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Crab Nebula in technicolor! This new composite view combines data from five different telescopes, showing the celestial object in multiple kinds of light.

The video starts with a composite image of the Crab Nebula, a supernova remnant that was assembled by combining data from five telescopes spanning nearly the entire breadth of the electromagnetic spectrum: the Very Large Array, the Spitzer Space Telescope, the Hubble Space Telescope, the XMM-Newton Observatory, and the Chandra X-ray Observatory. 

It then dissolves to the red-colored radio-light view that shows how a neutron star’s fierce “wind” of charged particles from the central neutron star energized the nebula, causing it to emit the radio waves. 

The yellow-colored infrared image includes the glow of dust particles absorbing ultraviolet and visible light. 

The green-colored Hubble visible-light image offers a very sharp view of hot filamentary structures that permeate this nebula. 

The blue-colored ultraviolet image and the purple-colored X-ray image shows the effect of an energetic cloud of electrons driven by a rapidly rotating neutron star at the center of the nebula.

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OC Redesign Speedpaint

Process Speedpaint for the “CORE” redraw from the other day!

Since the drawing itself took a fair while to get done, there was a lot of raw footage to compress, so it took aaaaages. Not that I’m complaining though, these videos are always so satisfying to make :D

[Go fullscreen for a more detailed view!]

[Audio]   //    MORE ART ON MY DA (<-link in my blog header)


Composite video of the MIlky Way over Mt. Baker, Oregon

why do people get to upset about animation memes and act all High and Mighty for hating them or not doing them like i get they can be a bit repetitive but like?? who the fuck cares??

“they’re lazy! they’re just the same animation with different characters!” u realize that’s like. what a lot of animation practices are. right. animation memes are pretty much like the simplified version of walk cycle exercises or working on lip syncing as practice they’re great for learning fluidity and timing and even a lot of the time composition and video editing and colouring. not to mention following guidelines for projects and taking on limitations which in itself can be a huge skill to work on. i get seeing the same meme over and over again might be tiring but get off ur own dick it’s people having fun and gaining actual necessary practice and experience so shut uppppp


I synced Chris Pratt rapping to Forgot About Dre with the actual beat


Old CGA laptops and monochrome TV output

When I tried a composite video output on my Bondwell Model 8 for the first time I was disappointed that there were no colors in the picture. I searched over the internet and old reviews and found that the output is “monochrome only”.

Bondwell used the V6355 chip sold under Yamaha brand. This chip was quite popular in early CGA laptops (and MSX computers) and according to a datasheet it can handle multiple output modes: digital monochrome LCD, TTL RGB, analog RGB (for SCART connection) and color/mono composite. The problem is that the chroma pin on the chip is shared with signals required for LCD and wrong voltages/clocks on the pin could damage the LCD screen.

It looks like engineers wanted to have color composite output as there are missing parts on the logic board around these signal traces. However there was probably no business justification for having it in the laptop. Mobile users used the composite output mostly on the road when stayed at hotel (any hotel TV was better than the first generation of laptop LCDs).

I have found that Toshiba used monochrome TV outputs on their LCD CGA laptops as well (and IBM probably too). Since adding a color burst logic to the laptop would need heavy hardware modifications and some disassembling of BIOS I have to stay without a mobile device that could handle special multi-color (>4) CGA modes.

19/02/17 Live Letter TL;DR:


  • Butt sliders: no
  • Increasing garden item slots: maybe later
  • Eos or Selene recovering position after knockback: do it yourself!
  • Rhythm game in Gold Saucer: maybe (probably not)
  • Remove racial restrictions for hairstyles: yes for some, not all
  • Remove racial restrictions for hempen sets: difficult technically
  • Repeating MSQ fights: difficult technically. Roll an alt
  • 3.0 EX primals too easy, what about 4.0?: accessiblity of content is more important to them
  • Krile outfit on mogstation: would be expensive to make
  • More Hildibrand trials?: probably not. Hildibrand may or may not reappear in 4.X
  • In-game/official DPS parser: hard no
  • PS4 Pro patch: in progress
  • Keeping flowers in pots: planned for 3.5X
  • Umbrellas as a vanity item: considering adding as a mount
  • PotD across data centre: in progress, but cross server alliance raids first
  • /tells across data centre: in progress, as are linkshells, free companies, and friends lists

3.55a news

  • Live on Tuesday, 28th February
  • Anima weapon story quests - “easy!”
  • Zhloe Aliapoh - story quests for crafters and gatherers
  • Proto Ultima battle
  • The Feast
    • new maps
    • sudden death to resolve draws
    • new items and adjustments
    • season 3 ending / season 4 pre-season so people can get used to new map before ranking begins
  • Items:
    • Adjustments to Sophic and Demon Lanner drop rates
    • Garo Gear added to Calamity Salvager
    • FanFest gear codes redeemable
  • 3.55a because Diadem isn’t ready for release yet. They’re very sorry, but there’s a bug they couldn’t fix in time. Will be in 3.55b
    • 3.55b release planned anywhere between March 7th - 14th
    • Constant stream of content between 3.55 and 4.0
  • MSQ continuation in 3.56

Guinness World Records

  • Final Fantasy 14 has longest end credits in an MMO video game (1 hour 38 minutes)
  • Final Fantasy 14 has the highest number of original pieces of music in a video game (384 original compositions)
  • Final Fantasy series is the most prolific role-playing game series (87 titles)

Full(ish) transcript in my Frankfurt FanFest document!


Hoi, chummers! Guess who’s making background music for our Shadowrun campaign? It’s Llama!
Have a theme song for the campaign, inspired by the music from the Shadowrun games! All synths and rainy Seattle ambience…