Hey guys!

So this is a little something I have been working on lately. It was so much fun and was made as a part of the Moon Animate Make Up project. You can find more details about it here at Moon Animate Make Up I simply can’t wait to see it all put together and would love to have another shot given to me (if there are even any left!). I remember staying up till the break of dawn watching sailor moon when I was a kid, it’s only fitting I stay up till that time animating it now!


You guys fighting much evil by moonlight?

I want to but I am WAY too busy winning love by daylight. Hella sorry bout that.

This is a work in progress shot of my part of Moon Animate Make-up!
it’s so much fun and I love seeing other peoples styles and shots!

I can not wait to see it completed and am having a lot of fun doing my own shot. Fingers crossed I have enough time to finish this shot and ask for another before they are all grabbed!

Fun fun fun!

Next creature feature is the ever lovely, Bayou.

She likes long walks along the swamp and watching families eat their supper by the moonlight.

Horrid house guest though, never leaves her gunk at the door.

I’m really inspired by the goosebumps book covers and love the mood and look of the swamp. Something i have never tried before! 

I plan to make these guys into some prints when I get my desk and printer set up in the future. Really looking forward to it :’)

More to come!


Hey Y'all!

How goes it? 
I’ve been updating a lot less as of late because I am dedicating a lot of my time towards commissions and my animation project.
I don’t think I have shown much of it, if at all really, but heres a little look into the main character who mentally I have named ‘August’ but absolutely no one will know this during the film. But he looks like an August right? I reckon.

I’m using a program called TV paint, it’s real nifty and I’m enjoying it a bunch!

Hope everyones doing well!

Cheerio and what not!