“Le Dislocoeur”

Bonjour Everybug and Kittycats!

Through nonstop screaming, we bring you a *brand new episode*,  subtitled French episode 10, “Le Dislocoeur!” 

WARNING: watch in an environment where you can shriek at your leisure.

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Reminder: We will not be providing HD raws. Save up your money and cross your fingers that Zagtoons and Nickelodeon will provide us with DVDs/Bluray to purchase! <3


-Team Baguette


Bonpurrr mews chères coccinelles et mews petits minous!

We have a fury purrfect episode fur mew today, it’s French episode 9, “L’Impurrsteur”! In honor of MLWeek, it’s pun day! So this episode is pawsitively purrrrrific!

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Tomorrow I’ll upawload the normal fursion, with the normal ameownt of puns… meaning only coming furrom Chat Noir. 😸

-Team Baguette

Shameless S4E08 Download

Will update with more links blah blah enjoy

Do you believe in miracles?

03 parts | airing season 1.
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Robert is a handsome man trying to find true love amongst a group of “princes”. 15 men will fight for his love in the gay version of ‘The Bachelor’. One will be eliminated every week until there’s one last man standing…will he be Robert’s true love?

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