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  • Me: I don't mean to brag, but I'm a pretty hardcore gamer
  • Me: *pulls out 18 Nancy Drew game disks*

Black Mirror: Playtest (2016) dir. Dan Trachtenberg

What, a girl never beat you at Street Fighter?


I jut got back from Easter Brunch with the fam. But on my phone, I saw the thumbnail to Mark’s new video. Let me say I was excited. But, I want to delve into the video a bit more.

Everything is fine and dandy through the beginning of the game/ video. There was one hiccup in the webcam right after the screen and game curved with the creaking noise that I thought was my video rendering, but no. It was put there. It around 2:57. It’s almost exactly like the Antisepticeye glitch in the PAX East video where the video looped. The quitting making the game warp and the creaking sound was interesting. I think that was more of a “show them what’s going to happen”. 

As Mark continued playing and started writing the script down on paper, he was looking at the camera when saying the phrases, especially “Do you understand me? No one does. Listen.” Now, don’t quote me on this, but I think this is a puzzle that Mark/ Dark wants us to solve. When looking at the file that this game was in, it said this game was bought on March 19th…so. What if Mark solved it and is using this to help Dark’s lore continue.

 I’ve already seen some people trying to solve it, I’m not sure if anything is completely 100% proven yet so I’m not going to write it here, but I liked some of the phrases. But, there is one more thing I want to say. Those of you out there that said this was an easter egg…I think you’re right. This is a stepping stone, a sneak peak, and easter egg of something that is coming later, whether the next video for today or a video in the future days. Either way. this is Dark’s way of saying to not forget about him.

EDIT: I completely forgot to talk about the ending of the video when he said goodbye. The voice was completely normal, nothing changed. It was 100% Mark, but the screen when black and white with the VHS filter and the ringing static. I thought this was interesting to say that, yes, Dark is a manipulator. He can make us think that Mark is fine, that he’s normal and everything is perfect, but underneath, it’s not. 

Grand Theft Auto V, like all the other entries in the GTA franchise, is a game that lets you live out all the criminal fantasies that have ever lived hopefully only inside your head. The one thing you can’t pretend to be within the game’s universe is a serial killer (what you’re doing would be considered more of a spree killing) but you can find one lurking in the background, if you know where to look.

In GTA5, you can visit an abandoned house that was once owned by someone named Merle Abrahams, and spray painted on the wall is an ominous message: “THERE WILL BE 8.”

If you go inside, there’s another message painted on the wall: “8 IS JUST INFINITY STOOD UP.” And on a nearby rock, you can find a bunch of graffiti of 8s or infinity symbols, as well as a poem.

So already you can tell that there’s someone out there who has a weird obsession with the number 8, and who has made the genius observation that 8 looks like a sideways infinity symbol, so we’re obviously dealing with someone whose powers of deduction are second to none.

5 Video Game Easter Eggs That You’ll Wish We Never Found

In the sci-fi horror game Dead Space, the player takes control of a man with the subtle first name of Isaac and just-as-subtle last name of Clarke and experiences a terrifying, astronomical hellscape as seen through Isaac’s eyes (or, more accurately, the eyes of an invisible person standing 2 feet behind him). Isaac’s mission is to investigate a mining ship that has been infested by vicious space monsters. Secretly driving Isaac through the hordes of space zombies is his desire to rescue his girlfriend, Nicole, who had been the ship’s medical officer before the crew caught a bad case of dead. Despite encountering her several times in the game, when the player reaches the end, it is revealed that Nicole has been dead the whole time, and all of Isaac’s visions of her have been hallucinations, which isn’t to be confused with the ending of The Sixth Sense or that really sad episode of Scrubs. The hallucinations were induced by a giant alien stone – a “monolith,” if you will – which was bent on the destruction of humanity, as these things so often are.

Man, who could have seen any of that trippy shit coming? Oh wait: YOU COULD HAVE, if you had just looked at the names of the game’s chapters.

While unremarkable at first, look more closely at the first letter in each chapter’s title:

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