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This is apparently in the brand new Bears Ears national monument, which some local and national politicians in Utah are trying to have stripped of its monument status.

Rock art fascinates me. The images last thousands, sometimes tens of thousand of years. And even though we don’t share the culture or even the language of the artist, the images still have power.
This panel is carved into the sandstone of Comb Ridge in Southern Utah. It’s part of the new Bears Ears National Monument. The Bears Ears contain over 100,000 archaeological sites. Th e landscape is central to the Dine, Hopi, Ute and Mountain Ute tribes. To see more of my work documentation the deep artistic history of the Bears Ears follow @salvarezphoto (Stephen Alvarez) as I work on a massive project documenting the deep history of art.

Finished this up last night. Couldn’t resist the idea of expanding on the ultimate pose. Went more cartoony this time cause the subject matter is silly. Ended up being a fun experiment with style and color palette again :) I love these boys and this game.

One of the first finished character concepts I did for Motiga. (back in 2012) This was before Gigantic was a hero based game, at this point it was a fully customizable PVP game. So this was our “medium” male body type. This guy was known affectionately as “Sheldon.” 

When we switched over to actual heroes Sheldon was our generic prototype guy for trying out new gameplay kits! 


Here’s the process video for the “burn” piece that I did, it’s pretty simple and i spent most of the focus on Yara, but either way… here…..