video game cakes

It’s Kirby’s 25th anniversary this year! Happy birthday, ya lil pink puffball.

This’ll be available as a print at Too Many Games, SPX, and Baltimore Comic Con this year!

This Resident Evil cake, (yes, it’s a cake!) is the work of British baker and cake decorator Karen Mitchell, and it’s fucking awesome.

Before today, never in my life did I ever think I would want to eat Nemesis. 😎


Hahaha I’m so weak! I saw these miniature bunt cake pans at the store & promptly made Tamriel Sweet Rolls at home.
(Used a bananabread recipe but I left out the nuts & replaced the mashed banana with pureed apricots … cuz color, & why not?)
Ya, they don’t look exact, but oh well, it was fun!


Ori and the Blind Forest inspired wedding cake from this weekend. Complete with hand crafted sugar flowers and LED string lights that really made it shine ☄


 (GTA/FAHC) Ray Stim Board

Art credit goes to the wonderful @sothisissinning (@laconicghost ) and a special thanks for letting me use their art!

Made for anon.

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