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@harpearl said: I need some more mae and bea hanging out in my life
@an-awesome-blog-because-why-not said: Can u first draw Bea?
@benijar said: If you do ships, can I ask for MaeBea?
@fuzzinator23 said: Does Mae see Bea more than a friend and does Bea know or is it a secret to Mae?

mae: we’re totally dating
bea: we are definitely not dating
mae: we’re dating in my head

randomcat1832  asked:

After you sent me that Random Encounters ask I feel obligated to ask if you're familiar with ManontheInternet's Undertale the Musical. This may or may not be the Great Internet Work I mentioned I tend to throw people at while enthusing about it. The MOTI crew is basically the best thing ever. Prepare to have each and every headcanon voice for every character confirmed for yourself- oh look I'm doing it again. No but really, I think you would definitely love the musical if you're not familar yet.

OH sorry I forgot to answer this immediately! I typed a long response, then closed the tab, then got angry at it for a while.

YES I am familiar with MOTI! Holy shit his (or their really, group effort) version of Undertale gave me chills. Such a great love letter to the game. So many talented people doing awesome things.

ANYWAY for everyone else: Random Encounters (whose tumblr is @remusicals) makes awesome video game musicals monthly. They’ve done 2 Undertale musicals, but they have sooooooo many great others like FNAF, Phoenix Wright, several Sonics, and most recently Tattletail which will be giving me nightmares for many days to come. THANKS GUYS.


Mass Effect AndromedaTrailer (Reyes Edition).  


Oh c'mon 😂💀😂