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Woody Harrelson talking about Haymitch and Effie in Pawns No More: Making The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2


  • Electronic Games Magazine, November 1983
  • via The Internet Archive
  • Another day, another ad for something ahead of its time. Meet GameLine, the download service that brought Atari and Commodore games to you through your phone line. Downloading a game with a a phone line is laughable now (or traumatic, if you were a ‘90s kid) now that we have more widely-available broadband but for a long while, things like this was as good as it got.

    As the ad describes, owners used a special cart (plus an expansion, for C64 users) that hooks up to their phone. You were charged, of course: playing one round of a game would cost you 10 cents. (Talk about really bringing home the arcade experience!)  Not only that, but the ad claims that owners were also tied into a ‘network’, where they could play in competitions for prizes: how it worked, I don’t know.

    As antiquated as this is I’m actually impressed: based on what I’ve been so far, this may be technology’s oldest example of online gaming and digital distribution! (And game industry scalping, if you want to be a smartass.)

This Video Will Make You Wonder How Much You Truly Care About Video Games (or video game hardware at least)

Above is the latest video by Erica Griffin, who calls herself “The Technology Nerd Who Likes To Film Stuff”. Been a big fan of her videos for a while now, due to how insanely thorough her reviews of tech are, primarily of phones (which often hover around the 45-60 min. mark).

Truth be told, I generally zone out around the part in which she goes in depth with the display analysis, but I’m sure that’s valuable info for someone out there.

Anyhow, Erica recently began mixing things up a bit and started doing videos on Nintendo handhelds, and thus we have her explaining why she has seven New 3DSs. So a couple of things, the most notable bits plus my two cents, in list form…

- First off, as some of you might know, the screen quality on Nintendo handhelds are pretty inconsistent, which is why it’s nice to learn some exact reasons. They use two different types of displays: IPS and TN.

- The best part is how they’re employed in random configurations, meaning one New 3DS can have an IPS screen on top and a TN screen on the bottom, and another will have the opposite. And there’s zero rhyme or reason.

- So I apparently have a New 3DS (the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer edition) and both the top and bottom are TN? That’s kind of a bummer.

- Apparently there’s a thing in which Nintendo will fix your 3DS if there’s dust inside one your screens? Had no idea!

- And upon closer inspection… I have dust inside one of my screens! I never noticed this! Should I care about this, like having dual TN screens?

- The most interesting part (and where I decided to do a post about this particular vid) is when she discusses unit #6, in which the original owner stated that there was no dust underneath the screen, which turned out to be false. Was he lying to Erica? Or did he genuinely not notice?

… I consider myself to be the obsessive type, but when you encounter someone who is even more so… I personally am filled with a combination of shame, for not noticing certain flaws myself, then relief over being not that obsessive. Which then transforms into frustration, over knowing that there are now flaws.

There’s also the issue of age; I’m pretty close to 40 (yikes), and perhaps due to shifting priorities in life, I just don’t have the time or energy in life to sweat the small stuff, or at least as much as I used to. Actually, I think it’s primarily due to finances; I just don’t have the income to purchase handheld after handheld, in order to get a “perfect” 3DS (whereas for Erica, it’s her job to review such things for YouTube).

If I did have the money… I guess I would finally get another white DSi. Remember those, the model of the DS that came after the DS Lite (which is what most people have)? I bought a black one when it came out, even though I really wanted a white model, but those weren’t available in the US. But then it was release, so I traded in the black model for the white one, and discovered that screens had a yellow-ish tinge. Which you don’t notice past the opening splash screen, and I barely tough the thing these days, yet… it still bugs the crap out of me.

BTW, I don’t own multiple 3DSs, but… I originally had the OG model, which I traded in for the XL, which I then traded in for the New XL, again cuz there was no regular sized version initially as well, which was then traded in for the smaller model when one finally hit America. And the only reason why I can rationalize all this is because the original 3DS was given to me by Nintendo (when I was writing for NBC News) and its “core value” has been trickling all the way up.

Another thing that obsessives do is make weird rationalizations. Anyhow, even though I may not understand every technical bit of info that Erica states, the frustration on her face is something I’m all too familiar with. I kinda hope that Nintendo doesn’t replace the TN displays on her Galaxy Style model for IPS displays cuz… that’ll meaning another thing to put on that list that all obsessives maintain.

Hyperkin Brings the Game Boy To iPhone 6 Plus

Hyperkin, an independent video game hardware developer, has revealed their plans to release a Game Boy-compatible device for the iPhone 6 Plus (with more compatible smartphones to follow). Originally a planned April Fool’s Joke - now a full fledged project for consumer release - the currently named Smartboy will attach to the iPhone 6 Plus, turning the phone into a handheld gaming device compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges.

Although in early conceptual development stages the Smart Boy will come in the classic “80s Grey,” a staple of retro electronics, more colors may follow. It will also feature an eight-way D-pad; two action buttons; a start and select button; and an included battery that can be charged through the phone itself. The gameplay itself will output through the iPhone 6 Plus’ own screen. These features may change as the project develops.

The Smart Boy will be utilized by an app, exclusive to the Smart Boy. There will be noticeable upscaling, a cheat database, and save states as well.