Prof. Anne Curzan gives you permission to start your sentences with “and” or “but.” But don’t just take our word for it, watch her explanation of this superstition. 


Step forward with us as we strive to create breakthrough engineering solutions. Step forward and become a victor for engineering.

Because this is our world - and our world needs victors.


Super Plastic

A new ‘super plastic’ that can direct heat away from its source opens up a wide range of possibilities for making more efficient electronic devices. 

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Last Thursday, more than 2,000 students picked up piggy banks on The Diag as part of the “LSA Victors Change Lives”campaign.

Over this week, students are being asked to drop their “spare change” in the piggy banks and return them to locations around campus. The idea is to create a culture of student philanthropy on campus and to empower students to realize that small gifts matter.

Many prominent student groups partnered with LSA to help launch and promote this student philanthropy initiative, including: Michigan in Washington, Semester in Detroit, Michigan Community Scholars Program, The Residential College, Lloyd Hall Scholars, Kessler Scholars, Appreciate + Reciprocate and LSA Student Government.


Meryl Davis and Charlie White became the first Americans to clinch a gold medal in ice dancing this Monday at the Sochi Olympic Games. Although they are 27 and 26 respectively, Davis and White are technically LSA juniors and they have both expressed their desire to finish their degrees.

This article from The New York Times talks about how they have grown from shy kids into Olympic champions over the past 17 years of training together. Davis and White grew up and trained in SE Michigan and the Motor City gets some recognition in this article : “Whatever financial ills have stricken Detroit, and whatever prestige it has lost as an automotive center, it has emerged as a world figure skating capital.”


Today U-M’s capital campaign, “Victors for Michigan” officially kicks off and LSA is announcing a goal of raising $400 million for student support, so that the best and brightest minds have access to a world-class Michigan education. 

In this video, passionate, successful alumni share what it means to be a Victor for Michigan.

Spoiler alert: DYAC member Neil Tambe is one of the featured alumni! 


Our friends over in Engineering produced this awesome video that highlights our lovely, and historic, union.

Built in 1917, the The Michigan Union is one of the most well-recognized landmarks on U-M campus. It also holds a special place in history as the birthplace of the Peace Corps - at 2:00 a.m. on October 14th, 1960, John F. Kennedy gave an impromptu speech on the steps of the Michigan Union where he announced his plans to develop a service organization that became known as the Peace Corps.

In addition to being an historic spot, The Union is also the central hub of campus life today. With more than 10,000 vistors per day, The Union is the heartbeat of our lively campus.