Hyungwon scenario requested by ghvvstly
Word count: 835
Genre: Fluff
Author’s note: I hope you find this enjoyable! It’s my first time writing a Hyungwon-centered piece so I hope it turns out well. I tried to make this short and sweet.

Sundays were always spent with each other.
It was an unspoken rule between the two of you and Hyungwon would always show up at your door half at past ten, usually dressed in baggy sweats with his hair unstyled. At this time, your sheets would have just finished drying from the night before, and you would fluff them out together. The smell of flowery softener would waft through the room and you would end up wrapped in fresh sheets with the cool plastic of game controllers grasped in your palm. Today was just like the rest, with your legs folded underneath you, and your fingers smashing buttons in combos. Hyungwon always choose Sub-Zero and you always chose Kitana to square off against your other half in Mortal Kombat. You had a tendency to lose, but no matter how many times you were defeated, you refused to acknowledge it. Hyungwon always would this quite funny and cute, but you would never hear him say it aloud. Down, back twice. You thought to yourself, moving your fingers as fast as you could to execute a Rising Fan move. Blocked. A scoff escaped your lips, your muscles tensing as you rejected the option of giving in. Down, forward. Blocked. Back, forward, forward, forward. Blocked. How is he so good at this? You bit your lip as you thought, watching your health diminishing steadily on the screen in front of you as Hyungwon continued to land hits on you. By the time you had gotten ready to start another combo, the bright red letters appeared. Fatality.
“I let you win.” You huffed, turning your head away from Hyungwon as you set (threw) the controller down.
“Quit throwing a tantrum, you’ve gotten better since we played last time. Have you been practicing?” Hyungwon murmured, voice still thick with sleep as he attempted to comfort you. The fact that he had figured out that you had practiced on your own got on your nerves more than anything. You stalked away from him, pouting as you curled up on your bed to mourn the death of your character.
“Are you sulking? Should I make you feel better?” He whispered, sitting himself on the edge of your bed as he stroked your hair delicately. You ignored him easily, although reveling in the calming feeling of his hands. His face was still a little puffy from sleep and you could spell the toothpaste on his breath. You were sure you probably were the same, wearing a big t-shirt he had left at your house a few weeks before and some exercising shorts.
“Should I try to do aegyo?” He asked softly, causing you to open one eye to look at him skeptically.
“Is that your way of saying it’s a bad idea?” Hyungwon mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck as he continued to brainstorm.
“Maybe I should do this?” He asked quietly without giving an explanation, causing you to quirk an eyebrow as his hands inched closer. Before you could put up a fight, long fingers were digging into your sides and causing your legs to thrash while laughter was forced out of your chest. It was  a hot feeling as it bubbled up out of your stomach, your body flopping around in desperation for freedom.
“H-Hyungwon, seriously!” You stuttered through laughter as he continued to run his hands over your sides. You brought your knees up to your chest in order to protect yourself, bumping into Hyungwon’s face as you did so. You gave a sharp intake of breath, instantly leaning forward toward his face to assess the damage as his fingers withdrew from your sides.
“Are you bleeding? Does it hurt? Do I need to get the first aid?” You asked worriedly, eyebrows draw together as your tried to pry his hands away from his face. Hyungwon hesitantly lowered them per your request, which caused your eyebrows to furrow while you looked for a cut on his lip or any sign of blood. You grew closer, tightening your grip around his chin to steady his lips in front of you, when they met your own. Blood rushed to your ears within seconds, your eyes fluttering closed as you kissed back momentarily. At least, before you realized that was his intent from the start. You pulled away quickly, hiding your face in embarrassment from your foolishness.
“I can’t believe I just fell for that.” You fretted, smacking him on the chest gently.
“I can’t believe you lost to me in Mortal Kombat again.” Hyungwon smirked, a smug look on his face that quickly changed to terror when you grabbed a pillow from behind you.

“Chae Hyungwon, do you want to die?” You growled, watching him scramble to his feet and sprint out of the room as you chased after him.

How can a mortal kill a god?

Okay, I know this is cheating, asking for help like this straight out, but…
How can a mortal defeat an immortal god that can’t be harmed by *physical* force? And no copouts like a magical weapon or “celestial metals?” Do you guys know of any myths, novels, or tales that involves something like this?
I’m think either magic incantations/spell/blasts, destroying their place(s) or item(s) of power, or…. any thoughts?