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Water Kiss! (H2oVanoss)(yaoi)

it was a cool summer evening. it was so nice out and relaxing. everything was so peaceful. until a army truck drives by quickly, shooting everything in sight. Lui was laughing, shooting the heavy gun. Mini was driving. Evan and Jonathan were getting C4s ready and threw them out the window.
they land and hit the police people chasing them, blowing up their cars. “we’re heading to victory guys” Nogla stated, as Tyler was shooting at the cars with his heavy gun. Mini drove down to the bench, 2 cars chasing them. a policeman aim his gun from his window at the army truck.
Evan saw this. since he was sitting by a window, he roll it down and got out his gun, shooting. the policeman shot but got hit by a bullet. Evan got shot in the shoulder and fell out of the truck. “EVAN!” Jonathan called out, worried, since he was sitting next to him.
Evan lays on the ground, holding his shot arm which bled badly. “TURN IT AROUND MINI NOW!” Jonathan demanded. Mini quickly turns around and drove back to their fallen friend. Evan lays on his back, holding his bleeding arm as he groans, couldn’t feel it right now. then he heard a voice.
“hey kid, your turn is up” a policeman pick him up, dragging him to the dock. “i got a idea, how about a little dip?” the taller male growls, holding his arm, head butts the officer in the face. but the officer then took out his gun. “that’s it” Jonathan quickly got out of the truck when they got there, running. “EVAN!”
“sorry kid” the officer shot him which hit him in the stomach. Jonathan saw this and watched in horror as Evan look shocked.
he cough up blood as he fell backwards, falling into the water with a loud splash. Evan look dazed, blood filled the water as he sank slowly to the bottom. he felt numb. he felt very dizzy. then he remember a voice. Jonathan, i am sorry, Evan thought as he slowly felt his eyes closed shut as he sank.
Jonathan was horrified. he just had seen his best friend and crush got shot and landed in the water. Mini and Wildcat just had shot and killed the officer. then he snapped. “someone look for Evan!” Nogla stated, worried, searching the water surface, seeing blood. “i don’t see him!” Lui looked worried.
“wait-Jonathan!” Jonathan removed his hockey mask and dove into the bloody water. he swam down, looking scared. then he saw him. his heart felt broken and rip at the sight. Evan was sinking, bleeding, looking pale with his eyes close. Jonathan bit back the fear and swam deeper.
then he grabs his hand, pulling his bleeding friend to him. the smaller male wanted to cry so badly. the other looked so….dead. E-Evan….please, wake up, Jonathan thought as he leans in and kisses him on the lips, hoping to get anything, anything for him to wake up. don’t die, please Evan….i love you……
then Evan’s hand twitched as he close open his eyes, slowly processing everything and looked shocked, blushing hard. then he hugs him close. Jonathan pulls back from the kiss, shocked. Evan was looking at him. Jonathan wanted to scream with joy. he’s alive, Evan’s alive! but he’s hurt. he thought.
then Jonathan swims back to the surface, holding Evan. the taller male was slipping in and out of consciousness. then Evan and Jonathan gasped hard as they got to the surface. “THERE THEY ARE!” Mini cried out, seeing his friends. Jonathan pants, holding Evan close. “GET HELP NOW!” he cried to his friends.
Evan slowly open his eyes. he felt so dizzy. he was losing blood a lot. he coughs, gripping the other’s shoulders. “i-it….h-hurts” he coughs, panting. Jonathan sobs, not realizing he was crying hugging him tightly but carefully. “you’re going to be okay Evan, please…hang in there”
then Nogla got to them with a boat. they got Evan on the boat. Mini help Jonathan on the boat. but the smaller male pushes by everyone and got to the taller male, holding his hand. “please stay with me Evan” Jonathan was crying. Evan looks at him and coughs up blood again, nodding. “a…alright”
they quickly got back to land and got Evan to the nearest hospital. Jonathan stayed in the waiting room, shaking like a leaf. “Delirious, calm down, its going to be alright” Luke stated. he along with Ohm and Bryce got to the hospital, hearing what happened. “b-but what if-” “Delirious. relax” Ohm cut him off.
“he’s going to be okay, just believe” Bryce stated, sitting with Jonathan, hugging him. he sobs into his younger friend’s shoulder, hugging back. “i-i saw….him being shot….a-and the water….h-he looked so…d-dead” Bryce hugged him tighter, teary eyes. “everything will be okay, i promise”
then the doctor walked in. Jonathan saw this and quickly rushes over. “h-how is he?” he asked, shaking, worried. the doctor looked at them then he smiles at him. “he’s going to be alright, the bullet missed his organs by a inch, and the other bullet didn’t break his bone in his arm, he’ll survive”
“can we see him?” Luke asked, walking over. “yes, he’s in room 4 and-” Jonathan quickly rushes by, hurrying to that room. he got to the room and opens the door. Evan was already awake, bandages around his forehead from a cut on his forehead earlier, in a hospital gown, bandages on his shoulder and stomach.
“Jonathan…..” Evan stated softly, surprised he came in the room rather quickly. Jonathan lost it, he broke down. tears stream down his cheeks as he sobs, rushing over, hugging the taller male tightly, sobbing into his chest. “Evan….Evan” he sobs. he signs, hugging the smaller male tightly, holding him close with a smile.
Evan looks over at the door, seeing his friends standing there, smiling. Bryce wipes his eyes of tears, Ohm has his arm around the younger male, holding him close. Luke and Marcel hug, smiling. Mini smiles as Tyler nods. Nogla blew into a tissue as Lui smiles, teary eyes.
Evan looks down at the smaller male in his arms, kiss his forehead, hugging him close. Jonathan hugs him tightly, cries with a relief smile in his face. he was so happy. so happy his crush survived. Luke then saw a thing and smirks. “everyone, give them a moment” he got everyone away and shut the door.
after a while, Jonathan slowly stops crying. “have you calm down?” Evan asked as he nods. “y-yes….” Jonathan had his head against his chest. then he thought about the kiss they shared under water. he blushes heavily. “u-um…E-Evan…a-about the kiss-” “its okay, thank you Jonathan”
Jonathan looks up at him, surprised. Evan smiles smugly, cups his face. “you know, i feel like taking another kiss” Jonathan blushes and then he smiles. “then what are you waiting for?” Evan chuckles, kissing him gently as the other kisses him back gently. they held each other close as they kissed. “i love you Evan” the smaller male blushes. “i love you too Jonathan, you’re the reason i am alive” the taller male stated, hugging him close. Jonathan snuggles close to Evan, smiling with a blush. “and you’re my reason” they stay in that embrace.
little did they know, Bryce was listening and giggles. “well, its about time” he spoke to his older boyfriend. Ohm chuckles with a nod. “that’s for sure” he chuckles with his younger boyfriend. Luke watches and smirks. “yeah, about damn time” he giggles with a grin. glad for the couple.

Panic! songs the signs should listen to right now
  • Aries: Victorious
  • Taurus: Victorious
  • Gemini: Victorious
  • Cancer: Victorious
  • Leo: Victorious
  • Virgo: Victorious
  • Libra: Victorious
  • Scorpio: Victorious
  • Sagittarius: Victorious
  • Capricorn: Victorious
  • Aquarius: Victorious
  • Pisces: Victorious

tyler seguin on the ticket 11/18/15

  • the stars have “a victory song they do” after wins, but he refused to say what it was :( 
  • he might have been chosen by lindy to play goalie at practice today as retribution for a hard shot at niemi the other day
  • he is very confident in his goalie skills “if both goalies were injured in a game, who would take over” “…can i say myself?” 
  • confirms there is no draft at the all star game this year (#FireBettman) but there might be some sort of panel instead 
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