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“You’re Sorta My Happily Ever After” - D.H.

Pairing: Dan x reader

Summary: long term couple Dan and reader are on younow and get asked about their future together and it’s super sweet and adorable

Requested: yes, see here

Warnings: feels

A/N: please enjoy this sorta short imagine! also there won’t be any new imagines for the next week and a bit as i’m writing exams but feel free to read up on all my previous ones using my masterlist:)


“You and Dan are so cute!!!”

Your eyes glance toward your boyfriend laying in the background of your YouNow as you notice the question, the chat quickly filling with other similar comments.

It was Sunday, the usual day of your live shows, and you were sitting in the desk chair in Dan’s room, arms wrapped around one of your knees as you scrolled through the chat.

Some 10 minutes ago, Dan had walked in from the lounge, pressed a kiss to the top of your head, bid a quick hello to those watching, and then laid down on his bed. Since then, you’d been sharing little things about your relationship as well as you could without giving away anything too personal; having talked about how long you’d been dating and what the two of you had done over Christmas.

“Alexa asks, ‘When did you and Dan first meet?’“ you turn the chair to face Dan on the bed, “D’you wanna come over and answer this with me?”

He stands up, pulling the chair you had brought in earlier next to where you wer sitting as he smiles at the chat, “Suppose this calls for a proper hello.. Hi everybody.”

“Can I start?” you ask excitedly.

“Go for it.”

“Okay so Dan and I technically first met at Playlist Orlando in 2012, but we’d been talking online for like 6 or 7 months before that; so we were already friends when we met.”

“Yeah, we started talking because someone tweeted me a clip of one of [Y/N]’s videos where she talked about Phil and I, and after I watched it, I went and followed her on twitter and messaged her and we after that we started skyping and talking nearly every day. And then when we found out that both of us were going to be in Orlando, we knew we had to meet.”

“It was honestly a rough few months,” you continue, “I mean, even before we met it was rough because I was living in LA and obviously Dan and Phil were in… Were you guys still in Manchester in 2012?”

“Yeah, we were until July I think, I also think I know where you’re going with this… Basically, we started out as ‘friends’, except both of us were really into one another right from when we started talking, an-”

You cut him off, “And nearly the second we met in real life, the attraction upped by about 100%… And like, if you see pictures of us from playlist, we’re nearly always touching in some way in literally every photo of us together.”

The two of you laugh at this as Dan continues, “It was also really weird because we weren’t technically together, like we were just friends at the time, so attempting to explain the constant need for physical contact to viewers and other creators was a little awkward.” 

“We were also in denial about the fact that we liked one another as more than friends, and literally everyone, including Phil, was just telling us that we were being stupid because we were clearly super into one another,” you exchange a look with Dan as you say this, meeting his gaze and smiling widely as you think back to how he made you feel, especially back then when you were lying to yourself about your feelings for him.

The chat immediately fills with “heart eyes Howell” and other little things at the look you’d just exchanged as you search for another question, “Oh here’s some good ones.. Jane asks, ‘What was it like being long distance?’ and Lance asks, ‘When did you officially start dating?’“

Dan begins answering the first question before you have a chance to continue, “Long distance fricking sucked,” he complains, “So like we just said, we met at playlist in 2012 and were basically dating while in denial about everything, and that was in March of 2012 I think?”

You then take over, “Right so playlist was in March, and we didn’t start officially dating until VidCon 2012, which took place at the end of June. On top of that, Dan moved to London in like, July, so he was super busy and stressed almost the entire first month we were dating which kinda sucked.”

“It did, long distance in general just sucked because you know that you want to be with someone, and you know how much you just want them around you all the time and you can’t have that.”

You nod along with him, “I think mid-2012 was probably one of the hardest times of our relationship because of how much we just wanted to be around one another… Especially because we were still in a ‘honey moon phase’ in which we were just completely infatuated with one another.”

Dan immediately agrees, “It was… It was also hard because, and some of you might remember this, but [Y/N] came to stay with Phil and I in like September-October-ish, and we still hadn’t announced that we were dating, so it was like a super lowkey thing that no one really knew about except us and our close friends.”

“Yeah that was hard, I mean, if you scroll back to that trip, my instagram basically turned into a Dan and [Y/N] fan account with how many pictures I was posting of us.”

“We were also nearly ‘exposed’ by some subscribers, who caught a photo of us kissing while we were out in London, so if you’re one of those super sweet people in the group of girls then thanks a lot for not plastering those pictures everywhere.”

“I think that answered both questions,” you laugh as you begin scrolling through the chat again.

“Pretty much all of these questions are about the future,” you let out sheepishly, looking over at Dan as the future had always been a touchy subject between the two of you.

Surprisingly, he leans forward curiously, looking through the chat with you, “Like what?”

The two of you sit in silence for a moment before Dan finds a question he likes, “Here’s one… Alana asks, ‘When are you guys going to get married?’“

You raise your eyebrows at him, thinking of the last time you’d talked about this a few months ago and what had ensued. Phil had dropped a comment about you guys needing to get married because you acted like a married couple while at a dinner one night, and when you’d brought the subject up to Dan, your differing opinions resulted in a shouting match that had Phil entering Dan’s room without knocking to figure out what the heck was going on.

You force yourself not to visibly react to the topic, deciding to speak up first, “I mean, marriage is a thing everyone thinks about as a kid isn’t it?” you laugh softly, “I remember being in second grade, and me and my best friend at the time, Amy, planned out our entire weddings,” you smile at the memory.

“Marriage was just always a thing that I talked about growing up, even as a teenager, me and my friends talked about who we thought we’d get married to, and what our wedding would be like, I’ve always been excited to get married,” you trail off, unable to look at Dan as you wait for him to answer.

“I never really thought about it growing up, and I honestly didn’t even really consider it a thing I would do,” he pauses for a moment and you feel your heart breaking a little, as it did every time he said this, “Not to be cheesy but I genuinely didn’t understand the whole marriage thing until after I met [Y/N].. I think, I think that it’s something you don’t really get until you find the right person, and until you’re ready. There’s a certain point you get to where you just suddenly realize that it’s something you want to do, even if it’s not something you do soon. Also, as you can tell, [Y/N] is in love with the idea of getting married so it probably won’t be any time soon, but will definitely happen at some point in the future.”

You feel yourself grinning widely at that, picking up where he left off, “I’d wait forever if it meant I got to marry you,” you let out, glancing at Dan as he turns to face you.

He scrunches his nose adorably at your cheesy comment as he laughs, “Really?”

“Well yeah, I mean, you’re sorta my happily ever after,” you confess, smiling at him as you say it.

Dan just looks at you, no words really needed when compared to the look on his face. The chat again begins filling with “heart eyes Howell” and you grin as you begin ending the YouNow.

“Well guys I should go, it’s been over an hour… I’ll see you next week, I hope you have a good week; I love you, you’re all incredible, and yeah. I think that’s it? Thanks for watching, maybe see you Tuesday in Dan’s stream, not sure yet but you can check that out anyways, it’s always funny… Uhh, bye,” Dan mutters a goodbye too as you cover the camera, clicking to end the stream.

As soon as you’ve clicked the button to the end the stream, you press your lips to his, “I love you so much,” you let out against his lips.

His hands find their way around you as he pulls you in closer, pulling back and resting his forehead against yours, “What was that for?”

“Just everything you said.. I mean, I know you don’t really get the point of the whole marriage thing but I really appreciate you trying to see the point in it because of me.” 

“Of course, I don’t see an after with you, you’re it for me. I may not understand the whole hype behind marriage, but I do know that it’s at least about love and I love you, which I think is reason enough for us to get married.”

You press your lips to his again as you smile, muttering an, “I love you.“

Three little words that meant a million times more to you 3 years later when they were whispered to one another during your first dance on one of the best days of your life.

Mornings Like These (DK) // Oneshot

Seokmin, or “DK Sings” as he’s called on YouTube, just started vlogging on his second channel a few months ago. You, his girlfriend, are unfortunately a bit camera shy.

Genre: Youtuber au, Fluff

Word Count: 3302

// Beep //
“Goooooooooood morning everyone! DK here!” Seokmin said as he waved at the vlogging camera he was holding in his other hand, “Thank you for tuning in to my second channel! Today I’m going to break into my girlfriend’s hotel room, take her to breakfast, and then surprise her with a date to Disneyland under the pretense that I have to meet some of the panelists a day before the convention starts. She’s going to be so surprised!”

The smiley male picked up a couple travel bags from the ground, tossed them onto his bed, and began to search through them, hand rummaging through its contents until he found what he was looking for: an unopened pack of toothpaste.

“Ah! Here it is! You know I always carry an extra tube of toothpaste, ever since that incident with Soonyoung and the others,” he said to the camera, a shutter running down his spine as he remembered the event, “If you haven’t seen that vlog I’ll link the video in the description box, or you can click the annotation right here to see it!”

After pointing to a random direction of the screen that he was going to put the link over, he walked into the bathroom and set the camera down on the counter, leaning down towards it as he continued the conversation.

“Okay, so I’m going change and get ready, since I’m still in my pajamas. It’s… 6:25 AM right now. Y/N usually wakes up at 7, so I have less than an hour. Ah! Wish me luck! I’ll get back to you in a sec!” Seokmin exclaimed in excitement as he winked at the camera before turning it off.

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