video game ambassador


The last roundup of Beta Stage Character Designs for ‘By Order of the Leader’ by Zeroth Entertainment.  Next round of designs will be the finals meaning they will be incorporated into the game itself. So exciting!

Not gonna bother with lengthy character descriptions at this point, but we have:
- The Lower Class: The strong, smelly backbone of your beloved country.
- The Upper Class: Sickeningly Opulent Citizens.
- The Media: Beloved whistleblowers who are fed up with their jobs.
- The Military: Trained Socio/Psycopathic Patriots with a ton of funding.
- Yakyakian Ambassador: Leader of the Yakyakian people, very serious.
- The Yakyakians: The sworn enemies of your country. Very friendly vikings.
- Bob: The sole member of your country’s middle class.
- The Puppet Leader: A puppet of your boss has gained sentience and now leads a splinter cell to overthrow the government.