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The Delightful Date

What will two couples make of their day together, a once in a lifetime chance as they finally manage to bring Angela away from her endless pile of work?


Summer was a time of the year that was always full of festivities and fun. There wasn’t any major festivals or romantic events during this time of the year as with the other seasons. However, it was definitely one with festivities and fun. The nights were always filled with chatter and people, whether they were simply walking by the stylish stores that lined the streets or the stalls that were set up at the city’s center where festivals were often held.

Though the level of excitement and celebration of the nightlife in the city center could hardly compare to that during the lunar new year and the mid-autumn festival, they were quite lively nevertheless. Such was the way of life in the now peaceful Japan.

It was on one of such rather ordinary summer day that Genji had chosen to bring Angela on a date. Well, ‘bring’ was probably not the proper way to describe it. Perhaps coerced would be better. He had to practically pull her from her works, carrying her in his arms while she pouted and protested just so he could sit her down on the bed and talk about the plans.

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Answer 11 questions, tag 11 people, write 11 questions for them to answer:

  • Favorite character from the last TV show you watched? Last TV show I watched was cutthroat kitchen so……. lol I mean Alton is always good
  • What’s a music video you can rewatch forever? I actually am not a fan of watching them, I feel like it can take away from the song sometimes. (fanmade ones tho yes yes)
  • The weirdest food combo you love? Uhhh I can’t think of anything really weird right now.. :x 
  • Getting up early or sleeping in? hnnn I’ll easily get up if I have stuff I wanna do but… sleeping in is the best thing
  • Favorite thing to do in your free time? Play games or go rock hounding
  • Pineapple on or off pizza? Never tried it, would probably just eat it separate though
  • What is a movie you love so much you can watch it no matter what?She’s the Man is my favorite
  • A song that you’ve memorized and will never forget? The middle - Jimmy eat world
  • Your favorite subject in school? Science or Biology prob
  • Favorite ship trope? RIVALS TO LOVERS YEAAAAAAAH
  • What was your first ever fandom? Ever ever? I was into anime when I was young… I got into Tenchi Muyo in 6th grade…… (after that was Kim Possible lol)

My questions:

  1. Your favorite place to visit?
  2. Sandals, flipflops, or neither?
  3. Your ideal date?
  4. What’s the fandom you spent/spend the most time in?
  5. Your favorite type of weather?
  6. What do you do when you’re bored?
  7. If you could legally own any animal, what would it be?
  8. Your guilty pleasure movie?
  9. Most played song in your library?
  10. Do you prefer using Desktop PC, Laptop, or mobile?
  11. What is your forever OTP?

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