vid: my new pet


I was driving to the store earlier when I saw this falcon just sitting on the sidewalk of my neighborhood. I stopped my truck and got out to take pictures, and since she wasn’t moving, I realized she was injured.

I put her in a box and brought her home, and now my brothers really want to keep her. We don’t even know how to take care of a falcon though, not to mention it’s illegal to keep one. Also, I don’t even know if she’ll survive till morning, she seems ill.

For now, I’m just announcing to the world, I have a pet falcon.

My new pet (aqua-amethyst-angel)

Kenta grinned as he looked at his new pet. “Hello there, my pet,” he said, quietly. He stood tall and strong, a sword of wood strapped to his hip. He wore regular clothing, able to blend into any crowd, even a crowd of nobles. He watched her reaction as he sat down in a chair. “Well come here! Let me have a good look at you.” His smile turned from an almost sinister grin to a kind one, showing a very sudden difference.

My New Pet // (Alice in Wonderland AU)

James gave up on struggling a long time ago. He was too out-numbered and out-gunned by the Queen of Heart’s men. It was clear they wanted him alive. Or at least, the Queen had some kind of interest in him enough to have him carted to her palace. Otherwise he would have been dead along with the rest of his men. But no, he was dragged away to the Queen of Hearts audience chambers. So he figured he’d let them take him away for now.

His arms were bound behind him and two men pushed him roughly to his knees on the smooth and polished floor. Other soldiers with their heart motifs stood around him, ready to launch in action if need be. James looked very out of place in his silver while and black outfit. His hair was mussed and dirt smudged his face from struggling. A large black spade on his shirtfront marking from which kingdom he hailed from. The kingdom of Spades. He was the Knave there, loyal to his king. He hasn’t completely surrendered. He wanted to see what the Queen wanted of him.

The kingdoms were constantly at war, or threatening war. James was patrolling the edges of the Spade’s newly acquired land when the Heart’s men attacked. They were easily taken captive, And thus, that was how James ended up in the Queen of Hearts glitzy audience chambers. His gaze was steady and defiant as he looked up at the person sitting in the thorne on a dais, waiting to see what she was going to do next.

Okay so yesterday I posted a Quick Confession

the confession was about how I name the stray cats that roam around my house.

One of the cats is Alfie.

I saw her today again, and I called her over. Turns out that Alfie is a sweetheart, I am greatly fond of her. She seems to like me a lot too. So, now she has become officially my pet street cat!

This is her…

This is Mr Squiggles. Tom and I bought him (well technically I bought him- but I bought him for us), because we’d been talking about how we wanted a pet. And I said guinea pig or rabbit- but obviously as he lives on campus he’s not allowed. And neither am I. We have a fish called Harry Potter here- and that’s it. So anyway, we were in Big W, and I found him! And I squealed like a 5 year old girl in a candy-rainbow-fairy store. Tom was all ‘oh you’re adorable’ and I was all 'I AM BUYING HIM!’. However he already came with the name Mr Squiggles, so I didn’t get to name him. But he also has a cape!!! And I found a squiggle on his back (obviously the reason for his name) Either way, he is my new baby, and I loves him! And he can live between Tom and I because he is the pet we can’t have. 1-2-3… *naww*