vidcon meet up & too many in my bed! la day 6!

Mornings Like These (DK) // Oneshot

Seokmin, or “DK Sings” as he’s called on YouTube, just started vlogging on his second channel a few months ago. You, his girlfriend, are unfortunately a bit camera shy.

Genre: Youtuber au, Fluff

Word Count: 3302

// Beep //
“Goooooooooood morning everyone! DK here!” Seokmin said as he waved at the vlogging camera he was holding in his other hand, “Thank you for tuning in to my second channel! Today I’m going to break into my girlfriend’s hotel room, take her to breakfast, and then surprise her with a date to Disneyland under the pretense that I have to meet some of the panelists a day before the convention starts. She’s going to be so surprised!”

The smiley male picked up a couple travel bags from the ground, tossed them onto his bed, and began to search through them, hand rummaging through its contents until he found what he was looking for: an unopened pack of toothpaste.

“Ah! Here it is! You know I always carry an extra tube of toothpaste, ever since that incident with Soonyoung and the others,” he said to the camera, a shutter running down his spine as he remembered the event, “If you haven’t seen that vlog I’ll link the video in the description box, or you can click the annotation right here to see it!”

After pointing to a random direction of the screen that he was going to put the link over, he walked into the bathroom and set the camera down on the counter, leaning down towards it as he continued the conversation.

“Okay, so I’m going change and get ready, since I’m still in my pajamas. It’s… 6:25 AM right now. Y/N usually wakes up at 7, so I have less than an hour. Ah! Wish me luck! I’ll get back to you in a sec!” Seokmin exclaimed in excitement as he winked at the camera before turning it off.

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