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could you do RFA +V and Saeran reacting to MC falling asleep on their shoulder? Thanks!💞

A/N I’m going to combine the two of these because of how similar they are! Thank you both for the requests <3 also, something that I discovered about having a writing blog is that you use ctrl + v a lot and I can’t not think about jihyun ;A; I’m the worst, minor trio later -mod cozy <3 p.s. this got long I’m SO sorry

- The two of you were out on a walk in the park! You were taking care of someone’s dog to earn extra money and yoosung decided to help out what a sweetie
- You guys completely forgot your original intention though and ended up staying pretty late because it was just so pleasant
- The two of you ended up getting dinner at one of those cute little kiosques that parks have and sat on a lil bench and the dog laid down next to it
- Honestly the whole scene was so k-drama esque y’all are eating and chatting and laughing and just being overall cuties
- There’s a slight lull in the conversation and a comfortable silence ensues
- You lean your head on his shoulder and he’s immediately all kinds of red
- “M-MC.. What are you..?!” this stuttering mess finally realizes you’ve fallen asleep and calms down a little
- His blush fades to a light pink and he’s grinning and facing forward because if he looks at you he knows he’ll be red all over again
- You two sit like that until the streetlights come on and then he wakes you
- Absolutely melts at your tired face like he’s actually weak-kneed
- Tries to be big and strong and knightly and offers to carry you on his back to your apartment
- He’s not actually big and strong and knightly so he’s all wobbly and the two of you are laughing like idiots
- You guys are still all giggly when you return to your apartment, the dog walks inside when you open the door and turn to face yoosung
- “We should do this again MC.” He smiles the world’s brightest and most genuine smile and leans in to kiss you without thinking
- It was honestly the quickest kiss in the world, hardly anything more than you’d give a family member but you closed the door in shock as he walked away, it wasn’t like yoosung to be so bold??
- Meanwhile the poor boy just realized what happened
- He’s freaking the fuck out; should he apologize? Or like, keep walking? Hope you forget? Act like it was on purpose????
- Takes you out more often as an apology
- You are very okay with this

- You two were doing some taste testing for café recipes since you were set to open in a few weeks!
- Your relationship had just been friendship thus far *cough* give baehee another  MORE romantic ending *cough* but poor jaehee found herself with feelings for you
- Which made coming up with recipes very difficult because it isn’t often finds herself having feelings for someone
- At one point, after roughly 13 cups of coffee and like, a million different pastries, the caffeine and sugar had finally gotten to you and honestly, it started to affect jaehee as well despite her being entirely made of caffeine
- The both of you were at a loss, you still had to come up with lattes, teas, and cold drinks but neither of you possessed the ability to think
- Jaehee sat with her tongue stuck out adorably in concentration, looking down into an empty coffee mug as if it held the answer to your current predicament
- You leaned forward and smeared a little bit of icing on her nose
- “MC! What was that f-“ you cut her off with a giggle
- She playfully rolled her eyes and wiped some of the icing off of her own face, smearing it on your cheek, thus ensues a full blown icing war
- The both of you finally cleaned up and came down from your caffeine high when the sun started to go down
- She invited you to stay the night with her and you agreed duh so you two settled down on the couch to watch a movie
- Halfway through said movie she felt a slight weight on her shoulder and turned to find you asleep
- Waits for the scene to be over before carefully getting up to get you a blanket
- Gives you a little loving kiss on the forehead before shutting the lights off and sleeping in the armchair next to you
- You staying over became a regular thing from then on

- He had been complaining for the past few weeks about you working too much
- Which, you had been in all fairness
- So he organized for you guys to go to a play together! No, not one of his
- Surprised you with the tickets
- “Zen I, I really can’t I still have to-“
- “Just one night MC, please? You need a break” Okay but how could you resist THAT face
- “Okay, fine, it’s a date.” You gave in
- “I m-mean well, I um didn’t mean it as a date or anything but like I uh..” was THE charming and smooth zen stuttering?
- Must be your imagination smh he’d NEVER
- “I’ll pick you up at six” he scratched the back of his head with a wink and left, tripping over his feet
- He’s calmed down and returned to White Knight Zen™ by the time he’d come to pick you up but seeing you dressed up undid that pretty quickly
- Still manages to pull it together and the two of you head out(!)
- You have orchestra seating this boy’s got connections my dudes
- Unfortunately,
- Lots of work
- Means not-lots of sleep oh no
- So around a quarter of the way into the show it was a pretty slow and quiet scene and despite your best efforts, you ended up falling asleep on Zen’s shoulder
- He jumped a little and turned to find you asleep
- A soft smile graced his features and he brushed a piece of hair out of your face
- “Fuck, I love you” he sighed cheesy I know, mod cozy but so is zen
- Immediately got a few angered shushs from the people sitting next to you but didn’t really care what a rebel
- He’ll work up the courage to tell you that when you wake up I promise

- You had a sucky day tbh,
- You got like, zero sleep because there was a shitty storm the night before
- Your fucked up a project you had been working on in your place of work by spilling tea all over it
- You had encountered some less than savory people in line for said tea this morning who thought it’d be funny to “accidentally” spill their drink on you
- And on top of that, your car broke down and it was raining
- Shit man
- Who else would you call in this situation but Mr. Han himself and driver Kim
- You got a little bit of ranting done while you were on the phone with Jumin so he knew what a shit day you were having and wanted to make ya happy awwe
- What you did expect was some sort of limo or something even though you assured him you didn’t need it
- What you didn’t expect was jumin IN the limo
- The two of you complained about everything and nothing and it was so destressing for both parties
- At some point, you both fell into a comfortable silence and just listened to the radio music. Classical, of course it’s jumin
- Classical music is usually pretty chill if you didn’t know
- With the combination of that and your lack of sleep it wasn’t long before you were dozing off on his shoulder
- He actually smiled???? What???
- I’m also kind of hesitant about writing this
-  I think he’d pull an architecture 101 and give you a little smooch while you’re asleep because poor boy can’t help himself

- Game night!!!
- If you don’t think 707 would invite you over to play games and be idiots
- You would be wrong
- This is such a common occurrence honestly last time you two tried to make honey buddha ice-cream and ended up breaking a countertop no joke
- It makes a hell of a story though
- So you always come prepped!!
- Tons of snacks!!
- All of the best two player competitive video games!!
- Longcat monopoly!! yes this is a thing I’m sure of it it’s a collectible
- Seven won most of the time BUT you managed to shake a phd pepper can and spray him with it which distracted him long enough for you to win a round or two ;)
- Rip saeyoung’s couch
- At some point he left to change bc he was all covered in soda
- When he came back you were asleep on the couch (sugar crash)
- He smiled and looked at you for a second before running to grab a marker
- You now have cat whiskers oops
- Also drew a little heart on your collarbone and wrote “saeyoung was here” next to it just so when you woke up he could say it was a “love mark ;)” what a dork
- Ended up crashing right next to you on the couch awwwe


The 3 Biggest Myths Blinding Us to the Economic Truth

1. The “job creators” are CEOs, corporations, and the rich, whose taxes must be low in order to induce them to create more jobs. Rubbish. The real job creators are the vast middle class and the poor, whose spending induces businesses to create jobs. Which is why raising the minimum wage, extending overtime protection, enlarging the Earned Income Tax Credit, and reducing middle-class taxes are all necessary.

2. The critical choice is between the “free market” or “government.” Baloney. The free market doesn’t exist in nature. It’s created and enforced by government. And all the ongoing decisions about how it’s organized – what gets patent protection and for how long (the human genome?), who can declare bankruptcy (corporations? homeowners? student debtors?), what contracts are fraudulent (insider trading?) or coercive (predatory loans? mandatory arbitration?), and how much market power is excessive (Comcast and Time Warner?) – depend on government.

3. We should worry most about the size of government. Wrong. We should worry about who government is for. When big money from giant corporations and Wall Street inundate our politics, all decisions relating to #1 and #2 above become rigged against average working Americans.

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31 Amazing Board Game Feelings featuring Monopoly, Sorry, Jenga, Catan, Operation, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Dominion, Connect 4, Clue, Mall Madness, and pretty much everything else.

i just wanna be domestic with michael clifford. cheesy shit like cooking dinner together, watching movies together, going food shopping together, going to the beach together, meeting up with his or my family on weekends, hanging out with each other’s friends, beating each other up over video games and monopoly. holy shit i’m so sad, someone get me michael asap