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From 1994 (2013)
5 min | Short, Adventure, Family

What would you say to your child if you only had one chance to say it all? ‘From 1994’ seeks to answer that question through the moving story of a mother, her son, and the discovery of a letter.

Directors: Danielle Krieger, Casey Warren
Writers: Danielle Krieger, Casey Warren
Stars: Nicole Alouf, Leo Schuehle, Weston Hippe


unBORDE all stars “Feel” official music video (Coca-Cola | unBORDE collaboration song)

  • What she said: I'm fine.
  • What she meant: Why is chase so surprised about what Zoey said in the time capsule video? Didn't they get together at the end of the series? Why is chase marrying someone else? What happened? If they broke up why does it matter what she said? And why does what she said change what happened between them? Did chase get in an accident and forget? Was this an alternate universe? Also what the fuck is up with his hair? I need answers.
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she really means: Why didn't they show the actual video of Zoey talking about Chase in the time capsule video? Why did Michael have to transcribe it? Why did Michael even write the whole thing down in the first place, unless he knew that there wouldn't be a DVD player? Why didn't he bring a DVD player in that case? If Chase had already watched the video, then we know that he could've brought a DVD player, so why didnt he? Why did Chase call Alyssa Zoey if they had known each other for several years? Why did Michael even dig up the video? How long was he waiting? Why didn't he age? Did Michael ever leave PCA? Where's Zoey? If Chase called Alyssa 'Zoey' wouldn't he have also remembered about the time capsule and the ten year rule? Why does Chase still have a text mate 2? If he still has the same phone from ten years ago, wouldn't be stuck in the past long enough to remember about Zoey's message?

A new video !!!

Remember Sebastian Masuda’s Time Capsule? If you missed it last time or would like to visit again there will be more opportunities to put your happy memories in the Time Capsule! Check out my video for more information regarding the events~~! ; w ;


Another World
Director: Kazuaki Seki
Model: Yura
Drones by Daito Manabe




Laser Beam with a clip of “ultra soul” by B’z

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: in the zoey 101 time capsule video the style of filming is different. its filmed like a live sitcom although there doesnt appear to be any audience or even a laugh track edited in because when they would say a punch line complete silence followed making for a very awkward flow of events. but in the actual show it was filmed from a more omniscient style where they have to take the rules of film into consideration like the rule of thirds and headroom etc and the artificial audience laughing at each punch line didn't matter because it would be followed with the characters reactions instead. they kept their style of comedy but switched the style of film but that style of reaction based comedy doesnt work with a sitcom style of filming. so why the different style of filming? is it because it was easier to produce/film on a sound stage? obviously they couldnt film it at the school that was pca again because chase would have had to be there for some reason for michael to go there specifically to find him and michael would have gotten chase to help before he dug up the time capsule. not only would that not make sense story wise but it wouldnt make sense production wise either. buying out that location again is a lot of money for just 5 minutes of content. was it because most of nickelodeons current shows are filmed on sound stages and it would be easier to buy out the space because they probably already use space there? it must have been something like that. thats probably why it was only one scene. maybe that set already existed and they just borrowed it for the short video. maybe thats why they didnt continue it then. maybe thats why they didnt give us the answers we crave. maybe only the actors that played chase and michael came back so it made more sense to only have one scene and thats why it was so short and different.
'Zoey 101' finally answers its biggest mystery: 'What did Zoey say?'
Remember Zoey 101, the show on Nickelodeon starring Britney Spears’ younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears? Some of the cast members reprised their...

I was surprised to learn that so many people care about ‘Zoey 101.’ If “What did Zoey say?” means anything to you, here’s the answer. 


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