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ayyyyee, a little thing I did for the @ygoreanimate​ project! x
I did phui’s suggestion on inserting cameos for the bg characters haha

So you’re not quite Bruce Willis. So what? You’re used to that. But here’s where things really went off the rails. Delays, complications, and even a cancellation plagued the project. Activision originally intended for Bruce to play a sidekick – he was meant to run along next to you, the game’s real star, and deliver quips as he helped you kill bad guys. But, predictably, at some point during the chaotic development he was bumped up to lead.

Unfortunately, they only had audio recordings of Bruce Willis saying silly murder quips. There was no way to build a story out of a pile of absurd one-liners, right? Well, yes. You’re exactly right, and that’s why the results are completely absurd. Bruce Willis hardly ever talks unless it’s to awkwardly open a barely-relevant one-liner. He sadistically laughs at his own slayings and talks to himself like a lunatic. “OPEN UP A CAN OF WHOOP-ASS! THAT LAST STEP’S A DOOZY!!!”

It comes across as a mean-spirited parody of an action hero starring the man who helped define that archetype. It’s singularly bizarre, and we’ll never see anything like it until they get Bruce Willis to star in his own Die Hard porn parody.

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So since I’m a super nerd and I’m starting to get slightly addicted to Miraculous, I spent some time checking out the robots our main characters are able to choose in the latest episode game : “Ultimate Mega Strike III”, and I couldn’t help to notice a few cameos. Here they are for you, Miraculers and nerds alike :

EDIT : Just added a chart to be clearer, there you go :

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