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King’s Gaming Ladies event canceled following targeted online harassment campaign

  • Game developer King — makers of Candy Crush Saga — planned to host a women-only developers conference and networking event.
  • But a targeted harassment campaign organized by internet trolls apparently forced its organizers to cancel it.
  • The Barcelona event, called Gaming Ladies, was intended to create a safe space for female game developers, a demographic that’s woefully underrepresented in the gaming world.
  • In response, a small, vitriolic group plotted on the forum ForoCoches (an invite-only car forum that’s basically a Spanish-language 4chan) to pretend to be transgender women in order to gain access to the conference and disrupt it. Read more (6/27/17)

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[TEASER] 170628 BLACKPINK on MBC’s Weekly Idol

OK RE: YESTERDAY IT WAS THE GUY IN THE BACK PLAYING THE PIANO IN THE FLANNEL SHIRT!!! what do y'all think am i deluding myself or did he look directly at me like,, several times

also didn’t film this but their next performance was a love song and he looked at me several times again throughout it gah


tanya_brittain My song lyrics have never sounded so bloody amazing @iainglen - thank you x #speakcornish #bigcornishsing#looe #cornwall #looemusicfestival #iainglen#jorah #gameofthrones

Cornish lyrics: (full song link)
Roev sos, roev, roev erbynn an fros, sos
Bo an garmer hos, sos, roev

English translation: (full song link)
Row boys, row, row against the tide, boys
Hear the huer cry, boys, row


The most annoying demographic of people is probably Christians who claim that anything not directly related to jesus christ or not doing something in the name of jesus is inherently a sin and you’re going to hell and/or the precious malleable minds of children will be corrupted. like jeez man chill out if someone has to take a dump do they have to push it out for the lord?? am i not allowed to play candyland unless all of the candy is replaced with wine and communion wafers??? am i goin to hell if I dream of something that is not vaguely related to the bible like. relax


“The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat” – This silent film by The Lumière Brothers in 1895 about a train really cause audiences to stampede.