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Introducing: The Simple PokeNumber Generator

Ever find yourself with no clue what to draw or uncertainty about what team to train next? If so, download the Simple PokeNumber Generator today! Simple tap on the regions and forms you wish to include and press the pokeball to get a random pokemon name. Making up your mind has never been so easy!

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Freedom Team is a homophobic propaganda app from the No Campaign that gives you points for door knocking and encouraging people to vote no in the plebiscite. I created a fake account called “Steve Smoth” and have been GPS spoofing it from my bedroom while watching Netflix to “visit” people’s houses (it has a list of addresses and when you visit them they get removed from the list). It’s not taken much time and I’m already ranked #1 homophobe of all of WA. I have the most AP (asshole points). If someone’s going to make a shitty video game esque app to try and ruin people’s lives I might as well demonstrate how fucking good I am at video games you homophobic fucks.