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Yuri On Ice fandom through the episodes on Victuri
  • Episode 1: Ah, so cute just queer baiting tho
  • Episode 2: Wow this is awesome so far!
  • Episode 4-6: Wow ahaha so many amazing moments can't be more gay they'd have to kiss lol
  • Episode 7: I- What. Is this real. What the fuck.
  • Episode 8: My fucking life is beautiful and I'm so obsessed I-
  • Episode 9: The reunion OHMYGOD! Now they'd have to marry for it to be more gay LMAO

Okay, so my mom also watches Yuri on Ice and I just wanted to share something about her reaction to episode 9.

In general, she loves the anime - the skating, the animation, the characters, the humor, just everything. She says it’s her favorite and the best anime she’s ever seen (she watched like 20 other series upon my recommendation, including all the big sports anime). When I asked her for her thoughts on episode 7 she said she really liked it and she liked the way they handled Yuuri’s anxiety and his fight with Victor and all the other skaters. Then I asked her about the kiss (she didn’t initially notice that it was kiss and thought it was just a hug) and she said “Well, I think it was really nice how Victor ran to Yuuri and tackled him out of joy and everything but I’m not really into watching two guys kiss.” This saddened me a little, but I couldn’t really be mad at my mom and I ended up explaining why it’s a big event and in the end she understood and said that it was actually really cool of them to do that.

Now, when she watched episode 9 I didn’t have to pry to get her to speak. She called me on the phone (we live in different countries at the moment) when she finished the episode and just went “Okay, this was a really moving episode. I really loved Michele’s Free Skate and the part when Yurio went out and found Yuuri and gave him the Japanese-style pirozhki and tried to comfort him and and the last scene in the airport where Yuuri and Victor locked eyes the moment they saw each other and just desperately ran into each other’s arms, that was really sweet, and and then Yuuri asked him to be his coach until he retires and Victor said that he wants him to never retire and God, it was just so sweeeeet. They’re so sweet and beautiful.”

And I think that’s the proof that love wins. That a single scene can make my 58-year-old mom recognize a gay couple and call it “sweet and beautiful” and actually call me up just to fangirl and squeal (I shit you not when I say she squealed) about how she loved the scene and was moved by it.

Sometimes we don’t need explicit kiss scenes to prove that our ships are real and beautiful. Sometimes a really well-made scene of being reunited at the airport will be the thing that makes the real difference.

“I don’t believe in love at the first sight, neither had I fell in love due to someone’s appearances only. Talking to each other, spending a wonderful time together as friends, understanding each other’s thoughts and feeling, and then embrace the beginning of love itself; I’m simply that type of person. I want to cross this bridge knowing that it will not break when I cross it.

I’m not someone who had lots of experiences regarding love, so I never had exaggerated things like ‘madly in love’. I want to be the only one for you like you are the only one for me.” 

Suwabe Junichi (Yuri!!! On Ice – Victor Nikiforov’s VA)

Things I’m Glad Yuri!!! On Ice has Done

Given us a sports anime where the characters aren’t color coded based on their hair.

The characters don’t pull out some “special super saiyan” moves. They fall down and they visibly look tired after their performances.

A lot of the skaters are shown practicing or training on and off the rink which is great for character development.

Yuri’s feet look battered. They don’t look perfect after he practices.

Victor and Yuri’s relationship isn’t the entire show, but it’s still a VERY important aspect.

One of my ships that I never thought would become canon did. And in such a real and amazing way too.

The female characters don’t take the backseat.

The coaches are also important to the characters and the viewers.

Diverse cast with characters who all have different motivations.