video game kid

Here goes another shitty clickbait countdown video that I’m not going to watch. How dare it try to tell me what video game moments scared me as a kid. There’s only one video game moment that ever scared me, and it’s most certainly not on this list. I was playing with Mario’s face in Mario 64 when my dad comes into the room and looks me dead in the eyes, as serious as can be. I thought I was in trouble. He said “You’re hurting Mario! You’re making Mario’s face melt!” Then he just started screaming. I was like six and didn’t know what was going on, so I just started screaming too. I looked at the screen, and Mario’s mouth is open and he’s fucking screaming.

My mom walked into the room wondering why the fuck everyone is screaming. She’s like, “Why the fuck is everyone screaming?” Then my dad looks at her and he has Mario’s face, and she starts screaming. None of this stuff really happened, so of course it wouldn’t be on the list. The one thing that scared me in video games as a kid was when you would play Crash Bandicoot and crash would tell you to go fuck yourself. Thank you for reading this post.