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akazukin-san  asked:

Hey! Could you draw Midna from Legend of Zelda with pallete number 13???? Thanks!

Hey ho, a request that’s not danganronpa~ ( ●`▽´● ) ง Challenge accepted ☆
(2 versions though they only differ in the headpiece and hair color lol)

Request box for the colour palette challenge is now closed.

*wheezing* This…this was truly a challenge…(;; ̄Д ̄)Hope you don’t mind that I half-assed the tribal markings (I was tired after the headpiece ( ̄▽ ̄;;)) 

Thanks for requesting! I had fun working on something outside of dr lololol

Ouma is next! (ಸ◞౪◟ಸ) Nishishi~

Part 2 of the medieval fantasy Pokemon world I dreamed the other day!

Blue earns her living through dance performances around the markets and inns. Smart and charming, she often slides her way between laws and escapes without a single scratch. Accompanying her are a Blastoise and Jigglypuff. The former stops creepy men (and cheated soldiers) from getting too close to her, and the latter sings for her dances. She doesn’t have a specialty weapon, but is used to improvising weapons out of anything she can lay her hands on. If necessary, the sash around her waist, made of the strongest Spinarak silk, can be used to strangle opponents. 

Yellow is an apprentice herbalist from Viridian. She was born with special healing powers that legends say only appear once every decade in a child of the Viridian Forest. However, her powers are still weak, so she chose to learn herblore from a physician while she continues training them. Yellow uses her abilities to help sick or injured Pokemon living in the wild, and as a result, some of them have chosen to follow her, including a Rattata, a Doduo, and an Omanyte. She uses a rod when she has no choice but to fight.

Again, if this were a video game, these two’d be the Dancer and Mage class respectively wwww