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New Super Soul Bros poster! This time it’s for their Camp Fangamer/Earthbound Bash show, so I got to do an Earthbound-themed poster. Good for me!

More info about the show here.

I like how I ended up drawing Ness in this one. He’s got a Charlie Brown hat on and little Charlie Brown finger nubs.

Thanks to melissakking for helping with the color.

And if you haven’t heard the Super Soul Bros yet, do yourself a favor! Here’s them performing “Your Name Please” from Earthbound.


Hey tamarinfrog! Time to rock out while inking like madsquids!!!


Japanese chiptune DJ Toriena getting people (and Pikachu) excited at tonight’s Wagado/Itazura/Nesin party in Aoyama!

Art to Music Music to Art Project 12 w/ Kelly Smith
  • Art to Music Music to Art Project 12 w/ Kelly Smith
  • Fat Bard

It’s time for round 2 with beatfist (Kelly Smith) of Capybara Games! For this round we sent Kelly some music and let her do the interpreting. We gave her something that evokes a carnival atmosphere, with a bit of the frightening aspects that can go with that when you’re a kid. Kelly did an awesome job interpreting it. In her words:

“I got a creepy carnival vibe from your music so I went with some carousel horses cuz most of them are pretty creepy looking.”

Yep. They’re creepy alright. Whose eyes are poking out of that crack? Now I can’t sleep.

video game and instrumental music that makes you feel like you’re floating amongst the cosmos| listen here

magicant+eight melodies:super smash bros 3ds | online menu:mario kart 8| 1am: animal crossing new leaf| luma: super mario galaxy| lapis’ tower: steven universe| space junk galaxy: super mario galaxy| space k.k: animal crossing new leaf| tube town: kirby’s epic yarn| world 5: super mario galaxy 2| milky way wishes: kirby super star| moonlit battlefield: steven universe| planet- anamanaguchi| comet observatory: super mario galaxy| victory star 2: kirby super star|