video about the 90s

it’s literally 2016 why did i just come across a buzzfeed video about snacks that “only 90s kids will recognize” like….. i watched the video and one of the snacks was literally a can of coke….. they poured a can of coke into a glass… 

This scene right here. I think this is the first time in the series where Hiei is actually scared shitless. Yusuke can’t win against Sensui as he is and everyone but Kuwabara knows that. And both Kurama and Hiei know they don’t stand a chance either. The fact Yusuke is about to die is very real to them. It isn’t often Hiei shows any kind of emotion other than anger, but he is truly afraid here, and that still doesn’t stop any of them from going after Sensui to avenge Yusuke. 

This is true loyalty, even though in this moment they have no faith that Yusuke will win. 


Alright this finally uploaded, sweet Jesus… first of all, I am very proud of the thumbnail (chapter title is somewhat wrong, will be corrected later), but I’m not that proud of the background used in the video… I wanted to correct it but didn’t want to go back and render AND upload everything all over again.

This is my excuse for not writing a meta and a proper review, which I may get some thoughts on later, but for now, this is as honest as I get…. and let me tell you do I get honest. I talk about the various points of this chapter, but more specifically roast and criticize a certain character to death. Please enjoy this somewhat over-satirical and somewhat over-exaggerated review of one of the most interesting SnK chapters I’ve ever read! :D

Les Amis & Co. as ways I procrastinated studying in the last days
  • Enjolras:  There was a protest right outside my flat and they kept yelling slogans, distracting me.
  • Combeferre: I spent half an hour discussing the reasons of the protest with my flatmates and why it was counter-productive, 
  • Courfeyrac: I danced with my roommate to cheesy 90s songs 
  • Joly: I watched a video about how to survive a bear attack because you never know what might happen in the middle of a city. 
  • Bossuet: I made myself a cup of tea but while I was going back to the desk I hit my pinky toe and spilled the tea all over the book. 
  • Feuilly: I cleaned the flat because it looked like a dump.
  • Bahorel: My flatmates were discussing law and I just listened to them even though I was falling asleep. 
  • Jehan: I argued with my flatmates who want to convince me to wear fancy clothes tonight even if I don’t feel like it.
  • Grantaire: I wasted my time thinking “Studying this is pointless, I still won’t be able to make anything good in my life.” 
  • Eponine: I had left my book in the living room but in the corridor there was a person I didn’t feel like talking to, so I waited for them to go away. 
  • Musichetta: My flatmate was sick, so I made her a soup and a hot tea. 
  • Montparnasse: Someone stole my flatmate’s Nutella and we tried to identify the guilty parties.
  • Cosette: I argued with my flatmates because “No, girls, I don’t feel at ease going to a male strip club. Oh, the guest star is a famous porn star? Great. I still don’t want to come, thank you?”. 
  • Marius: I just spent some time headbutting the desk.
  • BONUS: Victor Hugo: I wasted my time writing this post. 

I am totally intrigued by the past that Trevor and Michael shared back in 90′s. Nothing soothes my heart more than the idea of two amateur wannabe bank robbers and their nerdy friend who plan heists on liquor shops while carrying a dream about The Big Score. Also long roadtrips, cheap booze, dumb jokes, inexplicit relationships and numerous failures.

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An idea: hufflepuff lance (not the most conventional but imagine,,,,,legit tho thay boy is loyal as frick)

!!!! listen i love slytherin!lance so much but…… lbr im obsessed with hufflepuff!lance too okay lets go

  • let’s start all the way back at the garrison
  • lance worked his ass off to get from cargo pilot to fighter pilot, he was their first choice after keith left to be let in like 
  • he trains just as hard (maybe even gets in extra training, yall know my boy is fresh on that battlefield) as all the other paladins in training
  • also that skincare routine?? that shits hard work
  • this boy knows hard work he’s got that part down
  • moving on, this hoe is loyal
  • we all know that pidge was kind of a jerk to him the first time they met right??? right???
  • did that make lance petty? no. he treated her with the same respect he treats everyone bc like,,, he’s so sweet and she’s a part of the team?? how kind im crying
  • in fact, despite not having had that many moments with her, dives into a fountain so she can have the video game she wants (listen 90% of my posts are about that moment and i don’t care catch me in the club talkin bout the fountain moment)
  • also, him and hunk are so good to each other?? they’re so good??
  • he probably listens intently when hunk rambles about stuff bc he loves his boyfriend
  • lets hunk give him a bone-crushing hug without complaining.. lance is too good a friend someone stop him
  • i know yall see my boy out here with that ‘i say vol, you say tron’ shit
  • he aint get mad at keith! he aint make fun of him! my boy just says that they’ll try again!!!!
  • why don’t we talk about this more!!!!!
  • he’s so sweet he aint trying to hurt anyone, he probably gonna take the time of day to teach keith fuckpants kogane this simple ass chant because hes a good person!!!!!
  • on top of that, in s2 when he says all that shit about the hunter becoming the hunted, he explains it for keith!!! looks directly at him!! he knows that keith aint know shit about shit and my boy is nice enough to begin explaining it like oh? my god
  • to conclude
  • lance could also totally be a hufflepuff and thats the fuckin tea

I wanted to share an inspirational video about Yvonne Dowlen who was skating until her 90’s. Sadly she passed away in May 2016. 

Thank you! She will be missed. <3

Valdangelo Headcanons

Making this because I love all of you who helped me get to about 100 followers!

Also I’m Valdangelo trash.


  • they got together after about - oh I dunno - TEN THOUSAND CENTURIES
  • jk just about seven years
  • they’re huge nerds
  • they play mythomagic together and go against each other in video games - especially in overwatch
  • and they talk about superheroes - 90% of the time about who would win: batman vs iron man
  • its so cute, and everyone teases them about it
  • don’t forget how they’re small and scrawny
  • you’ll just see lil’ leo sleepin in nico’s lap while nico looks like he’s cuddling a teddy bear and you’ll start squealing
  • but they’re also REALLY scary
  • like, oh ma gawd, you piss em off, it’s like awakening Satan from his eternal slumber
  • fucking hell will reign down and all you can do is run
  • nico can control the dead and literally becomes shadows and leo can summon fire and his intellect is smarter than most grown-ups - the tag team that can fucking murder you
  • gay and bi jokes
  • bi, nico!” “nice to see you togay too, valdez”
  • they listen to emo music 24/7
  • like nico’s always hearing My Chemical Romance and Leo is in love with Fall Out Boy
  • but they are little when compared to the best - Panic! at the Disco
  • oh and they also watch some strange shit
  • not that kind of strange shit - get your mind outta the gutter - I’m talking about mystery/creepy/horror shit
  • like they are legit pining for destiel
  • also they are IN LOVE WITH VOLTRON
  • most of the camp make jokes about how klance is the upgraded version of them and theyre like “wait? we’re a tv trope now???”
  • they love dancing and singing together
  • like at the campfire nico is strumming the guitar and singing ed sheeran songs while leo is dancing like a fucking god and it’s beautiful
  • death jokes
  • lots of unhealthy death jokes
  • “nico, you look like death.” “I AM DEATH”
  • “leo, if you go in there, you’ll die!” “eh, been there, done that”
  • they usually make art together - leo with machines and nico with painting/sketches
  • everyone’s so jelly of their skills because that is not humanly possible wtf
  • nico gets along with hephaestus well because theyre both lonely souls and kinda understand each other
  • leo at first yells at hades because “WHY THE FUCK HAVE YOU NEVER HELPED YOUR SON YOU UNGRATEFUL-” 
  • and hades immediately likes him because leo really loves nico and wants to protect him and he’s a feisty little child
  • so he‘s chill with them
  • plus leo makes a lot of puns that nico hates and hades LOVES puns so…
  • persephone takes a lot of liking to leo
  • one time she kidnapped him for a kind of bonding time and nico got so jelly he went down to the underworld and kidnapped leo back
  • sadly leo refused to take off his flower crown
  • nico’s the dominant one in the relationship
  • no comment
  • they both protect hazel with their FUCKING LIVES; you mess with her you be dealing with two badass gremlins
  • but lets move to some angsty shit
  • they talk about everything together - what projects leo’s doing, what happened on a quest nico was given from his dad, so and so
  • they never keep a secret from each other
  • but from time to time bad memories come up and they talk to each other about it
  • dreams, Maria and Bianca, Esperanza, their times in Tartarus (WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF LEO SACRIFICED HIMSELF AND ENDED UP IN TARTARUS FUCK ME UP HOLY SHIT), and everything that has affected them during their horrible lives
  • they cry a lot but mostly just when they let it all out to each other
  • they hug and kiss and maybe have some comfort sex to help each other feel better
  • it’s really sweet
  • the two of them try their best to support one another
  • they whisper sweet nothings to each at night, know when to give each other some space, after they fight they both try to apologize no matter who was at fault, but they mostly just talk about…everything
  • and after several years of being together, nico proposes to leo on the mast of the former Argo ||, the ship that brought them together
  • no pun intended

So, here are my Valdangelo headcanons.

Thank you! I love you all!

In defense of old school Warhammer 40,000 battle reports

Ten years ago you could go on Warseer, Librarium Online, Dakkadakka or several other forums and find a groaning banquet table of written battle reports. Now, you find bupkes. It’s all about the video battle report

It’s all about the 90-minute long video battle report shot with a smartphone. there’s a lens flare and probably machine gun noises and then two headless dad bods spend an hour and a half pushing around miniatures. sometimes they’ll try to liven it up with banter on the level of a Microsoft E3 presentation. an hour and a half of this. an hour and a half.

You know what’s great about written battle reports? they don’t take most of your free evening to experience! they’re three minute commitments and you get the same vicarious rush. if you’re REALLY lucky the batrep writer will try their hand at a narrative, either before and after the match or woven into the play-by-play. and like

yes. give me the people crafting kludgey narratives for their space marines without a drop of irony. give it to me. let me read about their sparkledogs clutching bolters and shouting orders. give me a thousand earnest, terrible, borderline fanfic battle reports buttressed with amateur photography! because 1) it’s a positive expression of fandom and 2) even the worst, horseploppiest written battle report is more respectful of my free time than 99 percent of video battle reports.

(There is an exception: the only truly good video battle report, the Frontline Gaming guys protesting 6th Edition Cron Air while doing the gallon milk jug challenge)


Regarded as the best animated movie of the 90’s, The Iron Giant captured audiences with it’s heart warming story of a young boy befriending a robot from outer space. Of course, we had to make a 107 Facts video about it!

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Hello! Do you know of any witchy youtubers?

Hi, friend!! Watching witchy youtubers was something that really helped me when I was a fresh baby witch! I’ve got a list of the ones I watched when I was just beginning, to get you started! I’m gonna link to their channel and briefly describe what they’re videos are like in my personal opinion and how their videos can be helpful.


  • TipToeChick is a Wiccan witch, an herbalist, and a mother! Her advice and perspective seem to be very down to earth, in my opinion. She’s got a variety of videos, including magickal advice, cooking tutorials, meditation guides, and the occasional rant, because it’s good to just get that negative energy out of ya.
  • CharmingPixieFlora is also watched by many baby witches. She’s a pagan witch, a spiritual coach, a psychic, and a mother. She’s very love and light, in my opinion, but what she has to say is important, nonetheless. She brings up a lot of interesting points that I never would have thought of on my own. She’s got lots of DIYs, lots of general magickal advice, cooking videos, and show-and-tell videos!!
  • PaganPerspective is a collaborative channel made up of pagans! Each member posts their own videos about an array of topics, from organizing, ceremonial vs folk magick, the misconception of the Devil in Witchcraft, and tea magick! A lot of their videos are about paganism and not particularly witchcraft on its own, but their videos are still very informative!
  • TheShoeWhisperer is a Wiccan witch as well, witch a channel chock-full of exstensive videos about some fundamentals of paganism and witchcraft, such as how to cast a spell, cleansing, preparing for a ritual, and how to approach things when a spell doesn’t work.
  • Annika Garratt is a pagan witch and an artist! She’s got super-insightful and knowledge on witchcraft, paganism, and spiritual living alongside her tutorial videos and art videos! She has lots of basics videos, such as what paganism and witchcraft is, the different pagan holidays, information on the elements, and spiritually grounding yourself!
  • Tina Harris- She is known as the crystal whisperer and she has an abundance of correspondence videos! CORRESPONDENCE VIDEOS!!!! 90% of them are about her extensive knowledge of gems and such, but her most recently posted videos are about herbs and plants! Drink up the knowledge!

helpful tip: you can find lots of witchy youtubers by searching things such as “altar tour,”, witchy haul, or any witchy terms like samhain, book of shadows, or magick!

And sometimes I seriously consider starting up a youtube channel about my journey into cottage witchcraft ;D so stay tuned for that.


“The Supers” talk about filming the music video for Freedom 90 by George Michael 

George Michael refused to appear the music video. Instead, inspired by Peter Lindbergh’s portrait of Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, and Tatjana Patitz for British Vogue,George Michael asked the models to sing (or rather lip-synch) the song in his place.


backstreetboys We became the Backstreet Boys on April 20th, 1993. All of your time spent has kept us alive for 24 years now!! This has been the greatest journey of our lives and we aren’t going anywhere #BSB24 #KTBSPA

“What do the girls have to say about that?” Not a damn thing with those haircuts. 😂 Everything about this video is tragically 90s.