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The ‘Pokémon Go’ Halloween event is here — and fans are loving it

If you’re a lapsed Pokémon Go player, now might be the time to jump back in. The new Pokémon Go Halloween event is now live and the feedback has been pretty positive overall. The event comes with some awesome bonuses and benefits for players.

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I’ve seen a few posts going around about how it doesn’t really make sense for Lúcio to be an international megastar, since he’s an indie artist with no studio support and most of his body of work consists of political protest songs written in Portuguese - not really the sort of thing that generally hits big outside of its target audience!

Granting for the sake of argument that this is a reasonable take on the situation, it’s easy enough to put it down to the fact that Blizzard’s writers just don’t understand how the international music industry works (and Blizzard’s writers not understanding how things work is not exactly surprising!).

However, I have an alternative hypothesis: Lúcio got Gangnam Styled.

That is, he’s an international megastar because somebody made a goofy video out of one of his songs that went viral on YouTube and got like half a billion views, and now he has this massive global fandom who can’t understand any of his lyrics because they don’t speak the language and basically regard him as a cute novelty act.

Can you imagine how irritated he must be?


Final Fantasy X design. If you want it as a print or on a tshirt and such you can go here:

Colored version:

B/W version:

I’ll be uploading one for FF9 till FF7 and one with all 6 of ‘em.

Here’s the one for Final Fantasy XIII:

And here’s one for Final Fantasy XII:

Thanks for your support!