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I saw one of my internet friends wearing this dress from Hot Topic and decided I needed one (thanks to coupons and a discount!). Perfect for my Victorian medical fascination; mixing 1850’s and 1950’s aesthetic courtesy of my favorite season of AHS. Shoes are Jeffrey Campbell, necklace by Angelspit and belt is from ReStyle. 

Your "Mi Vida Loca" 3 dots tattoo is cultural appropriation and gang related

I just reblogged an informational post about white people columbusing the “shaved eyebrow slit” deal, and I wanted to make one about the 3 dots tattoo that comes from cholo culture as well. It’s very similar.

Apparently the dots may have also been used in European prison culture, but some account that they originated from a Mexican gang.*

These dots also are specifically used by the gang MS13, which is Salvadoran but they do have members from other Latino nationalities as well.

Basically there’s this symbol of 3 dots in the form of a triangle that has been columbused by the whites and used by other people not of the culture. They do stand for the saying “Mi Vida Loca” (one dot for each word) but are gang affiliated and also stand for 3 aspects of gang culture “the hospital, the prison, and the grave”. There’s also a geographical meaning that I have heard of as well, with 3 dots versus 4** dots being for Surenos vs. Nortenos but I don’t have specifics on that. So, if you’ve got these dots and you are in the wrong location geographically you may also be repping something unintentional.

Even if you don’t have an actual tattoo but are wearing a clothing item with someone with that tattoo I believe that still counts.

I don’t belong to these cultures and I don’t try to make it seem like I do and I’m Xicanx myself. Just putting this together off of what I have heard and why I don’t try to use them because I’m not going to make an ass out of myself or possibly get myself killed. So, to everyone else not of the culture, stop.

*edited: I originally had that the dots originated from European prison culture, and have since been told that they also originated from specifically a Mexican gang.

**edited: I originally had 2 dots, but Nortenos use 4.

Cutest little cover-up done by our Junior Artist, Jess!

Vida Loca Tattoo, Bolton, UK