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Most of you probably found out about my art from the lovely visuals that POETIC DEATH [Official] produced. (Of which I am eternally appreciative). Others of you may have found out about me through other various formats including my EP a Month project from back in 2011! (Which most the video’s songs are from.) Well, after [a lot of] lengthy mix down sessions, I am finally releasing some selections of the 2011 project as they were intended to be heard. This is Volume I of IV, all of which will be FREE. Enjoy!


Here is another visual from the “Negative Space” album dropped last November. I was building other parts of my life for the last few months and had to take a video making hiatus. Slowly laying pieces together now. Anyways, Check the video for the Outro track titled “Death To Honesty”. 

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Love you all. 

A few years back, an apple saved my life. (As I’ve shared previously) This tee shirt is an ode to that apple and to finding the spiritual lesson in every experience (hence the “Flower of Life”). On the back I share a personal mantra: Absit Omen. Absit Omen translates to “may omen (evil) be absent”. This tee shirt has good vibes built into the fabric of it. Also, each tee comes with a button and CD (CD-R) sampler of released & unreleased songs. Anyways, Link is below. <3 #absitomen #vidakillz

Interviewed by You!

This week I asked for you to ask me questions that I could formulate as an interview. Well, here it is. Hope you enjoy.

1. How did you get ya name? 

I battled a three headed dragon. Once I merked it, the town I saved dubbed me “Vida Killz”. It just kinda stuck after that.

2. Top 5 Favorite bands

AH. This changes so often. What if I give you my favorite albums tho?

- The Fugees - The Score

- The Roots - Phrenology

- The X-Ecutioners - Built From Scratch

- Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly

- The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are you experienced?

- Sublime -Sublime

and a few others.

3. Do you enjoy picking your nose?

Yes. Especially when I’m sleeping.

4. How do you stay true to yourself while at the same time continue to chase your dreams?

I keep in mind what my Grandmother, and other family members struggled through and created. I keep in mind those of you that have no one to turn to aside from your headphones and the artists that grace your eardrums. I keep in mind the young Vida lost and contemplating ending it all. I keep in mind the first video (Oro Corazon) Poetic Death made for me, and when it released, how much I cried when I saw it. I keep in mind the understanding that everything I went through in my youth caused that song and video to heal me and hopefully others. I get tattoos to remind me of all of these understandings.

5. What inspires you to keep going?

Imagine a teenaged girl riding a bus to and from school everyday, an hour each way. Imagine this girl getting home after school to cook herself dinner and take care of her siblings until her parents get home. Imagine the struggles, pain and dark secrets that young girl carries through life, never knowing where to turn. Imagine her losing hope in life and slowly losing herself to the illusion that our society pushes on her. Imagine her losing her innocence. All of you who can relate to that are the “what” that inspires me to keep going.

6. Who (anyone) would you like to make a song with?


7. Do you believe in LOVE?

Of course, love is essence.

8. I’m really enjoying XXIV :]. What was your favorite song (off the album) to make and why?

“Paranoia”. I was in a rut of sorts (when am I not?lol) and was able to let my ego out a bit on that track which allowed me to rebalance myself.

9. What made you want to be more of a spoken word poet as opposed to a rapper? Don’t get me wrong, you’re amazing but your style is so fascinating and unique.

Nothing made me want to be more spoken word than rap. I started off writing poetry and started laying them over beats. I liked how they sounded, and kept going.

10. How did it all start?

Refer to 1 & 9. Also, I’ll release a video about my musical history soon.

11. ummm you’re the BEST!! Advice to struggling artists poets and the like? DIRECTION?

Follow your gut, experiment and persevere!

12. Do you believe in the big band theory? If not, how do you perceive the sun and moon?

I am developing my believes constantly. I perceive the sun and moon as connecting to all of us. The rest of my answer for this would be a novel. Let’s check back on this in the future. 

13. Do you miss your friends in SJ? :]


14. Do you miss san jose? what part of SJ are you from?

YES! Can’t wait to visit next week. I grew up on the Southside.

15. What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon? Most memorable scene?

Tom & Jerry.

16. What poet/mc/artist has inspired you the most?

Too many to name.

17. When’s your most productive time to write? And what’s your favorite song or project of your own and why?

There’s two modes: I sit down to write, or writing makes me sit down. Said a different way, sometimes I know I need to get stuff out and make it happen, other times, I’m overcome with words and have to catch up.

18. Would you or have you considered on writing a book/literature other than music for a project?

As I’ve stated, I started off writing poetry. I also used to write tons of short stories. And, I am currently working on a couple of books. So yes yes, def considered all of the above :]

19. Dear Vida Killz, why don’t you and Organized Threat travel to edmonton, alberta, canada? There’s always a couch er two to spare..


20. Who are you gonna collab with next?

The Universe. :p

21. When did you create your first song and what inspired you?

Oh man. Back when I was 15. I had been recording a bestfriend’s boyfriend and his friends. I had some beats laying around and threw a poem of mine over a beat. Creativity inspired me. Growth inspired me.

22. Has anyone (agents, labels, fans, etc.) approached you and told you you could be more marketable if you were willing to sexualize yourself and how did it make you feel? And if not, how have you maintained an emotional strength with your own image knowing that if you did “sell out” your image you could likely get more attention…internet views, or otherwise?

I like my humanity. I like my acne. I like my (lightweight) lazy eye. I like my crooked finger nail from when I slammed my finger in a car door. I like my hair. I like my skin tone. I like my teeth. I like my lips. ETC ETC. Anyone who wanted me to market something other than who I am would be missing the point of my art form.

23. What do you do when you’re stuck (creativity block) and need inspiration?!

Cry. JK. I’ll drive around, go on walks, chill at home and ask the universe what I should express next. 

Thank you all for sending in questions. This was a lot of fun. <3

First of all, much love to all the new (followers/likers/) listeners. A lot of y’all have been popping up lately… even in my (kinda sorta) silence on these social networks. Secondly, as most of you know I’m manifesting another album currently. One of my favorite aspects of creation is that of collaboration with all of you wonderful producers. I’m proud to say I’ve created art with folks living all over the world, and would love to add more people and locations to that list. If you have some beats you want to submit please send them in! If I choose your beat, you receive a copy of the digital album for free ;) Many Internet hugs and love to you all. #vidakillz #absitom3n #absitomen

So, @therealjgmusic and I have been working together on various songs here and there for 4-5+ years. Well, we decided to form a group (Château Des Deiux) and over the past two years or so we’ve been working on a collaborative project titled ‘24’ solely produced by Sir JG himself. We will be releasing the project as an EP this month! Be on the lookout :) (cover art by JG)