victory womens

As a pro-life Christian, I believe outlawing abortion is a BIG mistake.

Not because I don’t believe it’s wrong, but because I’m scared for the women out there who will turn to other ways to get abortions.

My grandmother got pregnant with my mother in the 60s, and considered getting an abortion at an illegal clinic. Now, an illegal clinic does not have to be up to code (because it’s illegal and they have no one supervising them). Thankfully she decided against it, because what if she got an infection or the procedure was done wrong and she died?

That’s what will happen if we outlaw abortion NOW. There will be no happy-white-Jesus-angels-singing victory! There will be women finding dangerous ways to get an abortion or even commit suicide themselves!

The only way to stop abortions is to stop the demand for it. How do we do that? Birth control, pre-natal care (which Planned Parenthood claims to provide but at most facilities it does not), care after birth, lower college tuition, lower housing costs, lower food costs, and most of all: get rid of the shame and fear of unexpected pregnancy!

Us Christians have shamed women and made them fearful to have children, and to bring them into this world. We have called them whores, disgusting, terrible women when really they are scared and need out help.

Let us as Christians start there: being gentle and compassionate to women who have unexpected pregnancy.

Just like we say “outlawing guns won’t stop criminals from getting to them”, it’s the same thing. Outlawing abortion will only lead to unsafe abortions.

Sorry this is long but I believe this is the biggest issue in America today: that we think nonbelievers are the problem when really, it starts with us. Pro-life is supporting life through every stage, not just at birth!

Taylor is literally, in the midst of possible promo for her new album, going to sit in a court room with the man who sexually assaulted her because she wants to be an example for women who are afraid to speak up. I’m so proud of her for counter suing him. I’m so proud of her for standing up for women being assaulted on a daily basis. Her winning this case will be a victory for women everywhere.

Happy women's equality day

Because we are equal and have been equal for years.

Stuff like “societal pressure” isn’t oppression.

Hair styles aren’t oppression.
Clothing isn’t oppression.
Men sitting a certain way isn’t oppression.
Girls are told they can be anything they want to be and that they are powerful from the moment they are born in the West.
Tampons and periods aren’t oppression.
The wage gap is a myth.

If anything today is a day to celebrate our victories as women, not for female supremacists to bitch about how they want more.

Ida Lupino, 1943, with her hair in a ‘victory roll’

During World War Two, when women took over the factory jobs vacated by men going off to war, they were required to wear their hair securely tied up and out of their faces. Hollywood stars also adopted the style, both out of solidarity with the women who were keeping the country going and to give an air of glamour to the style so that working women would not feel discouraged by their appearance.

I can’t support Daenerys in conquering Westeros

Because Daenerys will inadvertently kill off thousands of innocent people when she takes Westeros. 

I can’t support her because she also wants to destroy the houses of the lords who helped overthrow her mad/incompetent father, which is the majority of Westerosi nobility (including the Starks, Baratheons, Arryns, Lannisters, Tullys). She doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know why her father was usurped, so she just blindly thinks that the Rebellion was unprovoked, and that every house who aided Robert in the Rebellion are traitorous dogs. 

I can never get super fan-girl excited when she gives a speech about “taking what is mine” and about conquering Westeros and all that. Cause Westeros isn’t hers. and at this point, it shouldn’t be. With her her dragons, and now her khalasar, she will lay waste to Westeros. Thousands will die, or become enslaved, or be raped, or burned alive, just so she can “take what is mine”. 

The Dothraki believe in slavery, and we all know from Meereen and Astapor and Yunki what happens when slavery is suddenly abolished from an unprepared culture. Yes, slavery should be abolished, but if you go about it the wrong way, more problems arise. Like an uprising. Remember what happened when Daenerys stopped Drogo’s blood riders from raping a group of women? Drogo was challenged. 

After conquering, the Dothraki take and plunder, meaning they will take gold and riches, tear down ancient castles, as well as take actual human beings to show their victory. They take women to rape as a reward, and slaves to show their prowess. 

And her dragons are not trained, and they can never be fully tamed, so if you don’t think they’ll burn some people and animals alive, you’re deluded. Not only that, but they could probably burn crops and entire herds, and people would go hungry. 

And just as a reminder, when Ned Stark was beheaded she was like “good”. 

I can’t support Daenerys. How many innocent people would suffer for her to “take back what is “hers?  If she doesn’t realize that that will likely happen, she’s an ignorant child who shouldn’t be queen, because she doesn’t see the consequences. 

I get it. people die to conquer nations, innocent people die, but what Daenerys doesn’t seem to realize is that WILL happen if she takes Westeros. She, who is merciful, and kind, and hates slavery with a passion, will end up causing a great amount of suffering to achieve her goals.