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Job’s done at last and the adorkable dorks can finally have that drink. Happy Halloween, everyone! I wish I could flush this out some more, but the Halloween deadline crept up.

I still wish Jesse had a Halloween skin…

Hanzo Shimada/Jesse McCree/Overwatch © Blizzard Entertainment
Art © ramida-r



  • Name: Kit
  • Nicknames: Kulu/idiot/Panda-Devil
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2*
  • Species: ….
  • Class: Hacker
  • Type Blood: AB

Personality: personality is complex. Going by the differences in the way he conducts himself when speaking to others and the way he speaks in his own head or when he’s alone, it seems like his way of being so creepy and enigmatic may just be a facade to put people off or conceal his thoughts. 

He just likes practical jokes and often takes them too far.

Atk- ….
Def- 70
Hp- 40[srsly?]
Lvl- 50->60

Weapons: His Lab is a weapons, hacking

[ He doesn’t like join fight spmetimes. that’s all/ too lazy]

VG idea by @blogthegreatrouge [ i should join too X’D ] 

HELLO.  LOOK AT MY NEW DAUGHTER!! shes super smart, rich in melanin, BEAUTIFUL,… i love her!! i just wanna see her grow up!! Thank you blizzard gb