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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Neo-Nazi on a large stage:</b> "Hail Trump!" *Nazi Salute* "Hail Victory!"<p/><b>Liberals:</b> "Don't worry, this guy will just make a fool of himself! :) He's a lone wolf don't even respond. :)) They have no influence! :))) It's an outlier :))))"<p/><b>A large group of white students:</b> *shout Hail Trump while giving the Nazi salute*<p/><b>Liberals:</b> "Kids will be kids! :)))) Don't fight back or you're the REAL Nazis! :))))) Love Trumps hate! :)))))))))"<p/></p><p/></p>

Pro-Trump Nazi graffiti was spray-painted on a window in Philadelphia

According to the Philly Voice, two swastikas were scrawled in black paint along with the message “Sieg Heil 2016.” Sieg Heil is, of course, a Nazi victory salute. One of the swastikas appeared to make up the “T” in the word Trump. Tragically, the graffiti comes on the 78th anniversary of a tipping point in the Holocaust.
Athena Tritogeneia

I salute Athena Victorious, attended
by swift-winged Nike, she who brings victory
in her train and with her favor. Hail, triumphant goddess!

I honor Athena Areia, goddess of war.
She lays plans for the enemy and fights in the vanguard.
Fierce and mighty, she conquers where she will. Hail, bellicose goddess!

I attend to Athena Apatouria, lady of lies,
who counsels disguise and deception at need,
pragmatic and cold-eyed. Hail, strategic goddess!

I honor Athena Koryphagenes, Athena born
of Zeus’ split head, armored and shining,
born of wisdom and might. Hail, goddess of intellect!

I worship Athena Ergane, the worker
who excels at all crafts, she who teaches
mortals new skills, the weaver. Hail, gifted goddess!

I salute Athena Parthenos, eternal maiden,
chaste by choice. She lives by mind and strength,
setting aside femininity. Hail, virgin goddess!

I follow Athena Khalinitis, bridler of horses,
she who made a gift of Pegasus. She reins in
passions and impulse for clear thought. Hail, goddess of restraint!

I thank Athena Aethyia, ship-builder
who taught men how to navigate the sea
or the broad rivers, like ours. Hail, generous goddess!

I salute Athena Poliouhkos, protector of the city,
goddess of respect and custom and propriety, she
who guards the borders and stands strong. Hail, resolute goddess!

By any name I call on her, by any name she wishes to be called,
the great goddess Athena holds my heart and my worship.
Her favor is great and wondrous, and praising her is its own reward.

According to the New York Times, Spencer – who claims to have coined the term “alt-right” – “railed against Jews and, with a smile, quoted Nazi propaganda in the original German. America, he said, belonged to white people … As he finished, several audience members had their arms outstretched in a Nazi salute.” The crowd joined Spencer in a cry of “Heil victory!”

And yet, still, headlines were tentative. The New York Times gesticulated wildly toward Nazism without actually using the word (“Alt-Right Exults in Donald Trump’s Election With a Salute: ‘Heil Victory’”), and a CNN panel managed to avoid saying “Nazi” entirely, despite discussing a chyron that read, “Alt-right founder questions if Jews are people.”

But if declaring the superiority of the white race, quoting Nazi propaganda, calling for “peaceful ethnic cleansing”, and provoking Nazi salutes from his audience isn’t enough to qualify one as a neo-Nazi, then where on earth is the bar? What is the hesitation? And, given the close ties between the “alt-right” and Trump’s cabinet, how is the top story on every front page not some version of “NEO-NAZIS ATTEMPTING TO SEIZE CONTROL OF AMERICAN GOVERNMENT”?
SENRAN KAGURA Estival Versus - Localization Blog #1

The world of SENRAN KAGURA keeps on expanding. Estival Versus is our fifth SENRAN KAGURA title here at XSEED, and my fourth as the main localizer. (I started here right around the time Burst wrapped up.) In that time, the franchise has introduced about 20 new characters, provided detailed lore around (almost) all of them, and – perhaps surprisingly – let the characters grow, in more ways than one, from game to game.

On the one hand, the girls are still in the same school year they were when they started in Burst. On the other hand, it’s been an incredibly eventful year for them – even with the Versus games being on a slightly different timeline than the numbered series – and their experiences throughout that year have, in most cases, refined their personalities and strengthened their bonds with each other. That adds an extra layer of challenge to the localization process, in ways I’ll get into shortly, but it also helps enrich the end result.

With Estival Versus being a direct sequel to Shinovi Versus – and there’ll be some spoilers for the latter below – the first question I had to ask was, “Which story from Shinovi Versus?” Veteran SK players know that the girls’ first Vita outing had four different plotlines, one for each faction, and that no two of them were anywhere near the same. Characters who survived one story didn’t necessarily live through the others, and the stories’ tones ranged from bouncy and carefree to grim and bloody. So which one really happened?

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[adopts gruff old man voice]

Yeah. Yeah I was there in the wars of ‘05 and '06.

They were gruesome. Name calling, sanity questioned.

We were laughed out of the war, but we were loyal to our cause even still.

We hid, went underground- occasionally emerging for each movie adaptation, soaking in the sight of a ship we knew should have sailed.

When it was all said and done, we re-emerged into the fandom- a squadron of submarines in our command.

We lurked under the water, proudly living with our convictions- no matter what the epilogue said.  

And now we arrive at 2014, seven years after the war, and a strange thing happens…

The submarines surface, there are whispers of regret in the air…

Suddenly each sub transforms into a glorious man-of-war, speakers blasting O Children. 

They should have never counted us out.