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» heathens (civil war: team cap)

Palomo: Uh, because the newly-added pressure of my rank makes me second-guess my actions more frequently in hopes I won’t let down my fellow peers. 

Also, I’ve been trying to make a smiley face for like, 9 minutes. 

Nailed it.

anonymous asked:

hello, admins! i'm trying to make gifs for underused fc's, but they always come out grainy or low quality even tho i'm screen capping hq vids. they always come out grainy IN photoshop when i'm attempting to save. i don't know what's going on??? i've tried changing my settings (using what's recommended by other photoshop makers), using different psds (not white-washing), and changed my sharpening method. it's getting frustrating. thank you for reading this and helping me.

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