Heartbound is a beautifully written and animated RPG adventure inspired by classics such as Secret of Mana and Mother, in which you play a young boy who has to deal with some very real-world problems (as well as some otherworldly ones) but always has the unwavering love and friendship of his best friend in the whole world – his faithful dog.

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Shigeru Miyamoto just played the Super Mario Bros Theme with the Roots on @fallontonight

I’d never purchase boutique DLC myself, but I’m just tickled by the idea of it.

I mean, one the one hand, it’s utterly ridiculous to be charging $250 a pop for a DLC package that adds a single obscure model of engine to a train operator simulator.

On the other hand, the economics behind it are perfectly sensible - somebody probably poured a couple hundred hours of their life into that model, and it has a global audience of maybe a dozen people, so you pretty much have to charge that just to break even.

I can think of no truer sign that video games have come into their own as an art form than the fact that DLC can successfully cater to rich weirdos with strange hobbies.