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Friday, the holy day of the week for students. Once that clock hit 3:00, the door flew open and the weekend begun. How were you spending the evening? Wearing your most comfortable clothes and letting your boyfriend teach you the art of video gaming.

Archie took the chair while you lay flat on your stomach on his bed, playing some shooter game that he insisted would be easy. Well, you had died 3 times and accidentally shot Archie’s character who was on your team. Let’s just say it wasn’t the best start.

Fiddling with the controls you were trying to get use to having to hit several buttons at once. “You’re going the wrong way! Go left”. Archie instructed, however it was too late as you’d been already defeated. “Oh, c'mon”. He placed the controller down.

“Hey, I told you I suck at video games. Plus you did say you’d teach me, and sorry to say Archie but your not a very good teacher”. Putting down your own controller, you turned so this time you were laying on your back.

Suddenly, Archie hovered over. “I’m a fantastic teacher, you just refuse to listen”.

“Saying you’re going the wrong way is not helpful advice”. Poking your tongue out, he begun tickling your sides.

Squirming underneath him, you couldn’t stop laughing. “Okay, okay, please stop”. He did and you watched as he grabbed all the pillows that were currently in his room, mostly just 2, and set them on the floor.

Wiggling to find a comfortable position, Archie patted the spot in between legs. Leaning against his muscular chest, he grabbed one controller and restarted the game.

“You aren’t playing?”. Asking him.

Archie’s hands laid on top of yours. “I’m going to teach my girl how to play”.

Everyone in this town you and Archie were dating, but that still didn’t stop him from calling you “his girl”. Most thought it was just Archie’s way of being possessive or territorial, but you never thought that for a second. It was Archie’s way of telling everyone he was proud and not at all shy, to tell people both of you were happily taken.

Making a left turn, shooting the guy in sight you retreated the flag. “I did it!”. Exclaiming excitedly.

Archie chuckled at your sheer excitement over a video game. “And who was the fantastic teacher that taught you how to play?”. 

“It was you. Happy now?”. Knowing full well he wouldn’t let it go, unless you praised him for his awesome teaching skills.

“Almost”, he kissed your cheek and turning around to make it easier, Archie’s lips meet yours. “Now, I’m happy”.

The rest of the evening, gradually, you learned the in’s and out’s of videoing gaming. And each time you were successful, Archie gave an encouraging victory kiss.



Reasons to Love AmazingPhil

#146: He has such a unique approach to things.

(ok seriously though, how true is his description here!)

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buttonfanatic  asked:

The video game chair story is that when i was probably 3 or 4 i had perched myself on the very top of a video game chair to watch my mother play harvest moon on the gamecube but she wasnt aware i was there, she had leaned forward to shut the console off and then leaned back in the chair but the rate she did it caused me to be thrown backwards into the wall which broke my arm. I told everyone "my mommy broke my arm" to which my mother had to explain (im still surprised cps wasnt called)

First of all- Harvest Moon is my fucking shit so hell yea! But, how did your mom not notice your tiny little body casually perched at the top of her chair!? 

I Like You

Happy New Year!! I wrote a New Year-themed Baekhyun scenario today, as a special present to all you lovely readers! I hope you enjoy it. ^-^

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     The room was fairly dim, only lit by colored Christmas lights that no one had bothered to take down after last week’s Christmas party. A lopsided banner hanging up on one side of the room read “Happy New Year!” to remind you why you had come to this party in the first place, since with the blaring music and the milling party-goers in a refreshing variety of either Drunk or Completely Plastered, you kept seeming to forget.

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buttonfanatic  asked:

The only injuries I regularly got as a kid were concussions from falling down the stairs a lot (and i broke my arm a few times like when i was launched off the back of a video game chair or that one time in church). I fell down the stairs so often that my brother put piles of pillows, blankets, and clothes at the bottom of the stairs to try to break my fall, and anytime he noticed me walking down he's drop what he was doing to walk down too ready to catch me if i slipped

Okay I need to know the video game chair story! And, about out to your bro for watching out for you, lol. Mine would laugh honestly.