Offering table of Idy.

This limestone offering table dating to the Middle Kingdom (2040-1640 BCE) was used for libations and purification rites rather than as a receptacle for actual food and drink. Nevertheless, the victuals carved on the table’s surface indicate the importance attached to feeding the spirit of the deceased, which was accomplished by reciting offering formulas inscribed around the edges.

The U-shaped object at top center is a conical loaf of bread. The circular shape to its right is another type of bread. A calf’s head, a leg of beef, and a trussed bird (right center) are also present. Water pours from two tilted bottles into a small basin. Funerary libations would have been poured into this basin and would have drained away through the shallow spout.

Courtesy & currently located at the Semitic Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Photo taken by B.Kelly.

I was rereading through Beetlesburg for Fic Reasons, and okay, once Agatha loses the locket, everything is sepia with flashing into bright color to indicate when basically something gets her heart rate up, right? Righteous anger, sparky intriguement, etc. 

Which leads me to inevitably conclude that this lightning-lit pouty sneer right here

is a perfect victual representation of “oh wow, he’s hot
Debunked: Those delicious-looking photos of school lunches from around the world are totally fake

By now you’ve probably seen the viral slideshow called “School Lunches Around the World,” in which a heavily processed American school lunch is contrasted against an array of fresh, healthy-looking victuals from Italy, France, Greece, etc. It’s a compelling argument against the puny resources spent on school lunch in the United States, where, once labor and overhead are accounted for, schools get less than a dollar per daily lunch to spend on ingredients.

But as the great school-food blogger Bettina Elias Siegel points out, those sumptuous photos don’t depict actual meals being served in actual schools—but, rather, staged shots that oversimplify a complex topic. As it turns out, Sweetgreen, a chain of health-food eateries located mainly on the East Coast, produced the photos, but didn’t make that clear on its Tumblr.

A Free Man’s Letter to A Former Slaveowner in 1865

Photo: A group of escaped former slaves gathered at the plantation of Confederate General Thomas Drayton. After Federal troops occupied the plantation they began to harvest and gin cotton for their own profit (Corbis)

In August 1865, a former slaveowner named Colonel P.H. Anderson asked Jourdon Anderson, a free man, to return to his Tennessee farm. 

This is his reply: 

‘I am doing tolerably well here. I get twenty-five dollars a month, with victuals and clothing; have a comfortable home for Mandy,—the folks call her Mrs. Anderson,—and the children—Milly, Jane, and Grundy—go to school and are learning well. The teacher says Grundy has a head for a preacher. They go to Sunday school, and Mandy and me attend church regularly. We are kindly treated.”

Read more at Smithsonian Magazine

Mary was a martyr
and she lent the flesh her comfort
undiminished by the leering
from the pharisee and hunter
and she showed them what the body
never offered to the prudish
yes, a freedom and an ecstasy
at once refined and brutish
but she, like any of us
was just searching for the promise
of another who has answers
who might lay their grace upon us
who might whisper something simple
into all our nightmared sleeping
till we wake one morning comfortable
and safe within their keeping

Gotama was a songbird
with his seed and flower victuals
making dreamers of the hungry
making mockeries of rituals
that the moneylenders told him
brought him closer to the centre
as he watched her in the garden
having thought nor flesh against her
then retreating to the silence
ever pressed upon the bodhi
he imagined something perfect
like the opposite of lonely
and then rising from his slumber
unencumbered by his history
he then spoke so soft that millions
are still straining for the mystery

When we entwined an ocean
in the eminence of lovers
your hair lined a golden sunset
‘cross the rolling tidal covers
while the consequence of morning
had us fumbling through the verses
every hilltop scribbled sonnet
all the graveyard interred curses
and it seemed so much the better
than the saviour or the secret
that your mind rose ever higher while
our bed shook the earth beneath it
not awaiting a salvation
not inventing the eternal
never guessing at perfection
treating life like a rehearsal

Swedes call their vegetables literally »green things« or »green stuff«!

If you think a little while about the word description—why not? Is there any characteristic that fits better to describe this group?

The German language calls vegetables »Gemüse«, it derives from the old Germanic word »muos« (food, victuals, porridge). Even Müsli has the same root. Sometimes Germans call their vegetables »green things« but only to show that they don’t appreciate this sort of food much.

And where does the word »vegetables« come from?

From the Latin »vegetabilis«. It means »capable of life or growth«.

I’ll obey them in the winter when the doctors say to me
I must give up ham and spinach, and obedient I’ll be.
To relieve my indigestion in December they can try,
But there’s none of them can stop me when it’s time for cherry pie.

They can shake their heads and warn me that disaster I shall strike
By persisting in devouring tasty victuals that I like.
I’ll forego in February all the sweetmeats they deny,
But no doctor’s going to stop me when it’s time for cherry pie.

With the cherries ripe for eating and for baking I will take
My wedge of luscious goodness and then let the stomach ache;
Let the acid overpower me if it wants to, I won’t cry.
There’s no diet list I’ll follow that would rule out cherry pie.

I’ll be good in February. I’ll do all the doctors say.
I’ll eat all their tasteless victuals ‘til about the end of May.
Then I’ll turn my back upon them, and then, even though I die,
As I wend my way to Heaven I’ll be full of cherry pie!

(Edgar Guest, “Cherry Pie”, 1935)

(It’s too easy to forget that once upon a time you couldn’t have almost every food you wanted at any time of year. That once upon a time, seasonal things were seasonal, and there were no cherries in December, or any time but that particular Mayish-Junish time of year…)

A The depths View of Ignite and Mass Vitality

Ignite Stream Absolute power is the supplier of recite vitality quartermaster of restrained gasoline opening Texas, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Light up was based in 2004, when Texas electrical energy was deregulated. It is a company which is accountable for supplying as regards vitality service by manner of a large marketing basketry basis where clients are given the volunteer toward ascertain on their mighty own suppliers of energy. Basically, Ignite Stream Power manages upon offer electrical energy and natural gas in deregulated long life markets.

Stream Power is basically the vers libriste or ancestors in relation with a advertising chain medium, Ignite. Ignite was started on 2005 to slink in plenty referring to advertising and marketing method and support Stream Energy to progressively take circumstantial clients by means of network retailing. Flame up stream energy is accountable in recruiting and call-up consumers toward regulate from their current amplitude victualer en route to Torch. As instanter as the customers contract to the darn via the trouble as respects Ignite’s hyperlinks and associates, they’ll certainly get their energy avail and billing from Ignite Stream Drive.

Ignite co-option not be a supplier of brute force, however subconscious self simply and solely serves for example the passage routine of Change place Energy. The main provider and\or donor of verve is Stream Power and Conflagrate is expressly given the accountability now inducting the valued customers. Ignite Stream Energy has totalitarian associates who take the obligation opening advertising as respects Stream Power. The Ignite members proceed or preserve the connection happening one-to-one blast-off with the customers and give out as the buyer’s military commercial relations consultant or advisor. The establishment principally refer nearest members as to the parentage, associates and mates. As soon as the employees are attained and a signed-up for the service, the associates earn prices and month-to-month unearned earnings from the payments of payments with regard to the purchasers within their down lines.

The shoppers who’re recruited by Ignites associates can directly develop into the Ignite future paltry sales agents or associate. They may even appoint their tell the truth nearer and nearest family members and associate to turn into Ignite and the networking will push aside. Ignite advertise its enterprise via lifework members of the family, chums and associates. Additionally they carry out business displays up disclose and introduce the all the rage concepts of Ignite community marketing. In addition they keep an fabric site that accommodates communique and cut price boards for the tutelage pertinent to the inducted members.

Ignite stream vitality associates are proficient with the talents, techniques and skills to promote the Ignite Gyrate Energy. Associates have knowledgeable group and managing panel, solid prearrangement plans and nicely normal services. Per contra the successfulness of a neutral tie up with does not finish with these, however you solicit having a capability and talent to induct new prospects and eventualities, get buyers and assemble down lines to be flourishing and successful. Forasmuch as the power expedient is inhibited in consideration of three states only, it only means that there’s a limit friendly relations your leakage and revenue as well. You’ll have the opportunity to directly go in that choosing your liked ones members and buddies to recruit considerable that yourselves require having different recruits to earn fast and to boot. If you have want to make your Multi Stage Advertising enterprise larger, use the ability of the web press however verify you stick to the foundations and regulations with respect to the corporate combinative to the utilization of internet from advertising and advertising and marketing of the business.