Hi, guys! If you read this- please reblog!  (I want all of this notice :))

So, today we start celebrate Bioshock Infinite Day or Infinite Day.

Also in this day, you may: draw posters, or print posters and stick on the street, paint on hands (dunno lol); in twitter, Facebook and Tumblr you may make post with tag #HAPPYINFINITEDAY #INFINITEDAY #WORLDBIOSHOCKDAY .

I so happy, because most people start this today and supported us. Thank you all. 

“Perhaps in the future we will be more, and we will fill people who walk and live with each other in the same city. So for pain holiday symbolism, as well as to search for like-minded people in your city wear on the left hand blue ribbon / lace / gum as another attribute Bioshock can be attached to clothing, the main thing that could be seen from afar:D”

So, lets start. Make post on Tumbler, Twitter and other sites and have fun! :) 


This is the most cutest thing you’ll ever seen! xDDDD

Sungyeol Oppa is awesome! Fighting Oppa!