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prompt; marichat but chat knocks on her parents skylight by accident and then has to explain himself to mrs and mr dupaincheng

Thank you for the prompt anon! Unfortunately, we have a little problem here. Sabine and Tom’s bedroom doesn’t have a skylight, only Marinette’s does. But that doesn’t mean I can’t work around it hehe. Here we go! It is kind of short tho.

Chat Noir adored visiting Marinette. He loved that he got time to spend with her, playing video games, having pillow fights and more or less sleepovers together. And the food was certainly a bonus. So here was Chat Noir, coming with a bag of two big ice cream boxes and ready to marathon. It was Friday and Marinette mentioned she wants to see that new TV series Versailles because of the costumes. Adrien wants to watch it to make fun of the ugly mustaches. Opening the skylight, he jumps in before somersaulting off the bed and landing in the middle of Marinette’s room.

“Oh, bonsoir my princess! Are you ready for this fine evening of…. of… er… “ Chat stopped dead in his tracks when he noticed they weren’t alone in the room. Marinette’s parents were sitting on the chaise lounge while Marinette herself was sitting in her computer chair, looking rather mortified. Her face screamed panic, while her eyes screamed murder. Absently, Chat wondered if there was a recipe for fried cat in wine sauce. If not, Marinette was one step away from creating it. He gulped. Turning to her parents, who were still surprised, Adrien straightened his back.

“Monsieur and Madame Dupain-Cheng. Bonsoir!” Chat waved awkwardly. “I swear there is a good reason I’m sneaking off in your daughter’s bedroom at a late hour in the night without your knowledge.” Marinette turned to him with a look that screamed ‘SHUT UP’

The two adults exchanged a look, having more or less a mental conversation. Then they smiled at Chat. “You should come to dinner one of these days.” Sabine declared while she and Tom got up from their place. “I’m sure you can explain the… reasoning then.”

“Enjoy the whatever you are up to. We will send you some sweets.” Tom added as they opened the hatch door to climb down.

Marinette and Chat looked flabbergasted as the two adults disappeared from sight. They turned to each other when the door opened again and Sabine appeared. “Don’t forget you have a box of condoms in your closet, dear.”

“Maman!” Marinette exclaimed in pure horror, but she was already gone.

“Well, that went well.” Chat declared after a few moments of silence.

Marinette turned to him with a look that screamed murder. Chat gulped then pulled out one of the boxes. “I bought you truffle ice cream.”

Marinette narrowed her eyes, before grabbing the box out of his hands. “You are safe. For now.”

Pillow Talking || Sam Drake X Reader

Imagine being woken up in the middle of the night by Sam Drake wasted drunk. He acts flirty with you in bed and pillow talks while a bit tipsy.


The stars aligned in the crisp autumn air as the full moon shined bright from above. Sweet thoughts filling my numb mind as I lay in bed, sleeping hard from a rough day at work. This moment was so blissful and relaxing that nothing could ruin it. Until I heard a rather loud bang-crash sound within the darkened bedroom. “Shit…Fuck!” I heard a voice whisper to themselves.

“Aw, I’m sorry, shit…Did I wake you up?” The man laughed, speaking a bit louder.

I roll over to my side and flip the light switch on, realizing it was Samuel. “Um-yeah you did.” I say squinting my eyes.

“Agh-Fuck,” He grumbled. “ I’m sorry darling. You were fast asleep weren’t you?”

“I was sweetie. I had a long day at work.”

“I’m sorry-”

“Sam? Are you drunk?”

“I am not drunk. I’m-I’m just feeling…pretty awesome!” He spoke nearly falling over his own two feet at the end of the bed. He soon laughed. “What’s up? Sexy butt?” He then chuckled some more. I give him a long stare and roll my eyes. “I am not drunk. I don’t get drunk. I’m just-”


“I only had like seven drinks, not even enough to get me drunk.”

“Okay, well you never tell me that I have a, and I quote ‘sexy butt’.”

“Oh I do-I so tell you that you have a sexy butt…even when I’m not drunk!”


“Its true though.” Sam stretched and sighed. “I like that wagon you’re dragging,” He giggled. “Okay so I might be a little-a little bit drunk. Just a tiny bit!” The Drake brother then walked over and grabbed hold of the sheets. “Here, scoot over. Because I am going to spoon the ever loving fuck out of you…How are you?” He giggled as he joined me in the bed.

“I’m alright I suppose?”

“Yeah I wouldn’t be too great if I was woken up by a drunk asshole either.”

“So you’re implying yourself?”

“Uh, I’m not talking about me. I’m just saying in general. ‘Cause I’m not drunk. In general I’d be annoyed it someone drunk woke me up.”

Sam laughed and smiled in that cute little way that he always does. “Hi…” He said which was then followed up with several kisses on my cheek.

“Samuel Drake you should stop. Honey you are drunk!”

“Ugh-but I’m not trying anything!” He whined. “I’m just kissing you because you’re cute.”


“And I like your tired voice…Its adorable, even if you’re the tinniest bit annoyed with me.” He laughed. “Hey, I am sorry I woke you up, I was trying to be quiet.” Sam sounding more serious.

“You knocked the table over that sits in the corner of the room.”

“It came out of nowhere. I don’t know where the end table came from, but it just kinda flew out at me.”

“Sam it can’t just move.”

“Tables move. I’m telling you. I think the house is haunted. Because there’s no way I bumped into a-a stationary object, tripped, and woke you up…Because I’m totally sober.”

“No you’re not.”

“I am! Look!” Sam said while climbing out of the covers and standing on top of the bed. “I can do-I can do-I can stand on one foot on the bed. Watch! Watch!” His plan was short lived as the Drake brother came tumbling down towards me. “So…maybe in the slightest way, I may be impaired.” He chuckled.

“Did you drive all the way home?” I asked, changing the subject.

“No, I got a taxi.”

“If you say you’re not that drunk, why didn’t you just drive?”

“Maybe I didn’t feel like driving. I just felt like taking a taxi. Oh and Nathan made it home safely. Haha, you think I’m drunk? You should’ve seen my little brother!”


“Oh you’re so warm.” He said while inching closer to me. How are you so fucking cute? Oh my god! I wanna like squeeze your cheeks until they fall off.“ He laughed. “You’re so cute! Come here!” He kissed me a few times on the lips.

“I swear you always get like this when you’re drunk Sam!”

“Come on.” He moaned. “Mmm…fine. I am sorry for waking you up, that was not my intention, but-ay-ay-but…No! I’m not talking about your butt, I’m saying the word ‘but’ B-U-T. But now that you’re awake, would you maybe wanna go sledding?” He laughed aloud.

“Sledding with no snow?”

“You can so go sledding when there’s no snow…it just hurts a lot more.”

“There’s no way you can go sledding sweetie.”

“Aw I want to go sledding!” Sam bickered like a little kid.

“It’s in the middle of the night.”

“So what if its night?”

“You can’t go sledding. It’s not the season yet for that.”

“I don’t care!”

“I’d rather cuddle than do that anyway.”

“Oh fine lets cuddle, cuddling sounds good…Just help me-get this off…because my shirt for some reason doesn’t-want to come off of me.” He struggled as I took hold of his brown t-shirt and yanked it off his body. “Almost got it. There we go!”

“I’m sorry I can’t get over how cute you are!” Sam spoke.

“Stop it.”

“I will not stop, you’re adorable and I like kinda wanna draw whiskers on you.”

“Really? What if I felt like doing it back to you?” I teased.

“You better no draw whiskers on my face when I pass out because then I won’t make you breakfast tomorrow.”

“Wait, breakfast?”

“Oh yeah I definitely plan on making you breakfast because I woke you up while you were sleeping and now I have to make it up to you…What do you want?”

“Um-I don’t know.”

“It could-whatever your choice. If I have to I’ll go like to Africa and kill an Ostrich or something,” He laughed. “Alright Ostriches are scary. Maybe something less scary like a Capybara.”

“What in the world is that?”

“A Capybara is like the biggest member of the rodent family. I saw one in person with Nate on our adventure to Madagascar.”

“What does it look like?”

“It is like this giant beaver looking motherfucker. They’re cute, but not as cute as you!” He hugged me tight and kissed me.

“Okay-okay I’m a little drunk…”

“Now you confess mister?”

“Okay so I’m totally drunk and like seriously you are so fucking cute right now.” He began to ramble. “How the hell did I get so lucky? You beautiful flower child you.”

“Flower child Sam?”

“I don’t know what I’m saying. I heard someone say that and I just had to throw it in there. I think it means you’re innocent or something. I don’t know. I have no fucking idea…Well you are innocent at least compared to me. My mind is in the gutter. At least right now.”

“You’re not wrong with that.”

“Alright well tomorrow I’ll show you what my gutter mind is all about,” He chuckled. “I know I’m being weird, but hey that’s what you signed up for when you met me.” Sam teased.


“Come here!” He begged me.


“Because I want to give you a kiss. Your lips are just so soft and I love it, and your neck, and your ear.” Sam moaned. “Tomorrow morning we’ll have some fun, but now its time for sleep. I’ll let you go back to sleep. Only under one condition.”

“What?” I question.

“You have to lay your head on my chest and let me cuddle you to pieces darling.”

“Alright. Deal.” I said as I inched closer to Sam’s body.

“You’re so warm. I love you. And I’m not just saying that because I’m drunk. I’m saying that because in all seriousness, I fucking love you so much. Its almost sad how much I love you.”

“I love you too! Even though you are tipsy at the moment.” I laugh.

“I’ll see you in the morning darling. Thanks for being you.” He whispered as he cuddled me throughout the night.

~The End~


Headcanons, edits, icons, or other non-imagines are marked with *

requests are marked with !

Alex Standall 

!Bi - Alex comes out as bisexual to his girlfriend.

Dating Includes

!Don’t Give Up - Alex talks reader out of suicide

!Insecure - Reader gets jealous of Jess and confronts Alex about it

!Judging You - Female reader making fun of Alex for playing video games

!Pillow Forts - Alex and fem reader build a pillow fort

!Please Stay- Fem reader stops Alex from committing suicide

Stress - Alex helps stressed reader study

!Talk - Alex and fem reader have a fight.

Clay Jensen

*Dating includes

!Embarrassed- Clay meets fem reader’s parents for the first time, without pants…

!Kiss me- fem reader kisses Clay in front of his ex

*Clay Jensen aesthetic

*Clay Jensen textposts

Hannah Baker

!Blush - Hannah catches fem reader dancing

!Bullying- Female reader comforts Hannah after the list was spread around.

!Dance- Fem reader and Hannah dance together

Jeff Atkins

Aesthetic collage 

*Dating includes

Drunk Call- Reader drunk calls her ex Jeff and he gives her a ride home.

Fears- Female reader admits she’s scared of losing Jeff

!High (2)- Fem reader gets fed up with Jeff’s excessive use of drugs.

!Jealous- Jeff gets scared fem reader is cheating on him with Justin and gets jealous.

!Not Okay (part two)- Fem reader comforts Jeff after he’s cheated on.

!Someday - Jeff goes to a wedding with reader

*Math Nerd Jeff HC

Justin Foley

!Childish  - Justin acts like a child towards fem reader

*Dating Justin Includes

!Safe - Justin starts dating Kat again and is overprotective.

!Skills - Justin and the water bottle challenge. that’s it. 

!Snowball fights - Very fluffy winter fic 

!You Love Me - Female reader picking one Justin for his sense of humor

Montgomery De La Cruz

*Dating Includes

Brain- Songfic based off Brain by Preston Hutto. Monty comforts fem reader after a breakup


*Instagram ft his girlfriend

!Sorry - Monty apologizes to fem reader after a fight

Tony Padilla

*Dating Includes

*Coming Out HC

!Shy- Male reader is nervous to admit his feelings to Tony

!Sign - Tony learns sign language for deaf fem reader (purely friendship fic)

Zach Dempsey

!Anonymous-  Fem reader sends Zach anonymous cute texts

Breakup - Reader reminisces over her relationship with Zach

!Concert- after a concert hook up fem reader and Zach meet again

Cooking- Female reader baking pizza with Zach, Zach is not good at it.

!Crush - Justin’s little sister has a crush on Zach and tries to ask him out

!Jealous  Zach gets jealous that fem reader is spending a lot of time with Jeff.

!Lockscreen- Fem reader finds out she’s Zach’s lockscreen

Lost- Reader shows Zach arond when he’s the new kid at school

!Mi Familia- Hispanic fem reader takes Zach home to meet her family.

!Stay (part two) - Female reader is invited to a party by Zach and he wants her to stay the night to get to know her. He proves he doesn’t mean it sexually.

!Tired- Zach is super cuddly towards fem reader after a basketball game.

!Volleyball - Zach accidentally hits fem reader with a volleyball in gym

*Zach Dempsey snapchats


*Justlex headcanons

I love you - justlex - Alex and Justin are just friends with benefits until Alex admits his feelings


*Kissing Would Include (all guys)

First Kiss: Jisung


aHHH, the youngest member, Jisung! This idea was super cute but I don’t think I’ve done it any justice and I’m mad at myself some that :-( still, I hope you like it :-)

Originally posted by starnightingle

sorry but i had to include this gif i was going to put a cute one of him but honestly this is so funny aND IM CHOKING BACK THE TEARS

  • Jisung is a baby, so this is very innocent, fairly short and there’s like no kissing becAUSE COOTIES
  • So! Again, the story for this came from @chittaporno who has some hella good ideas literally - tysm!
  • You and Jisung has known each other from birth
  • You grew up together and your parents were close friends
  • And although as you grew up you had different interests, had different groups of friends and attended different schools, you stayed close friends
  • I’m not going into details of what your relationship is like because it’s basically the cliché childhood friends who end up developing crushes on one another etcetera
  • Can you tell this series is draining me lMao? I’m running out of ideas 
  • At least once a month, you’d meet up at one of your houses for an evening of pizza, video games and building pillow forts
  • It was a tradition you never broke, but you’d be lying if you said you weren’t upset when that tradition turned from once a week to only once a month
  • Nevertheless, you made the most of your time with him, a budding, fresh-new idol
  • When he first told you that he was a trainee with SM Entertainment, you were afraid for him
  • You were never a big fan of the music industry and the treatment some idols/trainees might receive
  • And you knew he’d never tell you if there was something wrong or unfair
  • He was so young when he joined, and you were scared he’d be forced to grow up too fast
  • Thankfully, things over the years went okay
  • Jisung told you about the other members and trainees, how they were all older and protected him dutifully
  • You were impressed with how well he managed his life too
  • With practices and lessons, you’d never think he’d still have time to fit you into his schedule 
  • You were finally reuniting for the first time after his comeback a couple weeks before, for your monthly tradition
  • He arrived at your house early evening, armed with snacks and games, a wide smile on his face
  • Smiling back, you greeted him opening the door wider so he could enter you house
  • The pair of you set up your pillow fort in the sitting room, you already having brought all the pillows and covers you could find in the house
  • The evening passed as it always did:
  • You two built your fort, which would take up literally the entire room and every pillow you could find
  • Ordered pizza and lots of sides, a treat mostly for Jisung who wasn’t always allowed to indulge in such foods
  • A lot of secrets being exchanged
  • Photos of the weirdest things and memes ofc being laughed at
  • It was like it was usually, and you were so thankfully, so so so thankful, that Jisung hadn’t changed
  • Now, into the late hours of the evening, you two were lying on your fronts, sharing a pair of headphones, you holding a torch and Jisung holding his phone between the pair of you
  • You were watching videos that he had taken of his members, showing you the funniest and weirdest ones
  • He made you promise not to tell them, or anyone in fact, that you had seen these videos, jokingly threatening you that he would “fite” you if you did
  • He had only shown you a couple but you were already crying with laughter, hiccuping and giggling like crazy
  • Jisung could help but watch you fondly as you did so
  • Honestly, for a while now Jisung had been feeling quite shy and flushed around you
  • The other NCT members told him and teased him lmao about his crush on you no matter how many times he protested that he didn’t
  • “It’s part of growing up” they said “admit it”
  • And no, he didn’t admit it bUt he did have one
  • His crush on you was a lot like puppy dog love
  • He thought everything you did and said was adorable and beautiful, and he just wanted to be able to hold your hand and peck your cheek whenever he wanted to
  • Of course your oblivious ass never noticed, blissfully unaware of the effect you had on him
  • As you turned your head towards him, you noticed how he was already staring at you, but then immediately looked away when you caught me
  • Shrugging it off, you continued to laugh, unable to form any words 
  • Jisung’s quiet, still bewildered and embarrassed you had caught him staring
  • This time when you turn your head to look at him, you don’t have the time to even say anything or look at him properly
  • Since Jisung leans forward and gives you a quick peck on the lips
  • It’s was so quick and over so fast you didn’t have time to react
  • Jisung jumps back suddenly, leaving a wide gap between you, unlike before
  • You look at him in shock, fingers touching your lips in surprise
  • Jisung turns him attention back to the videos on his phone, pretending he hadn’t just kissed you suddenly
  • Your mind was racing, as was your heart
  • What had just happened?
  • Eventually you start laughing again, laughing at the awkwardness of the situation and Jisung
  • He looks at you from the corner of his eyes, eyebrows frowning and cheeks flushing in embarrassment
  • “Don’t- don’t laugh at me Y/N…” he whispers, his voice cracking and eyes watering
  • You’ve gotta remember he’s still a baby and probably quite sensitive, so of course he’s gonna be upset
  • Pouting you nudge him playfully in attempt to lighten the mood
  • “Oh come on, Jisung. I’m sorry! I just wasn’t expecting that”
  • “But, you didn’t like it?”
  • “What makes you think that? I was just surprised”
  • Jisung, now being the oblivious one here, tilted his head in confusion, his mouth opening as if to say something 
  • Rolling your eyes, thinking you had made it clear enough already, you do the only thing you could think of and lean in to him to give him a peck on the lips
  • Jisung drops his phone in shock, but this shock quickly turns to happiness, and he’s blushing furiously, smiling at you shyly
  • Your heart melts at the sight - you had always found Jisung adorable and this was living proof he really is
  • Although I’m not going continue with this story anymore, let’s say the evening was full of laughter and giggles and pecks on your cheeks from Jisung
  • he’s adorable just protect him

First Kiss series

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Drarry feat. Tom Felton/Daniel Radcliffe

Give me Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe. Shaking hands enthusiastically when they first meet one another on set of the Philosopher’s Stone. Give me getting milkshakes with Rupert and Emma after their first day of filming. Give me sleepovers and video games and pillow forts and cowboys-and-crooks and inside jokes and lucky handshakes. Give me two boys who are best friends. They chase each other around the set of Chamber of Secrets with their wands, shouting, tripping, laughing shamelessly. “Scared, Potter?” Tom drawls occasionally with raised eyebrows and his signature Malfoy-smirk. Dan flips him off and they proceed to carry out another one of their schemes. While filming Prisoner of Azkaban, Dan breaks down at Tom’s house one day. Tom holds him and whispers words of encouragement in his best friend’s ear. Dan lies in his lap and rants about fame, how he’s struggling with the pressure, while Tom plays nonchalantly with his hair and offers advice and empathy. They share their first kiss in one of the trailers during the fourth movie. It’s weird at first, kissing a bloke. Teeth clash, hands are positioned awkwardly at their sides. But then Dan takes the initiative and wraps his arms securely around Tom’s waist, who melts against him. They spend lazy afternoons at each other’s homes, fiercely making out for hours. They talk about everything, anything. It’s playful and loving and ecstatic and beautiful. During a sleepover at Tom’s in 2007, they fall asleep on his bed, cuddling, the moaned words “I love you” running over and over again through their heads. It’s easy smiles. Easy laughs. Easy love. Dan wakes Tom up with a kiss the next morning. They’re filming later that day. The kiss turns into a careful exploration of each other’s skin. Hickeys, butterfly kisses, grinding, tracing, biting and the cautious removal of pajama bottoms. Messy handjobs follow and they both leave the room grinning and blushing like the dorks they are. They decide to keep their relationship private from the public, but inform their families, friends and co-stars the following day. The press would ruin the realness of it all. They have sex for the first time in Dan’s apartment after the premiere of Half Blood Prince. Dan tops and Tom is writhing and uncomfortable at first, but soon relaxes against his gentle touch. They love each other. Endlessly. Always. They’re soulmates. Basically grew up together. Harry and Draco. Who would have thought? After the series is finished, they move in together. They wake up with their legs entangled in the mornings and throw casual banter around the kitchen as Tom makes them breakfast. They decide to start their own Tumblr once the notion of Drarry reaches them. They reread the books and discuss the characters they portrayed and why Drarry is so fucking right. They write fanfiction when they’re bored and think of Drarry AUs when they’re tangled together, sweaty and panting. They laugh as they watch their interviews - interviews in which they pretended to be oblivious to the fandom and ships. They are a part of the fandom. They are forever. Always. Give me Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe.


Herm and Helena’s place.
It’s the apartment above Helena’s mom’s coffee shop. Her mom rents it to them, at a very reasonable price. The oven is 20 years old and it creaks and the hot water comes and goes but it’s somewhere they could paint the walls and hang their photos. It’s warm and cosy, full of plants and video games and comfy pillows, it’s sanctuary from everyone else.
 It’s home.

set planning for If we shadows

Wasting time with the Uchihas

♡ Madara Uchiha

As we all know, Madara is a very busy person so is days would be hectic. Whenever he spends time with his S/O he’d avoid going outside but rather stay at home and snuggle. Talking about their future, sharing daily experiences or watch a movie. Moments like that are the most appreciated because he bearly has any free time.

♡ Izuna Uchiha

Being Madara’s little brother, his duties are a bit cut off, meaning he has more free time. Spending time with him would be always a fun thing, including doing silly things. Such like pggyback rides, eating challenges, playing video games, pillow fighting or even dancing and singing in your room.

♡ Itachi Uchiha

Itachi loves to spend time with you and no matter what, he will find the time doing it. Usually most of the time you both would be cooking, creating and trying new dishesh. Usually he’s the better cook, so you’ld just have to sit there, assist him and glare evily… because, he’s like an Olympian cook! A real champion. After cooking comes and eating, so romantic homedates are something usual for him.

♡ Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke’s soul is adventurous. Whenever having to spend time with you, you’d be both traveling. Traveling to distand places, so he’d be able to forget about his responsibilities and enjoy being with you. Sightseeing, hiking, mountain climbing and all kind of sport activities would be included. Bringing snacks too.

♡ Obito Uchiha

Deeply caring for you, Obito most of the times would bring you out for a dinner. Restaurants and fast food, depending on your own mood. He’d always pay the bill and sometimes purachase way too much, which would lead to brining food home.

♡ Shisui Uchiha

Being with Shisui means fun. Or more like doing illegal things. Entering random home yards, riding the cart in the local magazine, trying to ride big dogs, makeing stupid bathroom selfies in front of the mirror and etc. Sometimes, things don’t turn out good and you might end up in the police. But hey, that’s the fun!

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If you had the chance to be a kid again, what would you do?

I would eat nothing but cake and pizza all day and walk around the apartment with no clothes on and play lots of video games and make pillow forts with the turtles! Oh wait, I already do all that stuff.