Overwatch Dance Emotes + References (Side By Side Comparison)


OMG Having Ignis make the new Plump n’ Pungent Tofu gave me this camp scene that I am assuming is new cause I have never seen it before. I was laughing so hard I scared my cat.

First of all Prompto brings the plate up to his face and sniffs it then almost gags or something…he gets up and makes the most god awful face ROFL The whole time I can only imagine he’s fussing about the smell cause you see him talking and making faces LOL He never does take a bite of it. He keeps trying to sniff it but omg his expressions…*dies*

Noctis, amazingly eats a bite of the tofu (and you’ll see him cough a bit after he swallows it lol) but after that he just sits there staring at it on his fork like it’s offending him. He can’t seem to bring himself to eat it again.

Watching Gladio chew the tofu, he’s making this scrunched up face lol

Ignis on the other hand is unphased.

I really wonder how bad it smells LOL


Definitely qualifies as a new type of rock slide