video game screen shot


Check out these screen shots from an early version of the game i’m working on.

it’s based on The Rake, but instead of the usual Survival Horror where you try to escape the monster, you ARE the monster, and your goal is to torment or kill people and not get caught by the police or, maybe even the Military!

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 Prey2 |Marty Howe | Single Player | Feb 1997 | prey2.bsp

Author’s note from the readme: “I was browsing the Apogee/3DRealms web site and saw that they were looking for “mappers” for their upcoming game PREY, i was too late to submit anything and was inspired to make “prey2” just to prove to myself icould do it. If a game company doesnt hire me soon my head will explode”

Marty went on to become the director of figurehead studios. Their website says they are making an upcoming game called HEAVILY ARMED for the Xbox One.


And now we wait for the next episode…

I was looking forward to Life is Strange when it was first announced, since I was excited to see what Dontnod had in store after Remember Me and so far it’s great! Since it’s episodic, my first run of episode one took just under 3 hours…if you’re interested, episode one (or you can pre-purchase the other episodes too) is available on Steam!