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Little Loopy

Summary : The reader attempts to attack a drunk Jim. The results are … unexpected.

Pairing : Spock x reader

POV:  Third person

Word count : 1233 

Beta read by the adorable @kaitymccoy123, who writes some of the best Spock fics in the galaxy <3

A/n : This is meant for Kaity’s Spring Has Sprung Challenge! I was given the color White and the quote  “I swear if you weren’t so attractive, I’d have punched you in the face nine times by now.”

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It  was average end to a day on the USS Enterprise. Everyone was tired and exhausted from the day’s mission, people were being patched up at Medbay, Jim was crying over his beloved ship and engineering was having a field day.

“She did so well today” Jim whimpered, sipping his glass of scotch with Scotty at his side.

“Aye, I know lad. She’s a real star” Scotty nodded filling a glass for himself.

This annoyed Y/n, his second in command who was this close to fainting from exhaustion. This happened every time the Enterprise got beaten up. Jim cried, Scotty listened and then they both fell asleep while singing old Terran songs.

And she was left to manage the engineers and revive the Enterprise’s engines so that they were ready to go for the next adventure.

It was time to put her foot down, y/n decided. Enough with this madness.

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Neymar Request - Money

“Yeah! That’s how we play football!” His cheeky laugh echoed through the living room while you pursed your lips and groaned, clutching the playstation controller in your hands.

He was playing FC Barcelona, while for some reason, you chose random and it put you to play Real Madrid. “We’re still at halftime, I can still win.” You said, getting back into the game. The score was 3-2 in favor of Barcelona. “and if I win… If I win… we order cheese pizza tonight! HAH!” You said proudly, as if it was the only thing you wanted in the world.

Neymar glanced at you and smirked at your enthusiasm. You’d been his best friend for years and years on end, you both knew each other like the back of your hands and we’re comfortable enough to do almost everything with each other. Sometimes you wonder why nothing more ever happened between the two of you. 

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Best Friends Ex

“Holly will be there” Sue said in a sing song voice, trying -and on her way to succeeding- to convince Gail to go to some stupid festival.

The brunette had introduced her to Holly a couple of months ago and found that the two got a long greatly. Holly was one of the very very -very- few people the blonde didn’t hate. Instead she seemed to actually like the med student.

“I’ll think about it.” Gail said shortly.

“She’d be awfully disappointed if you weren’t there, I kind of told her you would be.” Sue commented lightly. She could practically see the brunette twirling a pen as she spoke.

She sighed and hit her controller off her forehead. “I’ll see what I can do.”

Gail wasn’t sure what she was doing, why she was letting this tiny little crush on Holly be so. . Consuming. She was letting herself be talked into things she normally wouldn’t be caught dead doing, all because if some chick. A really pretty, awesome, weird, funny chick. Just because she maybe had a small -tinny tiny when you look at it- crush.

I mean it wasn’t like she thought about Holly all the time, it wasn’t like she’d text her just to talk, and she definitely didn’t let herself be persuaded just because the med student would be there. And even if those things were happening nothing would ever happen, Gail wouldn’t let it. Holly was Sue’s ex and if she was one thing, she was loyal. It didn’t matter that they were good friends now and that they were together years ago. Holly was still her best friends ex and so she was off limits.

So what the hell was she to do about the butterflies in her damn stomach every time she even thought of Holly?!


“Gail” Sue yelled and waved her over from across the field.

It was hot, luckily the sun wasn’t too bright and mostly stayed behind the big fluffy clouds. But that didn’t stop the heat from boiling her skin. Summer was her least favourite season. It wasn’t the heat that really got to her, it was how it clung in the air and stuck to her skin. There was no cooling down, it was gross. But she did find one upside to it, and that was in the form of Holly’s outfit.

Gail’s system went into shock at the sight of the med student, slowing down her breathing and stride as she watched Holly take a long drink from a water bottle. Her blood shot right between her legs, making her heart race to keep up while she glazed over endless tan legs, revealed by very short shorts. Gail gulped, having created mass amounts of saliva during her ogling, and waved back.

“So, how long do I have to stay for you to consider me having attended” Gail asked when she got in ear shot.

“I don’t know Grumpous, how about I tell you when the time comes” Sue smiled up at the blonde as she approached the blanket.

“If I let you away with that then you’ll make me stay the entire time and I would rather let Steve beat me in C.O.D than do that.” Gail shot back and sat cross legged facing the other two women.

“Oh come on, Gail, it won’t be that bad” Holly chimed in, giving her that damn lopsided smile when she met her eyes. Her heart jumped at the sight and she couldn’t help but smile back.

Pushing those stupid crush-y feelings away she looked around for an example, which didn’t take long to get.

“Sure cuz listening to dude-bros chug countless beers from a funnel and yell around like the children they are, and having to dodge puking children, while the heat is doubled because of rowdy people is what I call a good time.” Gail dead panned.

Holly and Sue let out belly laughs.

The three sat in the grass for awhile, talking about what they wanted to do at the festival.

Once a point list was made they headed out to do said things, starting with getting a few drinks -mostly to loosen Gail’s mood- and then went to check out the vendor stands. Gail groan most of the time, reminding them how boring it was every five minutes.

Next was rides. Which were all lame, as predicted. But she did get to watch Holly laugh with glee as they span so fast the carny had to tell then to slow down, that one might have actually been fun.

Then after a few more drinks and a late lunch Sue guided them out to the game booths. Gail had refused to even go at first, those games were rigged to only let just enough people win that people would think they had a chance. They were money eaters and it was a waste of time. So she sat firm in her disapproval until Holly shot her a pouty lip and laced their fingers, tugging the blonde out of her seat.

So here she was, alone with Holly, while Sue went to make out with her boyfriend -who just so happened to work the first game they went to. Gail watched as Holly picked up another basketball and shot it at the hoop.

“Fuck yeah!” Holly cheered as she got the last one in. Turning to Gail she smirked proudly.

“Nice job, Nerd.” She congratulated, biting the inside of her lip to try and control her smile.

Holly bowed. “Why thank you.” She moved to stand beside the blonde and gestured to the plush toys. “Choose one.”

Gail corked an eyebrow. “I sat on this uncomfortable stool, you did all the work so it’s your choice.”

“I hadn’t noticed.” She winked. “Just pick one, Gail.” Holly nudged her shoulder.

Gail let out a smirk as she turned to the selection of toys. She turned her head from side to side, scanning to find the best choice. She was about I give up and just point at one when a dog caught her eye.

“That one!”

The bored teen manning the booth slowly stood. Pointing to an elephant beside the one she wanted, silently asking if that was the one.

Gail shook her head furiously. “Just to the left, the dog in the coat.” She ordered.

Once the kid passed her the dog she spun around to find Holly had left. Her stomach dropped, did Holly ditch her? Was she being so much of a downer that Holly got annoyed and left?

“Over here” a familiar voice called.

Turning she found the med student sitting at a booth a few games down. Now she felt stupid for letting such worries get to her.

“So what’d you get?” Holly asked as Gail sat beside her.

Gail plastered a proud, mischievous smile on her face as she placed the dog on the counter in front of them. She watched as Holly’s face lit up, making the butterflies in her belly flutter faster than they ever had before.

“Oh my god, Gail, how did you find a stuffy with a lab coat!?” The med student beamed.

“A stuffy? Really Dr. Stewart?” She was getting uncomfortable with the rush of feelings -and how comfortable she felt with Holly- the brunette was bringing her and she needed to tease or do something unpleasant.

Holly ignored the small jab  and continued to mull over the toy. “It’s so perfect I might have to keep it.”

“Because you were originally going to throw it out?” Gail mused.

The brunette giggled and playfully pushed on Gail’s arm. “No, I was giving it to you.”

Suddenly her cheeks got hot and she had to look down, wishing her hair wasn’t in a pony tail so she could hide.

After a beat Holly asked if she was ready.

“Ready for what?”

Holly motioned toward the booth they were seated at, and she noticed for the first time what it was.

“I’ve told you a dozen times today that I don’t part take in these money eating games.”

“It’s a gun, you shoot the thing.”

“I know the game, Hols, but I’m still not paying to shoot water at a target that I can touch standing here.” Gail explained with crossed arms.

“But I already paid, so you kinda have to play. Please?” And there she went with those damn eyes, Gail never stood a chance.

With a reluctant huff Gail grab hold of the gun. She heard a squeal escape from Holly at the motion and she smiled, again.

With a nod of her head the carny pressed a button and counted them down. The race was on! Gail was ahead until she glanced over to Holly and got lost in how adorable the med student was when she was concentrating. The bell shrilled, bringing Gail out of her trance and Holly jumped out of her seat cheering her victory.

“Pipe down Nerd, I let you win.”

She immediately stopped and faced the blonde. “What’re you talking about, let me win? Pff.”

“You really think you’d beat me at a game that involves shooting? I’m a Peck, born and raised cop, I’ve been going to the shooting range since I was ten.”

“If you’re so good then why’d you let me win, Peck?” Holly inquired as she took her seat again. The brunette’s playfulness had changed in an instant, going from causal friendliness to cocky flirt.

“Well Stewart,” she emphasized the name. “I let you win because I was paying back for Dr. Bones.”

Holly leaned closer, bridging on Gail’s space. “I never asked you for pay back. Dr. Bones,” she smiled at the name, “is a gift. So we are going to go another round, and this time try to keep your eyes on the game.”

Gail’s cheeks set ablaze, she was caught.


Gail had given up on Sue coming back, it’d been hours since she left and the lack of text response was putting her return to an all time low. Holly pulled her along, game after game, then food and drinks, and she even got the blonde back to the rides to go on the ones they couldn’t do with Sue.

She was starting to get worried about puking with the amount of fluttering her stomach had been doing all day. Gail never knew that feeling could go on for so long, over and over and over because of the same little things. It was insane. She was also surprised she hadn’t died of a heart attack yet either. The sight of Holly working up a sweat in her tank top and shorts, hair messily pulled up, was the biggest cause of the heart palpitations.

Gail could swear she was being punished her for all of her Gail-ness. Which she didn’t mind all that much, it was half a day spent alone with the brunette. Watching as the pile of stuffed animals grew, each won with a beaming smile and victory dance. How could Gail be upset about that?

She later found out the punishment.

When it was getting darker and the twinkling lights were their guide through the festival. When a chill had started to settle throughout the grounds making them walk closer together and their hands would graze, causing a ripple to shoot through her.

When they shared a cab ride back to Holly’s and all Gail could hear was her racing heart, because Holly’s leg kept brushing against hers.

The part where she was surrounded by everything Holly, her scent clung to the borrowed shirt. The part where Gail was helping to put sheets on the couch, when she was again hit with the brunettes intoxicating scent, causing all other scenes to almost shut down completely just so she could focus on taking in the sweet smell.

When good nights were being whispered but neither made a move to leave. When Holly brushed a stray hair out of her face with the gentlest touch Gail had ever felt. When she leaned in, forgetting the world and all thought lost. When she was sharing air with the brunette. When her eyes slipped close at the same time a warm hand found purchase on the bare spot between the hem of her boxers and tee. And then Sue jumped into her head, making her snap back to reality and pull away.

“I’m sorry” Holly gasped out. The brunette was obviously startled by the moment.

“I’m so sorry.” She repeated, not raising her eyes from the floor as she backed away. “I’m just going to” she trailed off at the end and left the room.

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