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What is Otome Game? [ Part 2 ]

Definition of Shujinkō ( 主人公 ): Protagonist; main character; hero/ine (of a story)

Whether you choose to play through the Heroine’s point of view or by placing yourself as the Heroine, there is no right or wrong way about this, the genre is flexible and can accommodate to the player preference.

But please note, a Heroine and a self insert character are not the same but are 2 separate things.

Otome Games are Novel based games, which means it is a fictitious narrative with illustrations, and it is designed to have a story base rather than an experience base, so when a character is created no matter what type of character they would be given their own traits. 

Sub characters, pursued characters, and the Heroine herself will have their own traits and this is done in order to fit into the story and the theme of the game.

The Purpose of a Heroine:

The purpose of a Heroine in an Otome Game is to react and interact with the other characters, to have an aim in the story, and to get to that aim by the end of the story.

Heroines are created to be the center being of the game, this is very important for the players as they act as a guide like character who the players can proceed with the game.

By reading the thoughts and facial expressions of the Heroine, the players can determine the mood and the situation that they are in. This is also the reason why scripts for the Heroines are longer, and much more detailed compared to the pursued and the sub characters. 

Personality + Characteristic:

Just like the pursued and sub characters, the Heroines are created and given traits of their own and are fitted into the theme and story of the game. The traits given to a Heroine are different from another heroine, this is because the theme and story created by the writer is different from game to game. 

As the writers place Heroines as the center being of the game, when the Heroine interacts with the pursued character she will gradually develop her traits along with them. This is an important part of the game as this is the purpose of Otome Games, developing and forming a relationship with the pursued character.

As the writers and developers create the Heroine, they will give her a background story as well as a name. The background story of the Heroine has been set and cannot be altered, but the given name can be changed as the players prefers.

When the name entry screen opens, the given name by the developers and writers will be automatically placed in: 

Image example: Code: Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~:

As we can see the name カルディア(Cardia) is already placed in, of course as stated previously the given name can be erased and the player can insert their own name or create one for the Heroine.

One of the features in recent Otome Games is that when you proceed with the given name, the character that you are pursuing will voice out the name. 

But when the player has placed their own or created name for the Heroine, the pursuing characters will replace the name with other words such as 君(kimi),お前(omae) or あんた(anta). And in other cases they could silent the name part of the script and proceed onward.

But themes in games such as AMNESIA, where the Heroine does not have any memories of herself or anyone, the game ask the players for a name to be inserted:

Image example: AMNESIA (Japanese Ver.)

As seen where usually a name should be is left blank, and when the players insert a name for the Heroine then the game will proceed.

Because of the unique theme in this game, the Heroine cannot completely guide the players through the story, so another character called Orion is introduced to have help out the flow of the game, and guide the players through. And the decisions are still left for the players to choose.

In games like this, it is easier for players to self insert into the game as it asks for a Name to be created by the player, as well as the thoughts and expressions of the Heroine are not said or shown, but it is said and expressed by Orion in place for the Heroine.

To be noted, in AMNESIA the game may start with the Heroine in the state of amnesia, but before the Heroine went into that state she did have a trait of her own, and this can be seen through the game play as she regains her memories.

Designs of Heroines:

Whether they have silver or brunette hair with magenta or gold colored eyes, each individual Heroine that is designed and has been drawn will look different compared to another Heroine in other titles.

Starting from the Left:

  • Mihagi Sonoo - Teikoku Kaigun Koi no Bojou
  • Amane Aika - I DOLL U
  • Kayo - Ken ga Kimi
  • Heroine - AMNESIA Series

As shown in the above image every Heroine is drawn differently,this is because Artists who are in charge of Character Design will need to communicate, and follow directions given by the Scene and Script Writers and the Director to fit the Heroine into the theme, and story of the developing title.

Heroines in Otome Games are drawn with different styles as the company developing the games would hire a variety of Artists, but there may be cases where a company will hire an Artists to work on not just a series but also on another developing title.

Even when the company hires the same Artist still the design would be different compared to the previous title the Artist would of worked on.


While the decision of the Heroine having a voice or not having a voice is entirely on the Director, generally it is around the cost wise of the game development.

The Director of the game will consider what they want to portray to the players as well as how they want the game to be played, for example what kind of experience does the Director want the players to have?

Majority of the time Heroines are not voiced, but there are titles currently out in the market that has a voiced Heroine, for example Koharu/Kuga Mikoto/Shiranui Nanami in NORN9 series from Otomate/Idea Factory:

In the video the 3 Heroines are shown all voiced by different Sieyuus, but not all of the texts are voiced such as thoughts and what is seen or felt by the Heroines.

The reason for why the texts aren’t completely voiced could be as mentioned previously for cost wise, and or what the Director wants for the players to feel and experience in the game play.

Thank you for reading this post ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

I hope you enjoyed this one as well as What is Otome Game? [Part 1].

The screen shots and video used in this posts are from respected titles of:

  • Code: Realize ~ Sousei no Himegimi ~
  • AMNESIA (Japanese Edition)
  • Norn + Nornette Last Era

And the Heroine photo edit was processed by myself, but the characters themselves belong to their respected companies:

  • HuneX + D3 Publisher
  • Idea Factory + Otomate
  • Rejet 
  • HuneX + COMFORT

This post was created to give a basic insight about what Otome Heroines are about. 

Constructive criticism and feedback greatly appreciated (o^ー’)b

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Elana wasn’t the most challenging boss I’ve had to face so far (I’d say it was still Fume Knight…), but in my first three attempts she summoned Velstadt every time (;¬_¬)

chains-of-abyss said: Good luck with Sihn

I’ve beat him now! I almost got him on my first try, but my sword broke so during my second try I kept a second one on hand.

my darkest secret is that i once looked my url up on twitter, because it coincides with the name of a video game character i wanted to find cool screen shots of, and i stumbled across someone who had been dedicatedly shittalking me for like 2-3 weeks because i made a post on tumblr about how i dont want to fuck anduin wrynn from world of warcraft. so now you know


And now we wait for the next episode…

I was looking forward to Life is Strange when it was first announced, since I was excited to see what Dontnod had in store after Remember Me and so far it’s great! Since it’s episodic, my first run of episode one took just under 3 hours…if you’re interested, episode one (or you can pre-purchase the other episodes too) is available on Steam!

#9 Neighbor!5SOS: He Drops Out To Go On Tour, But Comes Back 6 Months Later

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(H/G/N)- His Girlfriend’s Name

Senior Year Perspective/ Starting College Perspective


Your feelings about Michael’s, “big news” was hard to describe. When he told you what he was up to, he wasn’t nervous or looked sympathetic. The only way you could describe this moment was like how Scott Pilgrim told Kim Pine that he was moving to Toronto. “Oh, I’m dropping out of school.” He said bluntly. “You’re dropping out of school??” You said looking away from the screen and accidentally getting head shot in the video game the both of you were playing. Michael paused the TV and looked at you with a small grin. “You got head shot.” He said, “don’t change the topic.” You snapped, “w-why are you dropping out? I know you don’t like school and don’t really care for it, but Michael this is our last year, we are almost done and you can’t just–” “We’re an opening act.” He said calmly smiling at you. “What?” You said trying to process what he was saying. “Our, "Teenage Dirtbag” cover got noticed by a music group and… They want us to tour with them for a while.“ Michael says with his smile growing bigger and your eyes widening with each second it took you to process. "Opening act for who?” “One Direction.” “O-One Direction? Y-you’re going on tour with One Direction… Like that legit long tour they have coming up, you and the boys will be on a stage playing for…” You said with a smile starting to form. The both of you just kept smiling until you gave in and tackled him in a hug. You were enjoying the moment until you realized how close and tight you were with him. You loosen your hug and patted his back saying that he could let go, but Michael didn’t respond. He hugged you tighter burying his face into your shoulder silently. “I… Broke up with (H/G/N)…” He said slowly and you were actually surprised. “What? Why?? I thought you guys were hitting it off pretty well, you guys were so happy.” You said, feeling slightly sad that you had to admit the truth. “(Y/N)…. You don’t understand…. I’m going on tour.” He says. “So what? She didn’t like the idea? She wasn’t happy for you?” You questioned. “The tour is 6 months long…” He says before pulling away from you, “It’s 6 months long and I won’t be here… I’ll be going to America and Europe and the boys and I would be busy with our record, it’s impossible to be in a relationship and it’s going to be hard leaving you.” he says letting you go and putting space between you two. “I know you wanted to graduate together, wear caps and gowns, and hold our diplomas high. I thought that if I was going to drop out, I could at least see your ceremony but…. I’d still be gone.” He says looking away feeling guilty. You were silent for a moment knowing that he was regretting the tour already. You couldn’t let him do that, you couldn’t let him second guess himself. “It’s fine.” You said looking at him straight in the face. “(Y/N), you don’t need to lie to me-” “No, I really mean it Michael, I’m okay with it…. This is a pretty big opportunity and I’m not letting you give it up because of my lame little needs. I can take care of myself…” You said softly and held his hand, giving him a reassuring squeeze. He looked at your face for a good moment, his gaze was starting to make your face feel warm and your heart beat fast. You broke away the eye contact and grabbed the controller again to restart the game. “Thanks.” He said smiling and grabbing his controller, the both of you continuing to play till late. You stood up and stretched when you saw it was getting late, your parent’s were working overtime again and Michael offered you to stay. You looked back with a small grin, “like when we were 9? I’ll think I’ll pass Clifford, it feels weird sleeping over when a guy just recently broke up with his girlfriend…. It’s just odd sleeping over at a guys place when you’re both 17.” You said not looking at him and grabbing your things. “Since when has that ever gotten in the way, best friends sleep over.” He says chuckling. You stood there still not making eye contact, your bag was on your shoulder and you took a moment to suppress your feelings, “night Michael.” You said quietly and headed out the door. When Monday came around the corner you didn’t see Michael in school, Calum and Luke weren’t around either. The news of 5SOS dropping out and going on tour spread like wildfire in the school. Even if you were surrounded by your own group of friends, it just seemed lonely. Over the week you tried hard to meet up with Michael and spend the last few days together, but he was always busy and avoiding your, you could tell he was trying to slowly part from you so it would hurt less. Friday night you waited in his room, he seemed pretty shocked when he saw you nonchalantly chilling on his bed, making yourself comfortable, and making a mess like reading all the Spiderman comics off his shelves. “Oh hey.” You said sarcastically. “What do you mean hey?! You made a mess of my room! Who gives you the right to make it this messy?” “What? But we’re friends right?” You said again in your sarcastic voice. “Out, get out, go home nerd.” He says gesturing to the door. “I don’t want to.” You said laying down. “I mean it.” “Nah, I’m pretty comfortable.” “I’m going to get mad (Y/N).” He says impatiently. “No.” You said again a bit irritated. “(Y/N), can you just-!” “No, I’m not going to leave because you have been avoiding me this whole week and I’m fed up with it Clifford! Since we were little you would push me away when you had things you couldn’t handle so just let me stay you idiot! I won’t see you for 6 months and you think that ignoring me will ease up on how much I’m going to miss you!?” You said yelling and tears forming in your eyes. You felt your heart beating fast and your face grow warm from all the anger you were letting out. Karen was asking if anything was wrong and Michael yelled from his room that it was nothing. He closed the door and sat in front of you on the bed. “I’m sorry, I just thought….” “You thought wrong.” You said pulling him into a hug… You spent the last moments with Michael with a bucket list of stupid things. It included binge watching a lot of movies and finishing a lot of games. When the time came you gave him the longest goodbye hug at the airport. Your head was resting against his chest and his hands were around your waist, and in your mind you were contemplating if you should tell him your feelings or not. “I love you.” You said with your voice cracking slightly. He was silent for a moment when you looked up at him to see his response. He looked at you, just a blank normal expression, he smiled slightly, “I love you too (Y/N).” He said but not in the way you expected. The way he said, “I love you” back didn’t sound like those typical romance movie confessions. It was just a simple friendly, “I love you.” Michael parted with you and headed into the gate, you stood there trying to figure out if there was a cryptic tone or if he really was oblivious, You blinked and found him already gone… You continued your senior year as usual, you and Michael would text if he had wifi, but keeping up a conversation was rare. You would send him pictures of you getting your diploma or getting their band’s EP and supporting him, and he would be really happy and give you video responses instead. The way he spoke in those videos made your heart hurt, he looked at the camera as if he was looking at you, with a soft fond expression like he was in love. When the months came closer he such feelings started to show more prominent in his texting, it confused you as you tried to compare that moment he left at the airport to now, why the sudden change? He texted you one last thing before you said you were going to turn in, “when I come back, I need to tell you something.” He said. You dropped your phone on your bed and hugged your knees, “don’t just say that.” You said to yourself, hiding your face. You never replied to the message, and that was the last conversation you had with him … Michael came home to see his parent’s waiting for him and holding out signs with his name. He was excited to head home because he had unfinished business to take care of when he left. He remembered the moment at the airport where you obviously confessed and he left feeling internally conflicted. When he had time to think during tour, he finally came to terms with his late bloomer feelings. He unpacked his things quickly to find a small gift that he had in his bag since he realized his feelings. He quickly left the house saying that he was going to visit you and went straight to knocking at your door. Your parent’s opened it and he gave them a quick hug before walking in casually saying he was heading to your room. Your mother tried to tell him something but Michael was way too excited to see you. When he opened the door to your room he stood there confused. Your room was so bare, it was clean and organized, but also slightly empty. “Michael?” Your mom called as she walked up the stairs, “you haven’t changed a bit, still always excited aren’t you?” She says laughing. “Why is…. Her room so…” “She didn’t tell you? Michael, (Y/N) started college 2 weeks ago.” She says. “College?” “Yeah, she is going to college out of here though, she will only be home for holidays, I miss her, her room is so empty….” “I uhm… Had a gift.” He says holding up the small box. “Oh…. I’m so sorry Michael, feel free to leave it in her room, take your time.” She says before heading back down. He entered your room and placed the box on your desk, there was a letter addressed to him with his name next to a picture of the two of you and he took it in his hands. He sat on the chair running his fingers through his hair, “you stopped talking thinking it would ease the pain huh….” He said scoffing and putting his head down on the desk.


Calum has been acting strange for the past few days, just after school you saw his girlfriend crying and being accompanied by friends, and him going up to you asking if you wanted to get McDonalds on the way home. You wondered what could be so wrong, the both of you were graduating soon and that Calum has a great opportunity to train and be pro in soccer, he should have been happy. He didn’t treat you any different though despite his odd actions. One day the both of you were hanging out in your room, and he was staring at your One Direction poster that was on your wall. “Calum?” You called out and he looked at you. “You’ve been acting weird… Could it be…” You said and he tensed up, “that you’re finally going to embrace your destiny to be a Directioner like me?” You asked before bursting into laughter at Calum’s reaction. He smiled at you and looked down, going back to that calm dazed face. “(Y/N), you’re a big fan of 1D right?” He asked. “Of course, of course.” You said grinning at him. “Hmm, you’ve never gotten a ticket to see them either, it sucks, you really like them though.” He said and you grinned at him putting on a fake tear act to make him laugh, “ugh, I wish I could see them, but I think I would cry, Zayn is too beautiful.” You said. He smiled and turned to you crossing his legs on the bed, “hand me a few of your albums.” He said simply. “Why?” You questioned. “I’m gonna visit them on tour that’s why.” He said grinning. Your eyes widen and you found yourself crushing Calum with your hug, “you’re going to see One Direction!?” You said but separated yourself to look at him, “you got tickets?” You asked. “Mmn not really…. 5SOS is their opening act.” He said looking at you with a smile. You started to freak out again and crush him with your happy filled hugs talking about the scenarios that could happen between him and 1D. You paused for a moment, “so I guess you won’t be going to college then hmm, ah but you’re taking on the world so that’s great. Graduation will be our final moment together so we should also-” “I’m not staying for graduation…” Calum says looking at you then down to the side. His hands rested on your hips, the hug was fading and he kept his hands to himself. “So…. The reason why you broke up with… And the reason why you’ve been so distant too….” You said unable to finish the sentences. “What about your soccer opportunity?” You asked. “I turned it down…. It took me a while, but I really love music, and I feel like I could go somewhere with it since we got this far…” “…. That’s great Calum, but why do you look so sad?” You asked. “Well, I’ll be leaving you, and since we were young we always talked about graduating and, just what about you?” He said looking at you with a worried expression. You heart started to ache slightly, Calum was doubting about if he should go to tour or not, and you knew it was because of you. You didn’t want him to give up because of you, you didn’t want him to regret not going because of you. You felt guilty that a part of you wanted him to stay, but you didn’t want to be selfish. You knew how happy this made him, “Calum, don’t be stupid,” you started off, “I want you to go… You want to do this the rest of your life don’t you? I know you do…. You better go on tour, or I’ll ship you there in a box, do you hear me?” You said smiling at him and he smiled back. He wrapped his arms around your waist once more and rested his chin on your shoulder asking if the two of you could stay like this for a moment. You never thought of it, but you let him. You spent the last few days with Calum, mostly after school since he dropped out later in the week. You would tell him all of the funny things that had happened at school and about your regular assignments. You would joke on how lucky he is that he dropped out or else he would have to do this project, or do this test. He started to act a bit strange around you, and your heart was starting to bring back feelings that you’ve been trying to bury. You decided that it was just your imagination, and continued your after school days with him as usual. “Oh…. I also saw your girlfriend…. I mean ex… She still seems pretty upset. I mean… I wanted to ask what’s wrong, but she never really liked me since forever…. I just guessed she was crying about you though.” You said looking up from your food, “is a long distance relationship that bad? I mean, it works out sometimes if you put the effort… I know you guys also had some problems as well right? You’ve guys always seem to get though it together so… I just assumed.” You said. “I just I don’t think I could keep a relationship with her when I’m gone…. I don’t trust myself if I’m overseas, on the road, flying overhead on tour. However, I’ll always find the time to message you.” He says grinning. “Cal… That’s not fair, she’s your girlfriend.” “Was my girlfriend.” He emphasized. “She really liked you, and last I checked, you really liked her too. You were always moon eyed and had a stupid happy grin. You confessed to the girl way fast too.” You said with your heart feeling constricted as you open up old wounds from the past. “I broke up with her because it wouldn’t be fair anymore to her, I lead her on for quite a while trying to find the moment to break up with her and make things right, but each moment just failed.” “You led her on? Wait, but you failed, so that just means you really do care about her even just a bit making you guys stay right?” You said. “(Y/N), it’s way more complicated than you think… Let’s stop talking about it. Why do you want us to stay together anyway?” “It’s not like I want to I just…. She seemed so sad Calum, and won’t you miss her? I would feel guilty if you just messaged me, it shouldn’t be me, it should be her, she’s important to you-” “She’s not important to me, you are.” He blurted and the both of you were silent. He had a bitter face and placed his soda on the table, “I said this was complicated…. You want to know the reason why we always argued? It was because of you.” “Me?” You said wide eyed. “When we started dating it was fine, but after a while you started getting distant, and I didn’t know why, and it bothered me. This feeling was the same when we were in middle school and you had that crush on one of my team mates…. I just had a buzzing feeling in my heart and I just…” “Calum, please stop talking.” You said not wanting to hear those words escape his mouth. “(Y/N)…. I’m trying to tell you my feelings here, I like you.” “No! You can’t…. I’m so sorry I got in the way of this.” You said standing up. “(Y/N)-” Calum called but you rushed out feeling frustrated. The last three days you avoided Calum, you didn’t want to see him, and your head felt so clouded. As much as you wanted to hear him say those words, you didn’t want it to be like this, you didn’t want to hear him say that he broke up with a perfectly nice and fine girl for you…. You woke up to the sound of the car leaving from Calum’s house to go to the air port. You sat up and looked out your window at the empty space where their car is supposed to be before getting up. You went downstairs to find a note from your parent’s saying that they had to go to work last minute on the weekend. You placed the note back on the dining table and looked straight forward into the yard where you saw a soccer ball laying in the grass. You quickly walked out feeling the cold grass on your feet, and picked up the ball which was now scribbled everywhere, even around the poorly drawn writings of young Calum. You read the writing and felt the tears run down your face. This note written on the ball was every feeling he kept inside him. Every feeling from how he was jealous with you wanting to go for that old teammate of his or how at some point he was jealous that you were getting along with his band. He explained how he thought he shouldn’t like you if you didn’t like him back, and thought that if he dated someone else then he wouldn’t feel like it anymore. Your tears fell onto the ball, smudging the words slightly. You saw the final sentence and felt the guilt take over your heart, “forget me.”… 6 months later Calum returned home, he was happy to see his family, but was feeling the regret when he saw your house. Your parent’s were kind enough to update Calum on your graduation and acceptance into college. He knew that you weren’t here anymore, he knew you moved out 3 weeks ago. Over the tour he wanted to text you, but felt it was best for you to forget him and move on. He entered his room and dropped his suitcase on the floor and looked up to see his old soccer ball on the top of his desk. No, it wasn’t his soccer ball, it was new and clean, but had familiar writing scribbled on one side. “I love you” was written on the ball in bold letters in permanent marker, below the confession had the words, “forever and always.” Calum held the ball in his hands and flopped back into his bed. “Bad timing.” He said letting the ball roll off the bed and hit the floor.


You were used to yelling, but usually coming from your own house. Ashton’s family decided to go out and watch a movie, and during that time, he decided to invite his girlfriend to tell her about the big news. “Ashton you’re such a kid! When will you ever grow up!” You heard his girlfriend yell. You laid in bed hoping to sleep through this whole fight. You took a sleeping aid hours before, but alas, the box has lied to you as you lie awake listening to her complain and slam the door shut. “They broke up” you thought, and right on cue Ashton knocked on your window. You grabbed your blanket and covered yourself before opening your window to see him sitting on his side with a frustrated expression on his face. “I got dumped.” He said as if it was expected. “I heard…” You said. “Was it that loud?” He asked sheepishly. “Kinda…” “I should have expected this outcome…. I mean, she never really supported the fact that I was in a band. She expected that I would enter college soon at my age.” He says leaning back. “So, what are you going to do now?” You asked. “Probably listen to some Cee-Lo green, if you catch my drift.” “You should listen to the Sleeping With Siren’s cover of that, you will get over her 10 times faster.” You said grinning. “You are absolutely right. Sorry if I’m going to keep you awake with my rockin tunes.” He says grinning at you. “I’m surprised that you aren’t emotionally heart broken, you should be crying right about now.” You said looking at him and tilting your head. “Trust me, I’m trying hard not to, gonna let out all this manly frustration when I get back to my room and mosh around.” He says putting his leg into his room. “Sorry for telling you about my love frustrations (Y/N).” He says. “It’s fine Ashton, goodnight.” You said. He left into his room and closed the window and curtains. You stared for a moment before doing the same and heading back to sleep. You crawled under the covers and bundled yourself up getting ready to fall back into slumber. You couldn’t help but wonder why his girlfriend couldn’t be happy like you were for the band. The day Ashton told you about being an opening act for one direction, you felt so psyched and happy for him. His girlfriend didn’t like a lot of things Ashton did, although the two of you were acquaintances, she disliked you too. As expected though, what kind of girl casually goes into a guys room through the window? You turned to your side facing the wall to your left, figuring out what would happen next Since Ashton would be leaving soon. “How would my days be without you?” You thought. You heard muffled noises of Sleeping With Sirens blasting next door and smiled. You turned again to face the ceiling and decided to ask yourself the real questions and see if you could answer them. What will you do about your feelings? For a long time you’ve liked Ashton, but there is no way you can tell him how you feel at this time. This Cinderella story won’t end like how it’s supposed to. You don’t have a fairy godmother, nor do you have friendly mice to help you. You’ve come to a conclusion that this relationship was doomed from the start. To add to that, he just broke up with his girlfriend and is leaving for 6 months, he can’t afford to be distracted. What about your friendship? How will that maintain? He won’t be staying in one place, and your crappy phone won’t be able to do much when the plan isn’t paid. What about college? That’s right, if you get accepted, you  might not be able to see him, especially if your step-father is tight on money in the first place, you might not even get tickets to come home on the holidays. What about his room? Again, something you won’t be able to do anymore. Being let in the house when your parents were fighting was done by Ashton’s hand. You couldn’t burden his family and take their kindness for granted. Overall? You must move on and be independent. Ashton really didn’t have much time left, so you took it upon yourself to make sure every last moment was fun. Somewhere in the week, the two of you hung out and saw a movie, when it finished the two of you started walking out to head to a small restaurant for lunch. “so, how is the recovery process of your broken heart?” You asked. “I feel fine (Y/N), it’s for the best. It was going to happen eventually when the distance gets harder to maintain.” He says. You chuckled, “take care of yourself okay? I want you to have fun and make everyone enjoy your music. She may not like it, but I do, and so will everyone else.” You said cheerfully and Ashton smiled fondly at you. You looked away and awkwardly cleared your throat, “make sure you eat on time okay? Don’t eat so much McDonald’s or drink a lot of beer. You will end up having one of those beer bellies that those 40 year old men have.” You said and Ashton scoffed, lifting his shirt slightly to show his almost sculpted stomach, “I think I’ll be good.” “Anyway!” you said slightly flustered, Make sure Calum doesn’t get into any trouble, same with Michael. Those two like going nude, I won’t be surprised if their exposed picture is on Instagram.“ You said. "Pfft, what about Luke?” He asks. “…. Luke is a good kid, there is noo way he would post his butt online unlike Cal and Mikey.” You said. “Hmmm… Yeah, you’re right.” Ashton says laughing at the thought of it. “Oh, and eat a lot of bananas, okay?” You said turning to him. “Yes, yes. Of course mum.” He teased and you punched him playfully. “Don’t call me mom” You said pouting. “You always worry and look out for us, you’re like a mum.” He said laughing and you looked away pouting. “Sooo, you’re going to miss me?” He asks grinning to make you smile. You pouted more and looked away, “of course I am…” “… When I’m gone, I want you to work hard too okay? Did you get a reply from the college yet?” “No, not yet, but I should be expecting it soon.” You said looking down. You felt his arm around you and pull you closer, “you’re going to get in…. I know it….”…. When the time came Ashton was packing his things into the car. He went back to his room to grab his last bag, and spent his last few seconds giving you a tight hug. You thought that you could confess to him at this moment, but you held your tongue. It was probably your imagination, but you felt Ashton kiss the top of your head lightly before heading back into his room and closing his window for good. You wanted to watch him leave at the airport, but your step-father could care less about you wanting to see him one last time. You went back into the room and shut the window close as well…. A usual day like any other, your mother and step-father were fighting again in which the neighborhood could hear. It has been a week since Ashton left, and you wish you could tell him the news. You held your acceptance letter in your hand and pressed it against your heart. “You have to give up some money! She got accepted!” “People go to college to learn and get a job, she already has a job, so why does she need to go to college!” He said. You sighed but stood up to the sound of broken glass. You pressed your head against the door and tried to keep your calm like you promised yourself. Your eyes opened when a light flickered behind you. You turned around and saw behind your curtains Ashton’s room light was on. “Impossible…” You thought and pulled back the curtains to see light pouring out of his room. You decided to enlighten yourself and check it out, you got onto your roof and knocked on the door waiting for a response. You let out a sigh and decided to head back to your side, but turned around when you heard a click. “(Y/N)?” Harry’s voice called out. You looked at him, and he looked like he was in the middle of crying, “hey Harry….” You said in a soft voice. “Do you wanna come in?” He asked, assuring that it was fine. “You sure?” “Ash said to me before he left that I should always leave his window open in case you need to use it… Your parent’s are really loud…. Ah, but don’t tell mum I said that, she said not to talk about other people.” He said and you smiled at the familiar phrase before heading inside the room. “Do you miss Ashton? Is that why you are in his room?” You asked. “Yeah…. Also, I was supposed to give you this, but I just…..” He said with tears forming again, and a envelope in his hand. You put your arm around him and opened the note that was inside. It took you a moment to get through all the pages, but half way though you started to feel the tears run down your face. These letters, his writing and small doodles on the side, they contained every single thought he had about you, every thought and feeling. You smiled at the last three words and put down the letter. You wiped your tears with the sleeve of your shirt and smiled. “What was the letter about?” Harry asked. “N-nothing in particular…. It’s just…. The things he never said.” You said smiling…. 6 months later Ashton returned home. He didn’t really have much to look forward to since he got news from Anne. You and your mom moved. He didn’t know if he was angry or happy, but when he got out of the car he couldn’t help but glare at the man who lived next to him. Your mom divorced your step-father with Anne’s help and support to get your mom out before you left for college. You and your mom had a great amount of compensation and relocated into a small studio apartment in town, after the move, you went on a plane to start your first year in college. Ash plopped his things onto his bed and sighed, he decided his room was too dark and decided to pull back the curtains, if he couldn’t see you, then he would like to see where your room was one last time. When he drew back the curtains he saw it, the note with 3 words that you never got to say back.


1 week before Luke left, the both of you were spending time in the tree house, which has been a while. Luke’s hair was messy, and his eyes were tired. He was still heart broken from his girlfriend breaking up with him, and it wasn’t recent. She broke up with him 2 months ago, and he refused to tell you the explanation. He thought about trying to get her back, but when the opportunity came for tour, he decided to leave things as they were. You and Luke had an awkward relationship at this time, when he started dating, you avoided him quite a lot in school, he tried and put effort hanging out with you, and you had no choice than to give in. However, when his girlfriend broke up with him out of the blue, Luke kept his distance from you. When the date for tour started to come closer, Luke started to make his move and spend it with you again. You didn’t question and decided to continue how everything was in the beginning. You placed the snacks you brought from the house in front of him and patted the top of his head. “Be a little happy…. Please? Seeing you upset is weird Luke. You’re going to go on tour with One Direction, it’s going to be huge. You get to breathe the same air as Niall.” You said making a swoon face to make him laugh. He took a cookie off the plate and sat up, “I’ll be sure to get a picture for you.” He says smiling. “I’m glad your living your dream Luke… I am going to miss you, and I wanted to take really cool graduation pictures with you…. But I know you will be super happy on stage more than anything.” You said taking a cookie as well. “I bet you will be busy when you graduate… You’re going to very far off into college… I may not even see you when I come back.” He said. “No… I think I’m going to change the college I apply for. I’ll stick closer to home.” You said. “What why?” Luke asked, “your dream college is out there, not here.” “A-ah, well, it might be very expensive, and you have to be super smart to get in…. I think I’ll do better going to a college close to home, that way it wouldn’t be hard when you come back-” “No… (Y/N), I’m not letting you do this. You aren’t stopping me to stay, so I’m not stopping you either.” “Luke….. I haven’t been a friend to you, a proper friend, and I want to make it up to you by staying here, so when you come home-” “Don’t even.” He says looking at you. “I haven’t been a proper friend either, I’m sorry I avoided you, it wasn’t your fault. I was just going through things.” “You don’t need to explain yourself Luke.” You said. “(Y/N)… I-” He says before getting cut off by Liz calling him in. You looked at him with his face flushed red, “I’ll uhm, tell you later.” He said slightly flustered, “I’m sorry.” He says before getting up. You got up as well and got the plate, “do you want to take some home?” You said gesturing at the cookies. “Oh, uhm, no it’s fine.” He said frantically. Liz called again and the both of you awkwardly scrambled, “I’ll definitely tell you later, I think you have a right to know before I leave so… Just wait okay?” He says and you tried to read his expression. “Yeah…” You said. He smiled and kissed the top of your head but froze from his actions, “crap…. I uh..” He stuttered again, and you stuttered back trying to say it was okay. “I didn’t mean to do that, i-it was a habit.” He says walking back and almost tripping out of the tree house. You saw him scramble down and run back to his side of the house. You sunk to your knees and covered your face, “habit? Ugh, does that mean you did that to your girlfriend a lot? What a nerd, Luke you are such a dweeb.” You said to yourself feeling mad and flustered, but happy. You clenched your chest, “it’s been a while since I’ve felt like this…. Ugh, I feel like I’m having a heart attack.” You said leaning your head against the futon. Your eyes saw the stereo and you sat back up to open the top. “Of course…” You said, “I should probably give this back to him before he leaves.” You said taking out Luke’s Good Charlotte CD out of the player. The CD has been there since this tree house was built, if Luke was leaving, you felt he should have this back…. “I am seriously going to beat him up.” You said glaring at his room through your tree house. For most of the week, Luke has been avoiding you again. At this point, you didn’t care if he accidentally kissed your head, you just wanted to give his CD back. It was Friday, and Luke was leaving tomorrow, you were seriously going to punch this kid for making you waste the time you had left with him. You climbed down half way until you heard him call your name. You were startled and fell back, landing into the soft grass. “Are you okay?” He asked with a worried expression. You grabbed him by the shirt and put him in a head lock, “okay? Hemmings you wasted our week, you kept avoiding me, do you think I care that you kissed me on the head?? I just wanted to return your CD you nerd!” “Yeah, I know, my family wanted to spend this week with me so I really didn’t have time to see you for that reason.” He said and you loosen your grip. “And… That kiss may have set me off slightly…” “I knew it.” You said, “I just feel like you shouldn’t worry about it you know? It’s not like you like me right? Then again, we’ve never done that sort of thing before, so I guess it was normal to act that way.” You said rambling. You looked at Luke who seemed to stare at you blankly, you decided to shut your mouth, thinking you went too far and the both of you waited for the other to answer. “Let’s go out, to the shopping center.” He said. “Ice cream?” You offered. “Ice cream.” He said showing his wallet saying it was his treat. At the near by ice cream parlor you and Luke continued like normal again, laughing over the same jokes, and having the same random conversations, but when you brought up what he wanted to tell you from last time, he said it was nothing and that he forgot. You debated if you wanted to know or not, a part of you wanted him to, but another thought it was best to just leave it, if you ended up in an argument, you wouldn’t forgive yourself when he left the next day. Your time together was spent simply on a happy memory, the next day, your family and Luke’s family was came together to watch the band leave. Liz was apparently joining them as well, keeping eye on the boys for their first tour. “Luke, I forgot to give you back the CD, I brought it with me so-” “It’s okay, you can look after it for me right? Just keep it to remember me by when I’m gone.” he says smiling at you and giving you a hug. You nuzzled slightly against him, “get into that college okay? For me.” He said and you smiled nodding. You thought he was going to kiss your head again, the way he leaned closer to you, but instead he gave you a smile. You knew something was off, and a part of you regretted not asking. During those 6 months, you finally got an answer from your dream college a few weeks after you graduated. They wanted you to come early, a week before Luke came back, so they could get the orientation over with. When the time came, you wanted to drop off a few baked goods to the Hemmings as a thank you and that you were going to miss them when you left. You were also going to give back Luke’s CD because you felt like you shouldn’t keep it so long. In his room you were startled when Jack decided to jump you a bit. “You’re how old and you still act like a 5 year old.” You said trying to calm yourself. “You’re maturing so fast (Y/N), it’s sad, ah your poor youth. I felt like it was only yesterday when you were this small and had your crush on me.” He says measuring up to his knees. “I wasn’t that small! Augh, let those feelings die, I was in middle school!” You said covering your face. “Ah yep, you don’t like me anymore, you like Luke.” He says. “I don’t like Luke anymore either… I-I mean, uh.” You said flustered. “Luke liked you, you know…. Even when he was in a relationship, he just thought you didn’t have the same feelings so… He tried to move on.” he says  and you looked at him with a guilty expression. Jack put his hand on your head and made it heavy by adding pressure, it hurt, but not so much, it was just a playful gesture. “Ow.” You said. “That was for hurting my little brother’s heart, having him wrapped around your finger like that… Sigh, I was hoping you guys could work something out when he came back, but that seems highly unlikely.” He says. You looked at the CD and decided to keep it, “I’m going to keep this CD…” You said. “You sure? You know that’s Luke’s precious.” He says grinning. “Yeah, if he wants it back, tell him he has to visit and take it back.” You said leaving the room. A week later you felt, and Luke came back. Jack grinned watching Luke checking your room, the tree house, and his room for the CD. He knew he said for you to hold onto it, but he knew that you were originally going to give it back before you left for college. He looked at Jack curiously, a little annoyed by his grin. “Lewi, I have a message to pass on…” He says and Luke sat down to listen.

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