video game cupcakes

If you’re up this late on the internet, chances are you might play video games. If our blind assumption is correct, we’ve got just the thing for you:

I grabbed these handheld LCD Simpsons games this week and I’m blown away by how damn charming they are. They were released by Acclaim in 1989. I love Simpsons merch from this era because they show was so young and they didn’t have the brand totally figured out yet. The premise of the games is so bizarre and the little drawings are all quirky and off model. Total eye candy.


Finally yes!
(click for HQ!)(My art sucks)

This is my first Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fancomic. I always wanted to draw the fancomics but I was too scared to attempt. However, I finally managed to draw this as a gift for a friend which I cannot give in another long year excuse. Or else I would seem like the biggest jerk of the year to myself. 


I suck at playing video games. 

Book photo challenge: Currently reading

I’ve only just started reading Armada by Ernest Cline. Yes, that is a proof copy. Yes, you’re allowed to be jealous.