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I'm so excited about Missing Kings stage play. Yukari~!!! Eeeeee!!! I know its wishful thinking but since theater has been so popular, imagine a Gakuen K stage play! Homra school armbands and cute dog strain wrangling.

A Gakuen K stage play would be beautiful. Actually I don’t want a Gakuen K stage play, I want a glorious Gakuen K stage musical, complete with ridiculous songs because honestly Gakuen K deserves all the crack they can pour onto it (and hey Idol K was apparently popular enough that people were disappointed there wasn’t a segment after the MK stage play, so the cast singing can only be a plus). Like please just imagine the stage play starting with Kuroh singing a song of longing as he enrolls in school, which then leads into Shiro telling him about all the different clubs while also singing and in the background the Red and Blue (and Green!) clubs pose against appropriately-colored light backdrops. Munakata’s pose involves pushing up his glasses while Fushimi tries to escape offstage during the posing part and has to be dragged back. The Red club’s pose involves Anna standing on at least two members with her arms crossed and a cigarette in her mouth. Then Kuroh’s journey to find the right club begins and the Strain shenanigans can be interlaced with that, like the dog who makes people naked runs by and the S4 alphabet squad gets to sing a song while in various states of undress. The segment ends with Kuroh being arrested like in the chapter and then we get the Homra guys singing a prison song while they all wait for their release. Later in the play Niki shows up and gets his own villain song which is interspersed with a slide show of embarrassing tiny Saru moments. Also the entire theater chapter from the manga gets completely recreated for the stage, so we get Yatarella (complete with musical accompaniment of course) and whichever brave soul plays Munakata gets to play All the Roles as he and Fushimi put on their own play and it would be magical, someone make this be a thing.


Reasons to Love AmazingPhil

#146: He has such a unique approach to things.

(ok seriously though, how true is his description here!)

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I’m posting a new fic tomorrow, but here’s a little preview of it tonight:

Simon leaned back on the small couch in the Eisner basement and pulled his phone closer to his face. Creeksecrets post-graduation was always filled with a fun combination of sappy memoirs and don’t-give-a-fuck goodbyes, and Simon was addicted. A notification appeared from Morgan in their group chat, but Simon ignored it. He scrolled, half absorbing the words on his phone, and half paying attention to the carnage being created on the TV screen in front of him by his two best friends.

The sliding glass door to the basement opened, and Simon glanced up.

“What the heck? We’re leaving in two days and I know at least two of you haven’t started packing.” Abby crossed her arms over her chest. “Babe, I am not helping you tomorrow night.”

There was silence from the two video game chairs, so Abby rolled her eyes and crossed the room to sit next to Simon. “Unbelievable,” Abby said. “It’s like I’m invisible.”

Simon threw his arm over Abby’s shoulder and pulled her into a sideways hug. “Wanna help me pack instead?”

Abby scoffed at him. “You’re not any better. I bet you haven’t closed Tumblr since last night, have you?”

“Aw, fuck!” Simon looked over to where Leah dropped her controller and Nick let his head fall back on his gaming chair.

“We were so close,” Nick said as he stood and stretched. He looked over to the couch. “Oh, hey Abby.”

Leah sat up. “Hey! When did you get here?” She stood up too.

Abby looked at Simon with an expression she definitely picked up from Leah. “Un-be-lievable,” she said, pronouncing every syllable.

Leah crossed the room and leaned down in front of Abby. “I’m sorry,” she said softly. She was normally so guarded, but now she had a small, apologetic smile just for Abby. Simon secretly loved seeing Leah when she was around Abby. Abby pretended to be mad for half a second, until she gave in and sat up to kiss Leah. Simon laughed at the exchange.

…I could pay up to $300,000 all at once depending on results of a review of my current situation (which I do not have as my money has most all been invested in business/videos). I wish I could go in depth, my patrons are well aware as they have access to exclusive videos, but that is all I will say.


WELL GREG! Maybe if you didn’t claim everything as a business expense on your taxes, you wouldn’t be in this mess! You are still making $5,000+ a month and you are saying you are going to need to go bankrupt? Maybe if you were a more genuine person - Ex: claiming your bathroom, your children’s rooms, and your dungeon as business expenses. Cheating the IRS is a bad idea; you should know as you’ve done in before and were caught when you tried to claim your divorce as a business expense, and owed $150,000 to the IRS. Plus, the $300,000 is the amount of returns you received in the past for the fraudulent things you claimed that they want back, you had that money. Where did it all go? Your two Teslas, the several houses you had outside of the one you live in, the money it took to bring Billie, Sarah, and Beck to your house, all your video game consoles, your vibrating chair, your fish that you keep letting die because you won’t clean the tank, or how about all the other crap you waste your money on? Also, if you are going to claim shit, at least record every little thing accurately, so that you have evidence.