video game clothes baby

when i’m asleep in your arms

Malia blamed her raging hormones on her unrelenting urge to punch Stiles in the gut.

Just a mere six months ago, Malia could sleep through the night without any disturbances (minus the occasional jab from one of Stiles’ long limbs). Now, she had a baby kicking at her bladder every fifteen minutes without taking into consideration if Malia got any rest. All she was asking for at this point was some peace and quiet in her apartment so she could take a light nap before Lydia and Kira dragged her to the mall for some shopping for baby clothes. But it was Video Game Wednesday, which meant Stiles was in the living room, screaming at Scott through a headset for hours without stopping. Malia, to say the least, wasn’t very pleased.

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Candy's preggers.

Done by request! Coincidentally enough, my boyfriend’s brother knocked his fiancee up. I would say “congrats,” but they were just being stupid.

(I fixed it, okay?! It’s positive now! POSITIVE!)



(You’ll have to take responsibility sometime, you bastard!)



Then he would probably be like, “I’m gonna raise the best gamer ever!” and would then Google “video game baby clothes.”


Well… That didn’t take long. I still need to waste an hour and a half…