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He didn’t think you’ll be getting out alive, he was scared but he had to be brave.He had to do this for you even if he thought you’ll both be dead. Closing his eyes he grasped your hand tightly as his heart slammed in his chest. “Brooke’ I gotta tell you something, I know I may look like some player but. Since we might die and everything I just, I gotta tell you that I love you”

Okay, realtalk. I really admire Seiko. I know how hard it is to actually love someone you aren’t supposed to love the way you want to because I experienced it once in my life, only once and it wasn’t fun, I tell you.

Her more-than-friends love for Naomi is just so… natural for me, y'know? Made me feel sad for Seiko when Naomi just… ran away crying. The “I’d marry you if I could” line hit me so hard. She wants to stay with her forever but she’s well aware that it isn’t possible. And god, that hurts me so much.