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dopplegoners  asked:

So I keep seeing that Nathan Vetterlein go around, and I really want people to know that he has a YouTube channel. His channel is called Unkemptpubes. He doesn't really post anymore but the stuff on there is great. I hope you can somehow get that info out. As I'm not popular enough to do so.

Because we all need more Nathan Vetterlein in our lives - 

Nathan Vetterlein’s Youtube comedy channel - Unkemptpubes

His Facebook page for his comedy channel - Unkempt Pubes

His Twitch Stream Highlight channel on Youtube - ChiliofDestiny

His Twitch - also ChiliofDestiny

His Twitter -  also also ChiliOfDestiny

If you’re a fan of Nathan Vetterlein, Scout’s VA, then you might want to check some of these links out.