the narration for because I sent her a silent audio file the first time (d'oh!), and there’s another video from my Chicago trip that will be quite fun too, so these again should tide you over should things mean I need to take another break.

I think that should cover everything for the next month or so. It’s going to be hectic, more so than usual (and some of the blame for that goes to me, outside of what has just happened),  but we’ll see. I hope you keep on enjoying my work, and thank you once more for all your continued support and well wishes, especially after the news broke. I couldn’t ask for more gracious and understanding fans, I love you all.


Teen Vogue – A CHANCE Encounter 

Chance the Rapper Talks About the First Time He Met Obama, Haire’s Gulf Shrimp, & Growing Up In Chicago 


Don’t Wanna Be Selfish | Chicago Typewriter FMV

Some scenes that can’t get out of my mind. With… ‘I don’t wanna be, I don’t wanna be selfish, anymore, anymore’.

And… Just realized that my video source is such pain in ass… I want the real HD :(( also just if you who watch this video here and like it, thank you so much :) will be super thankful if you leave like on it’s original page too~