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I finally finished her! The killer for my Dead by Daylight dlc, Cursed and Blessed!

The Shaman

(I’ll show off her perks when I’m finished with them! Almost done with the dlc survivor, still need to work on the main dlc game banner and a scenic drawing of the Shaman’s realms!  :> )

(click the pic for better details! :o )

((@ dbd devs, I’m still raring to go whenever u guys are))

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Omg nejitennnnnnn!!!! OTP!!!!! Question time!!!! Do you guys play video games together?? If you do I recommend the Zelda CDI games

Tenten: Do you know how hard it is to move this thing? He hates everything that is fun!

Neji: How uncalled for! I enjoy fun just as much as anyone else does.

Tenten: Oh yeah? Name one thing fun that you love.

Neji: You.

Tenten: …

Tenten: (Teasing) Well Neji, at least you like the alphabet.

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Very random question, but: What's your all time absolute favourite video game character?。◕ ‿ ◕。

Connor Kenway, always and forever. I only got into gaming seven months before Assassin’s Creed III got released, so he was the first character I really desperately was waiting for. We’ve all seen the trailers, Connor’s badass moves and all the action, a ‘foreign’ weapon, the Tomahawk. All these things were leading to a fucking kickass new protagonist who can jump over people’s heads and hang his enemies with rope darts; but he seemed quite similar to Ezio and Altaïr (who were both hella great!).
Then the story trailer got released, about Connor’s mixed heritage, his struggles, his people, and he felt so real. I could empathise with him only having seen the five minutes and having heard his monologue. Noah Watts created a true masterpiece of character here. 
I was so hyped I could barely think of anything else, I drew Connor, I dreamed about Connor, I even searched for fanmade trailers and listened to his monologues over and over again. 
The PS3 and Xbox versions were available in october 2012 already and I was so mad because I wanted to play AC3 so so bad. Finally, november arrived, the postman delivered the game a day earlier, it took forever to install and it began. I played for 12 hours nonstop, went to school, went home earlier and continued. 
Till now, there’s been no other game that captivated me as much as AC3 did. Connor’s personality was so new, so unknown to me because I had never seen a video game or movie character like him. He was so gentle, caring and kind, his naïvité which wasn’t really naïvité but rather having no experience with cruel people such as Charles Lee or also, Haytham (who is a really amazing character as well) and then how he can just go from sweet man to huge bara killing machine.
Connor fought so hard, struggled but did not stop. He inspired me in so many ways and made my life better. I could feel myself getting picked up from where I’ve been by his strenght and bravery, which I didn’t think possible.
I got carried away but I could still continue to tell you about Connor. I love him so much I can’t summarize it in words. Thanks for your question (:

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Years down the line and granting funds allow, would you want to develop your own video game? (Your cloud video game anecdote inspired this question)

would def love to try it some time


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As mentioned before, I wasn’t privileged with games and consoles from a young age. I played what I could that we could have and spent any second at friends houses playing what was a whole new world to me! One of the main franchises I missed out on ENTIRE was the Legend of Zelda games. I’m fully aware of which ones are classified as the best - Majora’s Mask, A Link To The Past and Ocarina of Time, but there are just too many to for me to begin now. Too many overlapping stories. Too many memes to understand. My only experience of Zelda was chopping up the grass outside a cave - and I cry deeply every time I remember I’m yet to save my own Princess Zelda.