victory plaza

Since tumblr ate the first attempt at this post let’s try it again.

That is a picture of Victory Plaza in Dallas, where 93.3 will be holding the competition and meet and greet. The building on the left holds several businesses and radio stations, including the Ticket which is biggest sports station in Dallas, I’m praying to a god I don’t believe in they get Louis on it would be a huge audience for him and they get musicians all the time. And 93.3 studio is there as well. I’m assuming the meet and greet will be in there studios but the competition will be outside in the plaza for crowd purposes.

Now the building on the right has the WFAA studios, the DFW ABC affiliate, they have a local morning and midday show. So I’m wondering if Louis won’t make an appearance there as well. And the station indubitably will make mention of “all the young girls in the plaza to meet One Direction heartthrob Louis Tomlinson” but an interview with them would be awesome.

Also, kids remember for many of y'all it’s your first week of school so make good choices and don’t skip school.