video coding

He complains that makeup is false advertising but bullies women for the appearance of their bare faces. He makes video after video about the injustices of school dress codes, and video after video about how stupid he thinks certain footwear choices are. He tries to justify his shady behavior with minors under the veil of “it’s legal”, despite that fact that no one called him a criminal, they called him a pedophile. It’s never been about laws and it’s always been about morals. He hates meat eaters, not because they’re committing crimes, but because he believes that they are morally wrong. He’s made videos about how people are too sensitive to things like blackface but was one of the first to attack Felix for his use of the N-word. He makes a video titled “I’m trans” where he mocks trans women for four minutes but wants to ride his high horse with a message to the parents of trans kids. He wanted to punish his ex for smoking an illegal substance but now has found himself caught in tax fraud.

Not only is he always an asshole, he always contradicts his asshole-ery


i did a t h i n G

for @raythrill and @objectionable-code

i hope you guys like it;; 

remember in like 2015 when hannah hart, mamrie hart, lilly singh, colleen ballinger, & jenna marbles got together and did a bunch of kick-ass girl power collab videos?? those were so great. can we get another round of that at some point just wondering.


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco