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Now with a counterpart featuring her sister, the we-have-no-idea-if-she’s-kidnapped-or-a-traitor-but-we-love-her-anyway Callie.

Mostly improvised since we have no idea what she looks like thanks to the wonderful world of silhouette reveals.


dj-bayeux-tapestry  asked:

Okay, I've never heard anyone put FFX-2 on a best JRPGs list - all I really know about it is that Yuna has a gun and is also part of an idol group with Rikku, which hasn't exactly made it something I'm jazzed to try.

(With reference to this post here.)

Dude, Final Fantasy X-2 is basically the direct inspiration for Costume Fairy Adventures - I couldn’t not name-check it.

(Also, neither of those are strictly true. Final Fantasy X-2 reintroduces Final Fantasy V-style job classes; Yuna starts out in the Gunner class by default, but you can make her pretty much anything you want - you can even swap classes mid combat. Also, while Yuna’s gang is definitely deliberately invoking the aesthetics of an idol group, they’re actually treasure hunters. The video you’ve probably seen of Yuna performing at a pop concert is villainous impersonator.)

dj-bayeux-tapestry  asked:

I'm gonna go broad: what's your single favorite JRPG?

Okay. I’m going to impose a couple of constraints to narrow the field:

1. It has to be an English localisation of a game by a Japanese developer. No “JRPG style” games from Western developers, no licensed spin-offs developed by American studios, no titles that are only available in Japan.

2. It has to be available for the PC via legitimate channels. No console exclusives, no third-party emulators, no fan-translated romhacks.

Those two requirements in mind, I’d have to give it to Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. The worldbuilding is fantastic, the combat mechanics are exactly the right kind of crunchy, and the English localisation is hands down one of the best I’ve ever seen - the characters actually talk like real people, and even most of the jokes and wordplay manage to come across in a natural-sounding way. It’s just a really impressive piece of work.

(Close runners-up in no particular order include Final Fantasy X-2, Fortune Summoners, Helen’s Mysterious Castle, Recettear and Ys Origin. A couple of those are 75% off right now if you’re looking to start a collection.)

EDIT: And while I know you meant my favourite video-game-type JRPG, I’m going to throw in my favourite tabletop JRPG just for the heck of it: Ryuutama. Picture Oregon Trail as interpreted by Studio Ghibli. It’s very cute!