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Was the cardboard box segment in the gamez alive video a call back to the skit you did in your old theatre class vid that you showed part of in cat pee and the internet?

You have a great memory. Honestly, it never was intended to be like that, but in the middle of filming that part I realized it. I told everyone that I couldn’t believe we were filming the “someone getting thrown around inside a cardboard box” gag again, like 15 years after we first filmed that in a school video. Derrick said that truly funny ideas never die. I guess it’s true. I’m really proud of that part!


Oh yin-yang, I love yin-yang. AZ A FRIEND OF COURZE- *coUGH*

yeah he fights with himself a lot, but I usually help solve his disputez with himself. Both yin and yang are uzually quite nice to me, we usually juzt have converzationz, or occasionally play video gamez with each other from time to time. Even if he can be a tad annoying or zlightly mean at timez, he’s a great guy and I couldn’t have azked for a better friend! 

… yea.. friend… aACHOO


Games Played & Replayed in 2013:

Mass Effect (2007)

Lotta people are like ‘look at these fish they’re so pretty’. Guess what, you look really closely at their faces, they’re still horrible.
—  Matt (Shitstorm 3: Shittribution, Rule of Rose Part 7 of 7)