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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Mamamoo Trans 2 Youtube Channel Has Been Terminated

Hello, everyone.

As MMMTrans2 has been terminated, we have created MMMTrans3 where we will upload any FUTURE videos that are suitable for Youtube.

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We will NOT be re-uploading any older videos onto Youtube. In times like these it is great that we have our index which has alternative links for every video.

Mamamoo Trans Video Index:

Because it seems every YT channel we create will eventually be terminated for copyright reasons, we have decided that we will allow others to re-upload any videos to YT we haven’t uploaded ourselves on MMMTrans3.

All we ask is that you leave our credits/logo on the video and if you want to be really cool, link our video index in the description so people can find all our other subbed MMM videos.

We think this is the best way to keep MMM subbed content on Youtube.

Thank you!

Mamamoo Trans Owner/Cooridnator


The Official International Trailer for Baby Driver. This one is even more dynamic!


Wynonna Earp Crack 1 by DrRedRose8


“Aha! I carrot believe this was up here this whole time!”

me discovering hippo campus

me: *looking for concerts to go to*
me: oh who’s hippo campus…. maybe they’d be good and I’d wanna go to their show
me: *plays one song by them for like 5 seconds*
me: *dedicates my entire life to them since that moment*


En El Corazon De La Copa rewatch   The one where Isco can’t keep his hands off Alvaro 

iamsharkchild  asked:

Ok I love the reason you put for why you started this blog "got mad at Discovery Channel" I mean same, sharks on TV are never... right they're always horrible it sucks

God I know right? 

shark: [exists]


Every once in a while I find a nature doc that isn’t entirely like that. From a sci comm and filmmaking perspective, I can see how it may be hard to make an attention-grabbing, interest-holding doc without playing to the fact that sharks are awesome predators. And for the “general public”, that’s the only exciting, interesting thing about them. But even so, I wish there were more docs that tried to pay a little more attention to other aspects of sharks. What about those mysterious mating habits? (If memory serves, I’ve only seen a few youtube videos/docs that put the spotlight on that). 

But honestly I can handle a certain amount of that stuff. Sometimes I even like it (I mean, they are awesome predators, and geeking out over that is fun). The only thing I really have a big problem with is misinformation. 

P.S. I’m so sorry! I started to answer this right away, but then I put it in my drafts and forgot about it.


Forget what I said beforreeee the extended trailer is glorious! 

gion-lady’s .:Geiko and Maiko Video Documentary Masterpost!:.

Here are some great informational videos and mini-docs on Kyoto Maiko and Geiko! Enjoy!

  1. Seasoning the Seasons: The Enigmatic Entertainers of Gion (28 min)
  2. BBC Geisha Girl (Geiko Kikuyu’s Story)
  3. NHK Japanology+Plus: Geiko and Maiko
  4. Hello-Nippon: Maiko + Asobi games
  5. A Day in the Life of a Geisha ft. Geiko Miehina!
  6. Kyoto, Miyagawa-Cho Mini-Doc ft. Maiko Fukunae!
  7. Full 30 min. footage of a Maiko painting her face
  8. 2011 Gion Odori: Maple Dance footage
  9. Japanology+Plus: Through the Eyes of a Geisha (Tokyo Geisha)
  10. 2015 143rd Miyako Odori footage
  11. Real Geisha, Real Women Documentary ft. Geiko Miehina (53 min)
  12. Beautiful 1935 Footage of Geiko dressing and make-up!
  13. Geisha vs. Oiran: What’s the Difference?
  14. Maiko of Kamichishiken ft. Katsue and Katsuya
  15. Core Kyoto: History of Geisha mini-doc (28 min)
  16. Geisha Entertainment at the Hatanaka Restaurant in Kyoto (24 min)
  17. The Arts of Kyoto (more about traditional experiences in Kyoto)
  18. 2014 Maiko Korin and Geiko Miehina perform Hagikikyou
  19. Geisha, Flowers of Kyoto (beautiful footage of Maiko and Geiko throughout Kyoto!)
  20. Differences Between Geiko and Maiko ft. Geiko Miehina!
  21. Konpira, Fune Fune! Geisha Asobi Games ft. Geiko Miehina!
  22. Beautiful Kyoto: Being a Maiko ft. Maiko Fukunae!
  23. Gion Matsuri in HD
  24. Experience Japan with Yuka: How to Meet a Geiko!

Please take most of these videos with a grain of salt; many of them are translated from Japanese to English, and some of them no doubt mistranslate what the Geiko say. Use these videos as a springboard for learning more! There’s a lot of ins and outs in this subject, and it’s tricky to find authentic and accurate information about Geisha. Always think critically and have fun!

Follow @gion-lady for more Geiko and Maiko!